Co-parenting by choice

Co-parenting by choice

You are single and want to have a child without being in a relationship? Co-parenting is for you. Meet the right Man or Woman and Make a child together.

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The history of co-parenting

Our society does not use the term "co-parenting". But this concept has existed for a long time. When homosexual couples started defending their rights to love and to found a family, they were the first to speak in favour of the conception of children beyond a traditional family environment. Most often, the co-parent was a reliable friend, who could therefore support the homosexual couple and be present for the child.

Then, more and more heterosexual couples have become co-parents, even if they didn't seem to realise it: with an increasing divorce rate, stepfamilies or single-parent families have become a part of the co-parenting scheme. A child is growing with only one of his biological parents.

Today, society is more open-minded, and it allows men and women to become co-parents, in other contexts: single mother or father, homosexual couple, heterosexual couple. Family is no more stereotyped as it used to be at the end of the 20th century!

Co-parenting is ...

... two individuals who meet, with their histories, more or less similar, and a common desire: to become a parent, without any obligation of living together.

The advantages are numerous :
• No anonymity: both biological parents know each other. The child can therefore know where it comes from, and so he can know his real identity, in the contrast to the adoption, to the gift of sperm.
• No administrative, legal or financial obtacles: the approach remains natural and human.
• No need to go abroad as many women, wanting to become single mothers, homosexual couples wanting to adopt, do ...

How it works ?

Co-parenting is such a flexible way of becoming a parent, that the most important thing is to listen to yourself, before anything else. Why do you want to conceive a baby? In what conditions ? With whom ? What will be the role of the co-parent?

One of the strengths of this modern way of founding a family is to give the child two parents who wish to do so, who wish to assume their roles and responsibilities. Each of the co-parents will exist and act with the child throughout his / her life ... or not, according to the agreement of the two co-parents.

Do you want to start a co-parenting or homoparenting or be a single parent? You are in the right place. Good search to you

Bonjour je cherche une femme pour devenir maman avec moi voila
Faithful honest trustworthy one woman man old fashioned for a family-oriented
Divorced with no children and wanting to be a dad
I am divorced, and due to my former partner and I prioritizing our careers and other aspirations, we never got around to having children. However, I have always wanted to be a Dad, and I am hoping to find someone who shares similar values and such, with whom I can have a child and co-parent with. To be clear, I do not have any expectations that embarking on this journey with another individual will lead to dating or marriage. My priority is to find an individual with whom to be cordial, respectful, friendly, and collaborative with, as we work as a team to raise a child in the absolute best way possible. I am a high school mathematics and physics teacher in the Chicago Public Schools, where I also coach the Math and Science Olympiad teams. However, unlike many educators, I do not base my entire identity around my career. Do not get me wrong - I absolutely adore my job and my students, but once I am home, it is time to live my personal life. That said, should we co-parent a child together, most of my evenings, weekends, holidays, and vacations (i.e., Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, Summer) are available to caring for, bonding with, and providing enrichment opportunities to our hypothetical child. Being an educator and a strong advocate for quality education, you can be sure that I will provide top notch homework help and educational opportunities!
36 yo, asian, phd holder, consulting engineer, bisexual, looking for the chance of co-parenting ideally of just a sperm dornor
Hola soy Hugo tengo 34 años gozo de buen estado de salud buen carácter y personalidad.
I am a freelance journalist and I would like to get to know some people from this field.
I have a four year old daughter that I worship and I'd like to have a little brother or sister for her. Finding love would be ideal, but not required.
I need to co-parent with good lady who can be discreet and trustworthy
Looking for a co-parenting solution with shared custody - time distribution flexible.
Genuine intelligent man looking for a nice genuine intelligent woman to co-parent
I will get acquainted for a serious relationship with a woman age does not matter
Single parenting by choice. Looking for sexy man to be my natural sperm donor. I live in Colorado.
Coparenting AI ONLY . Have to live in philly pa area I’m 24 prefer guy 26-36
Hi, Ich bin 44 Jahre alt und wohne in Hamburg. Leider konnte ich mir meinen Traum, eine Familie zu gründen, bisher nicht erfüllen, daher würde ich gerne auch versuchen, ob dies mit einer Co-Elternschaft möglich wäre. Bei Interesse freue ich mich über Kontaktaufnahme. Gerne sende ich Bilder, teile weitere Informationen und tausche mich zu diesem Thema aus. LG
My name is Mrs.June Rafael I am 69years oldMy name is Mrs.June Rafael I am 69years oldMy name is Mrs.June Rafael I am 69years old
I am looking for a matured man who would like to have a child and co-parent.
I am intelligent, well-travelled extrovert. I like to socialise. I am willing to have a baby with a co-parent, donor or if I find love.
I would like to have a co-parent for out future child. Rather it be straight or anything else.
I'm looking for a woman to be mother of my kids
Looking to have my own kids. Its been busy with life due to the work. Its high time to start family
Sou limpinho pronto para fazer filho Espero poder ajudar as mulheres que procuram um homem bom para fazer filhos
26 years old 5’11 230 pounds wants to start family feel free to ask questions
Am an African man, intelligent,well behaved,honest and groomed looking a loving and caring lady to have kids and co-parent together
Open to meeting new people and helping out however I can!
I'm looking for a mother where I know my child will be loved and nurture not just anybody.
35yo male seeking coparent based in the NYC metro area
Just signing up here to get the feel of things and take it from there.
this is my profile bio and i'd like people to contact me
No contact personal data on your ads. See GCU. na
I love very much the children and I am looking to have child.
Готов выступить в роли со-родителя, готов участвовать в воспитании ребенка. Город/страна не принципиальны.
Hello I would ideally like to co parent or donate to a single woman or couple
Ich suche einen Mann der ein guter Papa sein möchte. LG Zuzi
I'm a gay man looking to coparent in wirral or liverpool
Eli Cane
Family, love, Spanish language, sports, nature, Argentina, Cordoba, son, single
seeking a partner for co parenting and co habitation and marriage
Hi. I want to search all the good possibilities about this site and... Let's see. That's it, nothing else to say
I am 40, healthy in body and mind, balanced in all aspects and very active. I am empathic, decent, do a lot of sport and spending time in nature. I am very much interested in sciences. I have already done a DNA profile. I am socially connected, lots of friends. Educationally, I always graduated in the top 5% or higher. I am ok to travel and would try for AI or IVF if necessary. My health is excellent. I try to keep a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. If you are interested I am waiting for a message from you. I want to know that I helped conceive and that I am a biological father, you choose the contact frequency if any. Helping brings me satisfaction.
Greetings, I speak six languages. I have two professions. I am a radio and television producer and a surgeon.Greetings, I speak six languages. I have two professions. I am a radio and television producer and a Dr. surgeon.I would like to help make mothers in an altruistic way, also to be able to be a father by co-parenting of the person I want in the same way, just be donate as well, I am here to help
Start a family before it is too late and find love in the process if it happens.
I want to find perfect person to me and my future child
I am interested to donate my sperm to someone who wants to be single parent, or can not have kids with her partner.
Someone who wants to start a family soon. Someone active and smart.
I'm a man, who likes travel, the sea and dancing salsa
I would like to be father! I am a responsible man
You want a kid with someone that you can co-parent with respectfully and responsibly. I am that person.
Looking for a egg donor, surrogate mother, without predisposition to hereditary diseases preferably. 39 years old, athletic, good professional career, no known hereditary diseases European origin. Looking to be a solo dad or at least to have the legal custody
Rick Ross
I want to forma family to fill them with all the love I have
I wish to have a child and find love, if possible.
I'm looking for a woman to have a child together no strings attached.
Looking for a NI donor or co parent. I am ready to be mom.
Not sure what this means. I haven't done any research
Looking for family oriented person with great human values
USA only! If you don't live in the United States please don't contact me. Thanks. I am flight attendant based and living in Los Angeles. I am looking to co-parent with a healthy, financial secure, kind, intelligent, mentally stable man who would like to take this journey with me. Romance is not required (but am open to it) but respect, friendship, and similar goals are required. I AM LOOKING FOR AN ACTIVE FATHER NOT A SPERM-DONOR. Thank you.
Quiero tener un hijo pronto. Busco donante tal vez copadre.
I'm vibrant, energetic, caring, generous, kind, compassionate, positive and optimistic. I don't adhere to negative thoughts, unworthiness, infidelity and unethical conduct. I am seeking a serious and long term relationship across the globe.
Seeking coparent to have and raise child. Let me know if you’d like to talk more.
I would like to help make dreams come true. I have kids and co parent with both mothers. I would like to be in the the life of a child. However I'm negotiable and you would have full day to day care of child make decisions
Just want to give my sperm to someone in need
Co-parent, start a relationship that lead to family and start a family
Black man to co-parent. If love develops its a bonus
Je cherche co-parentalité strictement , ou qqn qui veux founder une famille. Je NE cherche pas GENITEUR. J'ai deja une petite fille de 9ans en garde alterne. le futur papa doit avoir la volonté et la capacité de se rapprocher pour réaliser ce projet.
Just an IT engineer who works, is great at what I do, but never found the right person to have a child with. Looking to pass on my knowledge
I am a single man hoping to father multiple children with a woman who want to have childern. I am open to helping couples but that would need discussion and
Hello, I'm a black woman willing to start a family. I have a stable professional situation that makes me travel quite a bit. I'm ready to settle and looking for someone with the same aspirations.
no contact, co-parent, recognize, recognition, fatherhood, sexual intercourse, geniteur, genitor, sex, co-parentalitie, reconnâitre l'enfant(s), genitéur,
I am a 34 year old male looking to meet someone I can raise a child with.
I am an easy going person so lovely and caring feel free to come to me
I haven’t been having fertility problems but my uterus keeps growing fibroids and the only solution is a hysterectomy but I want atleast 1 child.
Checking this out. Let’s see how it goes. Looking to co-parent and open to love.
Hi i'm looking to coparent with someone who's intelligent, private and trustworthy. Message me let's get to know eachother.
want a second chance at having a child asap please help me?
I want someone who is ready to be a family
I’m looking for a father partner, a life partner
I like short/medium height ladies, I'm quiet flexible and can fit in most lifestyles
My wife no longer wants to have children… however I am very keen on fathering a child.
I have some basic understanding of the process and laws in Australia.
Coparenting would be my dream because then it would be team work. Finding love would also be a bonus but also happy to go it alone. I have a fantastic supportive family and my Mum would love to be a Grandma!
Hi, I'm a fit and healthy gay male wanting to co-parent and raise our child. I’m a caring here for the long term. No health conditions run in the family. I have healthy sperm (tested on 14 Feb 2020). I'm centrally located in the Derby which allows for easy access to various parts of the UK. I have my own house. After graduating at university, I had been focussed on my career in design for over 14 years. I work as a designer. I'm a non-smoker and rarely drink. I don't have any pets, but I like them. My heritage Indian. I have 2 older brothers with lovely children of their own. To find out more, get in-touch and let's chat.
I am looking for someone who is willing to raise a kid with me. I am very flexible in my approach and open to ideas depending on your unique circumstances.
Educated, healthy, donor, strong genetic example of male. Based in IrelandEU
I am looking for someone serious about co-parenting and wanting to become a father. Located in Los Angeles but willing to travel within the US. I am also willing to travel but just within the US. NOT interested in sperm donation please do not message me.
Nice to meet you
Don't know what is this about, what research?ten words is now okay?
Single and ready for a family! Tried to find love and create a family of my own in the past. And after 2 years break I’m ready to try again :)
I am seeking to meet with a nice and honest man, to share the love of my heart and despite your nationality, Race, job or color are irrelevant, just your love is enough to drive us further thanks.
Caseworker in voluntary sector can travel London/Southeast. Interested in donation or Co parenting.
I am 34 years old . English speaker Looking for kind woman for common baby
Must have money for the sperm, I'm Out going , Hard working , kind, respectful, Free minded
I am looking for someone responsible and good person, a sport man, that loves nature, to share the raise of a child.
looking for open minded, kind, and resourceful partner to co-parent
I would like to find a girl to Co-Parent with. Thanks
Sono Romina, ho 45 anni è ho un grande desiderio di diventare madre al più presto. Mi piacerebbe anche incontrare un uomo con il quale crescerlo insieme
Looking for a man, who wants to be a father.
hey my name is jack and i wanna to have a baby but i wanna marry
Although I have been lucky with love, starting a family has eluded me.
Helping those who want to build families, expand existing families or couples/ individuals who want a child of their own. 5'11" with brown hair and eyes; and a degree from a local college. I work full time and have no family history of diseases. Willing to discuss involvement with the child and I will sign a parent contract if you so desire it..
My name is Zak. I’m good with kids and better with respecting peoples boundaries. I’m laid back and love life
From Dublin, 34, teacher, very active, home and dog owner
I am a 34 years old woman. I have lived for 13 years and studied in England for a master's degree. I have moved to Spain in October.
Hi! I’m open to anything. My dream is to be a mother and I’m looking to fulfill that in any way possible!
Sikh male, uk born. Single man, divorced. Seeking slim single lady for co parenting a child. Im in south west London. Thanks for looking. The sine wave at hotMail.
Procurando uma mulher para criar filhos juntos em co-parentalidade sem necessariamente enlace afetivo
I can help make a baby with you, i would also like one for myself. I have a current std test and sperm count analysis, Both fine.
I’m available to help straight women, bi sexual women & lesbians become mothers. My only way is the natural way. We can have it in a romantic or intense moment. We can have it one on one. We can have it your with your female partner together. We can also have it with other important women in your lives as well. As a midwife once told me “ The most effective way to get pregnant is on the night before she ovulates. A minimum of three sessions per day is recommended but more would be better.”
Hii I am Johnny, ready to donate sperms for the needy
Looking for a sperm donor who would be interested in co-parenting a child with me but if along we fall in love, we can live as a family but if not, that's still ok. I am interested in very smart, tall and kind guys. My profile picture has me making a funny face so my eyes appear buldging (haha). I also don't have a drop of make up on my face here so you know what I really look like. I am not here to look for different men and so would prefer someone who really wants to have a child or children soon as time isn't really quite friendly to me now. I am loyal, honest and reliable and if we both agree on something, you can be sure to have my back. If you will waste my precious time, pls I beg you not to come my way.
Coparternidad, sin compromiso obligatorio, tener hijos en comun y ser parte de sus vidas.
Single gay man ready to become a dad. I live in Baden Württemberg and open for co-parenting with suitable person.
I’m interested in coparenting. I’m a black lady with a a full time job, highly educated and desire to have a lovely child. I would want someone who has same qualities and may want to build a relationship
Looking to co-parent with a man in the DMV area.
Looking to be a sperm donor. blue eye blond hair 5’9. I’m easy going guy. College education.
I’m currently working while in school, and earned my pilot rating, working on Pershing my dream job, and wanting to have a kid, I am wanting to co parent
I am completely new to the community and I am unsure what research I need to do
I'm here looking for women to start family / coparent . This's my main goal . I can also help heterosexual /homosexual couples and single women to have a babe . In general i'm curious about this website and if it's possible to find my match here . Best regards to everyone and good luck in your search.
Seriedad y seguridad ante nada de todo lo demas nos ponemos de acuerdo por privado
A free sperm donor is a man who is willing to donate his sperm for no cost at all. Free sperm is one of the means by which to have a baby. Dubbed in the press as ‘donor sexuals’ these are men that are willing to help women become pregnant for altruistic reasons.
I'm looking for a caring, kind, encouraging, trustworthy person who values learning and helpfulness. I believe these are excellent qualities in a parent. I also revere those who have a fun spirit of play and enjoy making good times in life.
I’m a 6ft African American male who is actually married for the last 6 years. However my wife had to have a hysterectomy when she was only 21 after the birth of her daughter. I truly would love the joy and blessing of having my own child one day. She is completely open and excited for me to have such a blessing as well and is completely onboard with me co-parenting with another woman for us to have part in such a beautiful life being created. I’m hard working, did well in school, musically inclined for all of my school years. I have a heart of gold and with nothing but the best for everyone. I’m known to be quite humorous and usually the life of the party to get everyone laughing and having a great time!
It is so amazing to give the gift of life. Let's do it together
Bonjour, J’espère que mon message vous trouvera en super forme. Je m'appelle Audrey, âgée de 33 ans je suis Franco-Camerounaise, vivant entre Londres, Paris et Yaoundé. Étant dans le domaine de la Finance, je n’ai pas vu le temps passé. L’amour n’étant pas vraiment cette « chose » que nous pouvons contrôler, j’ai décidé de prendre les choses en main quant à mon désir d’être maman d’une petite fratrie. Pour cela, je recherche un futur super Papa (hétéro ou homo) qui souhaiterait fonder avec moi une famille de trois enfants au moins. En effet, je recherche un homme au désir ardent de devenir papa ; Un homme bien et de bonne moralité ; une belle âme solide, structurée et équilibrée. Un homme établi dans tous les aspects de sa vie soucieux comme moi d’offrir le meilleur du monde et le plus d’opportunité de réussite possible à ses enfants. Un homme ouvert d’esprit désireux d’éduquer des êtres sensibles et forts, outillés de la meilleure façon pour affronter notre monde pas toujours très tendre. Un homme aimant et disponible souhaitant apprendre de nombreuses choses à nos enfants et souhaitant leur faire vivre le maximum de belles aventures. En gros, je souhaite rencontrer une personne avec laquelle je partage des fondations et des valeurs communes et surtout avec laquelle nous serons sur la même longueur d’ondes quant à l’éducation et la préparation de l’avenir de nos enfants. Je ne recherche donc pas nécessairement un amant mais plutôt une personne souhaitant non pas être simple géniteur mais bien être père et même plus, souhaitant être Papa. Je recherche un ami avec lequel nous élèverons de chouettes petits gosses. Concernant le mode de procréation, les options sans relations sexuelles disponibles en France et/ou à l’étranger sont à explorer. Cordialement, A.
I just want to start a family and have many childrens or open to co-parenting. I have a sperm test so my sperm is good.I would like to donate my sperm to any woman who want to make a child.
looking for someone in Florida who would love to coparent
I want a polygynous relationship, but don't seek physical intimacy.
Willing to Co-Parent. Let’s chat and figure it out. We all want the same thing
Hiya, nice to meet you. I'm a single father, five year old child, hoping to give love to another.
i am nice looking girl who is here seeking for love and baby, please if you can help me with one
The ideal guy should be committed to co parenting with a liberal parenting style
I would like to meet a responsible woman for co parenting .I love kids and couldn't have until now as none of my relationship ends up well.I am an easygoing type of man , carrying and supportive. I would like full contact with both mother and children.
I spent a lot of years working with kids before my career took off in software.. I'm not looking for a romantic relationship but it would be important that we get on well as I'm looking to be a fully involved parent.
Ready to start my own family and start it young! :)
I’m looking for a man to compare to and have baby with immediately and through IVF
My Instagram Is : JyeeG , I’m A Black Heterosexual Man Looking For A Coparent ;
Here to see what’s going on! Feel free to contact me
I am looking for a co parent to have a baby.
Looking for open sperm donor that's easy going and relax.
Halloh, I am interested to meet, a, professional, kind, positice , nature loving person looking to have baby for co parenting
Looking for queer people interested in starting a co-parenting project including natural insemination. I want life to be fun and stable for a future child, and to keep parenting separated from my potential romantic relationships.
Hola, queriendo probar de esta manera. Soy un profesional que se encuentra sin pareja, pero con ganas de criar una niño/a. Si quieres conocerme. un gusto.
I am a 37-year old female of optimal physical, mental and emotional health looking to develop a platonic relationship with an equally motivated parental candidate. I am a 37-year old female of optimal physical and mental health, prepared to find a partner and become a mother for the first time. My priorities as a future co-parent begin with demonstrating unconditional love and acceptance, maintaining an inherent commitment to being physically and emotionally present throughout the future child’s full upbringing — regardless of ability or disability.
I am 38 y.o, of ukrainian origin, live and work in Montreal. Looking for a donor or co-parenting with a mentally healthy, established, responsible and kind-hearted partner
Tall Intelligent Creative Visionary Curious Loving Passionate Artistic Chemistry Intelligence
Обеспеченный ищу себе даму с которой интересует завести ребенка. не против завязать отношения или даже создать семью, при согласии. Адекватность гарантируется. Харьков
healthy, educated woman ♀️ is looking for opportunities to have more children, 3 or 4 is the best
Looking for male to impregnate me. clean and drug free. Race not important.
Looking for sperm donor and I’m open to coparenting or no contact.
Nous sommes un couple lesbien a la recherche d'un homme, gay de préférence, pour notre projet d'enfant.
Ready to help start families for the less fortunate couples.
Intelligent, mature male looking for nice lady for coparenting. Must be Jewish or willing to raise child as Jewish.
I am looking for an opportunity to bring a child/children to this world
Have not been lucky finding a partner and looking for NI in a year or less due to now known history of complications in family.
looking to have a child of my own blood either in a coparent situation or a sperm donation and sign rights away
Very honest trustworthy faithful was cheated on 8 years ago everybody with couldnt have kids or didnt want would give anything to be a father or make somebodys dreams come true
Gay Men Looking to have a child and co. parent with other queer couples.
Mexican girl looking for donor or comparenting. Financially stable, easy-going, caring & kind person. Like win to win deals. Bachelor degree. Working on logistics. 1.60, slim, good health, brown eyes.
I'm married but we have no kids together. I want to do coparenting and be a great father
Am searching for some one interested in raising and sperm of a strong human. I love spreading love.
Looking for sperm donor (artificial insemination) but would be open to discussing a co-parent relationship.
Family man
Want to have kids and enjoy them and play with them while i have strenght and energy
Hola soy Joel de peru me gustaría ayudar a alguna dama en su sueño de ser madre o en todo caso poder charlar del tema si alguna bella dama estas interesada no dudes en contactarme a mi
Start a family AND meet love I need love really love
No information ask me if you want to know more
Looking for a man that is good looking, kind , intelligent and not a narcissist. Follows authoratative parenting. I can travel in the EU.
I really want to help a female concieve by natural insemination. Willing to drive if neeeded. You want to cuddle afterwards? We can cuddle till you decide you don't want to anymore. I personally know that I ejaculate alot more sperm if i cuddle with you before and after we Try putting a baby in ur belly.
I'm looking for a co-parenting partner to have a child with.
I am a civic engineer with a master degree and high monthly income, I am Turkish with Macedonian and greek origins, I am fair-haired, I am looking to co-parent with a single lady.
Just wanting to help others have the family that they want without issues
I am looking for a woman, egg donor, young, co-parenting, start a family
Woman between 25 and 30 willing to co-parent, or something close to that.
Natural holistic want to be mother looking for a spiritual happy healthy man
Hola, quiero cumplir mi sueño. Tener un hijo/a, dejar desendencia. Criar junto a una gran madre con mucho amor, y educar a una personita muy especial. Solo busco personas honestas y con madera de madre.
Single woman ,doctor by profession loves to be a mom
A gentle man who works as a doctor and lives in Kerala. Loves to help peoples
Hi, i am interested in adoption and start a family. If you are someone who wants to adopt a kid and want to co parent, we could talk and take things from there. Adoption is a long process and i want someone who wants kids as much as i do and love parenting.
I am looking for some genuine female individual to coparent
I want twins so if you want the same inbox me I'm cool laid back I stay to myself
Hello! My name is Alexander. It will be a great pleasure finding someone here to have a beautiful souls with.
Quiero ver como funciona esta página y conocer gustos de cada persona
Hi, I am a lovely and nice person, originally from Africa and recently moved back to Los Angeles after the end of my military service in the United States Navy. I’ve always loved kids and I would like to finally have my own that I can cherish and love. I have to say with the situation we are currently going through, it’s hard to meet someone for a true relationship; I am not going to let that hold me back from the pursue of happiness. That’s why I am here to find a man willing to be part of that noble journey. If you want to be a sperm donor and a dad, please contact me. I am easy-going, educated, I have a rich background culture, I speak French, Italian and English, open-minded and I want to pass down those values to my future kids. kindly, Sacha
Hi I am a successful natural inseminator. I would like to help couple or single ladies to feel the greatest joy of motherhood. I have successfully given motherhood to 7 women.
I want to create a family and possibly meet love but have a child as soon as possible
Looking for a man who is willing to co parent through artificial insemination
i want to donate my sperm in a natural way
I want baby this is my dream i must please i have no hope
I am a tall beautiful black decent lady. Responsible, educated and desiring to have a baby
Since in serbia it is difficult to find surrogate mother, this is my attempt to find partner to give a birth to a child or to raise family together, depending on mutual agreement.
Wants baby now, looking for coparent8ng and live in situationship
I am looking for a woman to have a child with.
i want to get away, i want to fly away yeah yeah
Hello, my wife has fertility issues and we are looking for someone to co-parent with.
Seeking single dad with young children mattiage minded wants co parent
I'm wanting to donate sperm so someone can have a child. I'm open to co-parenting but it isn't a requirement.
I am a caring,resourcefull and hardworking man.I am naturally a nice person.I run a business and i so much want to have a child with a serious woman with all the support comming from me wether she is employed or not but at least she should be Properly educated with no trace of family hereditary illness.
Hi! I'm Dave from NJ. I'm 42, with a beautiful boy of my own. I'm the publisher of a major art book publishing company and am successful, honest, and sincere. I realize there are a lot of other women looking for help visa vis NI and I'm really looking to start a family. If nothing else, let me help someone who needs help and I can contribute whatever is needed.
Hello if any woman are looking to start a family i am willing to make that happen and will comply with what ever you would have in mind on your terms and time
I have one child that was the result of the only time i ever had unprotected sex and i find i enjoy the thought of helping women become mothers. I am a half black half white guy who is disease and drug free.
39-year old female, single wants to conceive and raise a child.
Any couple and single woman who want a healthy child can contact me.
Looking for new ways for impregnation, IUI did not help.
French woman, recently arrived in London. Looking to settle, to be a mother with someone ready too. I like painting, drawing but also business. Looking for an honest and faithful man. I am not vaccinated and will prefer the same, thank you.
Buscando quién me ayude con el deseo de ser madre, alguien simpático.
I am a loving caring romantic kind and honest person
I would like to find a gay male couple to receive sperm from and whom to co-parent with, ideally... or a lesbian couple to co-parent with
in the united states, on a state level, most states consider child support to belong to the child and thus an NI donor is technically responsible. I question if there's some paperwork to potentially circumvent this, or maybe just say that it was IUI or ICI? Either way, I want to be 100% certain before doing this that the person I'm donating to is dedicated to the child and that I'm not liable. So providing sperm for couples, not singles. Although if I was introduced to a single woman and fell in love, it would be a completely different situation.
Looking to create a family filled with love. Co-parenting is more ideal than being a single mother so if any men or women are interested we can see how we fit :)
Hey, I want to see every women always happy. Happiest woman are always moms after having a baby. I would love to help by doing my part in making women happy of any age !
I have thought about it often, and my experience from my own life, while also talking about it with others I have a pretty good understanding of what I am looking for in building my own future family.
Hello I am interested in making a family of three to four kids
i want to inseminate by normal NI(sexual method), because chances of pregnecy is very high
I want to become a father and look for coparenting
Busco un donante para concebir un hijo o una hija en Madrid
Want to be a dad. I am a funny, smart and curious to see if this could be a something.
Parenting to be a better loving mother and get along with my child’s biological father
Young African American mixed women well established and ready to love on my kid
Sinatra way
Having a kid & open to a relationship, living life
I'm responsible, respectful, caring, honest and have 2 years of baby experience.
We will reinvent ourselves through each other. Creating new Lives with our combined energy, hearts, and efforts. I like the Arts, nature walks, most outdoors activities and cuddling in playing board games. I travel the East Americas and Explore regions.
I am a professional kind black man who wants to have a child and do my best to be engage with the child & play my part.
Looking to co-parent with a male whose isn’t looking for romance.
Hey there I'm an Indian Male. I wants to help those who cannot conceive a baby. My age is perfect for donation. I've always wanted to help others. I'll do it in case of mutual agreement. If you have anything in your mind, ask me without hesitation. Feel free to contact me.
Hi, i’m a gay man living in happy partnership and looking forward for meeting a woman for co-parenting
I am the father in a co-parenting through court order by choice
Dear ladies, My name is Alejandro, I am a University Teacher in Mexico, I studied at the best university of Mexico and one of the top 100 in the world, National Autonomous University of Mexico, I have a Bachelor, Master and Doctorate and also an IQ of 156. I don't have any chronical deseases nor genetic transmitted. I am 40 and I have fully dedicate to work and study, but now I want to experiment the joy of being a parent. It will be your choise if you allow me to co-parent with you or if you only want me to donate my sperm. I don't care about how you look, tall, short, slim, a few extra pounds. I don't care about your age 18, 30, 60. I just want to have the opportunity to be a parent. I would prefer co-parenting but if it is not possible I will be happy to be a sperm donor. Please feel free to contact me if.
Ask and I’ll tell you what every you ask me
I am here to co parent with someone who's loving and wants to have a baby, will consider having more so the baby can have siblings.
I'm looking to co parent or find love. I'm OK with whichever. I'm flexible with location. I'm a physician, I enjoy travelling and reading.
He supposed to have the baby tue-sat 10:30 amto 8pm
Seeking a partner for coparenting a child or two children.
Your typical all American guy looking to be a dad.
Single looking to step into fatherhood. Really to bring to the world and my eyes a bright light. To love and protect.
I am a tall, highly intelligent man, with mixed phenotype parents (blonde/blue eyed mother, brown haired father)
Natural insemination, i am good looking can travel anywhere, privacy is maintained
Seeking to help women and family's, and single moms have kids if we are agreeable.
suche nach einer Co Elternschaft. Für weitere Fragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung
Hello I’m looking for someone I can build a strong solid friendship with to raise a beautiful child with along the way. The last 40 years have been about building a career, now I’m looking to put that effort into a child. I would prefer to do this with someone who’s like me and have no kids, but is also just as excited about the journey as I am!
Single professional female looking to solo parent a child. Would like to start a family, and not necessarily find love. Open to ongoing contact, and happy to draw up legal if requested.
I am new but I am open minded. Just looking for a co parent.
Just curious how this website works. Hope to meet like minded people :)
As I am an older donor (52) I would like to meet a young recipient for A.I. only conception and to be a known donor in as much as feedback on the birth and occasional updates.
Co parenting by choice, start a family and find love
I’m looking for a intelligent and kind white-skinned person. I’m ready and capable to take all financial matters connected with the child on my own
I am looking for a man to have a child and to co parent.
I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol or anything drug
Looking forward to becoming a father. Would like to meet a woman who wants to share in the experience of having a baby.
Just trying to learn how to copare it with my ex fiance
I am a young enthusiastic man looking to help infertile recipients and single or couples with co-parenting with the best I can bring to the table.
I am here to help women get pregnant and have the chance to start a family or make siblings. I am a 29 year old male and I am willing to donate pi, and ni. I am also willing to co-parent. message me if your interested.
Married woman seeks young natural donor for ongoing encounters, maybe more. The main thing is your desire to impregnate a woman and truly feel a connection that no one else gets to feel. Would be wonderful to keep in touch, and you could have as much involvement as you'd like. I feel like this is a rare opportunity for us, and I'd want to make the most of it. Xoxo, Jenn
I am looking for a straight man who would like to start a family
I am ideally looking for a co-parent, somebody who lives relatively close-by, wanting to share responsibilities (in a negotiable measure). I work in the field of contemporary arts and cultural heritage, but perhaps the most important for you is that I am a stable, caring, humorous, sharp-minded, open and adaptable person (hate to write a list like this though). Interested? Let's talk in person!
I chose to become a sperm donor because I liked the idea that I could help some people achieve their dream. And I believe it’s a brilliant and beautiful thought, to think that I can provide the basis for a new life. There are many people who can’t have children. I feel privileged that I’m healthy and well enough to help them. It’s a big deal for me, and I know it means a lot to those people that I can help
I would like to be a parent without an attachment. If in time it became more than what it is or was then I would be open to change that for the right person and the child.
Looking for a good fit to possibly start a family
I want to help you and work with you in any way possible because you deserve it. I will be available whenever you need. I am active and ready to communicate.
would want to focus on the child, and include the mother in the process.
Just looking to past on my family genes though co parenting, love or helping someone have children
I have read several blogs, asked people in the medical community (including psychological community) about the results and consequences of opting for natural sperm donation, and have spoken to theological experts on the matter. Taking everything into consideration, I feel this is the best move for myself and the right donor.
Single health care professional looking to co parent or more
Looking forward to finding a lady we can co-parent and raise kids together.
Looking to co-parent with like minded individual. Interested in raising a child with an international awareness and strong sense of helping others.
Willing to be just a sperm donor, but also looking to Co-parent.
I would like to have kids as soon as possible and if love comes, fine
Ok Open to all and also understanding. Open to all and also understanding.
Hello, I am a Spanish expat living in Berlin since 2013. I am an entrepreneur and never thought of having kids seriously until now. It was important to me not to have a child by myself and I didn't find my perfect romantic match at the time I was really ready to have kids. I am looking for a healthy partner to raise a child. I am flexible and open if it is natural or an adoption.
Mother to Amelia-Grace, co parenting, autism, spectrum, feeding, early intervention, sibling, two year old
Im a discreet bi sexual man (not out) who would like to meet a woman to have a family with.
I'll do it 4 you
I love kids , easy going , happy to make you happy open to what you may want Donor , friends or forever , I'd love to be involved somehow and be around to help you through pregnancy if that's something you are open to
Looking into exploring coparenting options. Open to a number of scenarios
Looking to coparent , love children with a lady from anywhere in the whole universe .
I have to co parent through this app with my child’s father
David 14
6'0" tall, 200 lbs, medium brown hair, green eyes, considered quite handsome, very stable, intelligent with a tested IQ of 145. Married with two healthy sons, now adult. Feel great compassion for women who have a normal instinct to become mothers and have been unable to find suitable husbands and may now be facing the "biological clock" situation. My wife feels the same and is supportive of this effort. Very willing to get to know a perspective mother and willing to disclose any other personal information if it seems we are a good match.
Healthy male business owner and bilingual. Want to be the best dad possible!
I've helped as a donor and I'm happy to be available for couples or singles. Write me here and we can agree
Hispanic looking for south asian to have a child with.
I’m attracted to having children and possibly a relationship with someone that has very very fair hair and skin with blue eyes. Prefer mentally and financially stable but able to support child on my own if we choose to have a relationship.
I am a compassionate responsible loving woman in need of a coparent.
Single heterosexual woman wanting to have a baby no father commitment (just Natural Insemenation)
Taking classes for my children because they are in foster care
I am interested in helping others have kids. Would be glad to help you out.
Hi I am a 37 year old Indian woman who is looking at the possibility of a baby. I like to travel and am happy to co parent and raise a child in a happy, loving environment while teaching the child to be strong, independent and caring.
single white male looking for white, asian, hispanic female to donate sperm possibly co parent
I always want to be dad and raise my kids
I always want to be dad and raise my kids
I’m a tall, handsome athletic guy that wants to be a father.
Hyggelig grei som ønsker finne noen og lage barn med. Siden det har alltid vært min store drøm. Håper noen ønsker og hjelpe meg med min drøm.
Zell Servin
Whats up I'm Zell would love to bless someone with a beautiful baby I do help out if u don't want me present that's cool to I literally just want to donate and make someone happy
I think children are the gift of life n I would love to coparent n have 4 wonderful babies with a good father
Parent, parenting, co-parent; kids, children, share, custody, legal, joint, family, lawyer, judge
I'd like a donor if possible and I'm a co psrent by choice after leaving a toxic relationship 3 years ago. I have a 16 yr old daughter who looks a lot like drew barrymore looked in the 90's n she looks A LOT like me apparently I'm told. I just want another chance to be a mom once more. I took to pregnancy and motherhood immediately n breastfed for a year after my daughter was born and I just liked being a mommy and
Looking to build a family with another loving human being
I would like a meet a woman who would be interested in co parenting hopefully a few children together
Hi there :) I’m unsure what to write and willing to revise later
Male in his mid-40s looking for a platonic co-parent to raise a kid. I am 5'11" (180cm), always been thin and fit and have no chronic illness. DNA test and family history shows no big medical problems. I have a master’s degree and studied MBA. Very strong SAT and IQ scores. I am a financially secure and stable person and have been my entire life. Politics is a left centrist. My mother is Christian, and I'm agnostic.
We disease to reproduce, so let's do it there is nothing better from being a parent.....
I’m a man looking to co parent with a woman. An raise a child together
I am a healthy and attractive White male, only 5’9” but my brothers were much taller. Always naturally very smart and athletic.Sorry if that’s arrogant but I was top of my class. No known hereditary issues.
We're looking to build a co-parenting "village", in some form. :-)
Pretty Kitty
I've always wanted to be a mom. I've had such bad luck with mating I've truthfully given up on love. I still want children, so I've decided for myself that I want to be in a co parenting arrangement. I want to have my baby the natural way by my donor and have a co parenting arrangement to raise the child (s). We don't have to be in love or any we're not ready for. Just doing as the agreement says.
Im open to being a donor any method located in Indianapolis. Unable to travel far
Hello, I am look for someone to help me have a child, you can be a part of the child’s life by choice.
Looking for someone who wants to start a family with :)
Looking for coparenting and maybe love. I would love to meet someone to share, coparent and love a child
I am looking to help a single or a couple begin a family of their own.
Iam a Professional Sperm Donor Working with Clients Full Secrecy and Satisfaction by Dating on Multiple occasions Until Clients Satisfaction
Single mom seeking a co parent for my one year old son. Not seeking money or funds, I just don’t have a support system to help raise him. I just want him to have a great life full of family and love that only want what’s best for him.
Already have a 7 year old child would like another
Natural insemination is good process for successful pregency with no more medical process and it completes without spending money
Hello, I’m looking for co parenting!!! From Dominican Republic, grew up in Italy! Now living in Ireland. I love doing yoga, reading and travelling
Not good at these lets talk and get to know me that way..
I am looking for a natural donor to have a baby.
I’m a 19 year old newly graduate, ready for a new beginning. I might be young but I’m ready to be a mother...maybe a wife. I’m looking for a co-parent who wants to be involved in their child’s life, and my pregnancy..maybe more. If you’re seeking women who need donors solely for the purpose of raising a child on their own as a single mother or with a significant other, please look elsewhere. I believe natural insemination is the best method. I don’t mind moving in or traveling to you if it’s necessary. I HAVE NO INTEREST IN CREATING OR ENTERTAINING BATTLES IN COURT SUCH AS CUSTODY OR CHILD SUPPORT!!!!
Looking for a person who is interested in having a biological kid and co-parenting.
Wanting to connect with a life/ soulmate to create a family and memories with.
Will fill this out later. Just checking out for now.
I will only agree if it’s don’t natural I don’t really like the idea or releasing into a cup
I am a nice, caring, loving and very attractive young girl in search of true love.
I don't know what to put here this is a bad translation
I am very kind in nature, very fair in color, black hair honest and romantic, with the stand about 5. 7ft height and 72 kg weight.
Hi I’m here to help anyone that wants to start a family. I can do any method even delivery
Micaela Ailín villafañe
Quería ser madre, y conocer a alguien que quiera y desee lo mismo.
im a very relaxed person, hard to anger. Im non-judgmental, so be yourself. I love to cook for others, I like anime and video games. I love to make others laugh. As I dont like seeing others sad.
Want to be a dad. Just looking to be a coparent with someone.
I am looking for a sperm donor/long distance co-parent. My ideal situation would be someone who is at least willing to be in their lives a moderate amount (more the better but that is dependent on how comfortable you are with it.)
Hi, I am single lady and I want to have a baby with someone, who is also willing to do that.
Hi, I am Spanish and I am looking for someone to coparent with
We're looking to expand our family and are seeking someone to co-parent in this journey with us. Please let us know about you and we can go from there. Let discuss details.
Highly educated (Doctorate) , successful business owner, 6 language speaker ready for sperm donation and helping couples
Im here to find somebody, with who i could make a family or co parenting, or make somebody happy with my material. I dont have a premium account here, So cant see who visits me.. Snp,,, :Pavo Im working in transportation, So im visiting s half of Europe.. Germany, spain, Portugal, france, belgium, holland, danmark etc
I am ready for a Chile now that I am retired and economically stable.
hi, Normal guy here trying to be a father i guess is time, sane guy.
My name is Erick Abreu I preferably want to find love and make a family but I don’t mind just co parenting as well, i feel like at this point in life there’s nothing more i want than to be a father.
I'm a very healthy, stable, educated and very attractive man that has a dream of becoming a father. I am on this Website for all the right reasons, and want to live out my dream and help some achieve theirs as well. I'm recently STD Tested for all diseases which are all negative, and would gladly provide the proper documents from my Doctor. I'm willing to travel at my expense, and am comfortable with Co-Parenting or no contact with the child if preferred.
Busco de Coparentalidad una mujer seria repito que sea seria no quiero irresponsables
Hola busco de una mujer seria para Coparentalidad.. Espero que sea así
Looking for responsible coparents to bring a child to this world together
Looking to donate or co-parent with a wonderful and sweet lady preferably one that lives in the U.S ( Va, DC, MD).
Hi, looking to meet a similar minded woman to co-parent. Will fully support the rearing of a child. I will be open to different types of arrangements with the childs welfare always taking priority. I can support the rearing of a child. I work in construction and run a farm also but still have plenty of free time to devote to family.
I search on Google how to become coparent and now this website
I really want to help a family build up and be happy too . I know you struggle
I would like to help others achieve their dreams, give me a chance to get to know each other
I have been looking for several years to meet some body to have a child with. Not interested in marriage.
Looking for someone or couple who are willing to co patent
Looking to meet someone who wants to see their child grow to be the best human.
Seeking a donor that is serious about donating and understands what is to be expected.
I’ve done no research I’m just try different things and exploring options
I am just looking for someone to co parent with. No intentions of being in a relationship but would like to be good friends.
Single black female looking to co parent with a ready partner and maybe find love
Looking for the opportunity to be a parent and hoping for find someone to make this happen
I'm 21 looking to help others start a family just ask for updates on child
I’ve always known I wanted to be a Mom. I’m just looking for a little help to make it happen:)
Looking for a women who wants to give birth to a child through natural insemination
Looking for male co-parent. Preferably no Covid vax since we don’t know what it does and hearing bad things about the effect on fertility. Not sure how much I have to write here.
looking for donor or co-parent, if donor we would do a legal donation
Hi, I have just heard about this and would like to try it out.
Looking to meet potential woman to co parent with anywhere in the world.
Hi I am white male, doctorate degree, active, outdoorsy
Hi I am willing to help any woman in the Hepburn Springs area of Victoria Australia to get pregnant
Looking for Co parenting black female tall around the same age as between twenty and twenty six
If am the best father you have ever seen. Let's raise all the kids together
Hello, I am positive, successful male with own kids, donated kid who is willing help. Jsem pozitivní, úspěšný muž, s vlastními, darovanými dětmi kdo je ochotný pomoci.
I am very open and looking for someone I can really build a family with. Would love to see what interests and things we have in common
Florida keith
To help people have a baby that is willing for me to be in the child's life. To copaert with someone that is wanting a child and me to be in the child's life full time.
Hello , I'm healthy fertile caring selfless well established & independent Afro-European Descent (German Nationality) with free spirit living in Germany . Ready to become a father and for sure cant do it alone. ....Since dating is so isnt easy this era ...why not this way, as time awaits no one .Happiness is the most important .Looking to meet a free minded and drama free lady for healthy co-parenting .I've got so much love to give my child/children.cant wait any longer to have one . I'm very open for discussion..... Distance not a problem at all. *I'm not looking for love or any kind of romance * please contact if you are the one . Peace.
Hey everyone! I am a 30-year old, female, based in Long Island. I'm a professional, an aspiring physician (a few months from graduating) -- I'm looking for a genuine, committed guy in New York or a few miles away, who is looking to start a family. If that's you, feel free to reach out!
I would lile to find the right coparent to raise a child with serious inquiries only please
Looking to help out a woman wanting to become a mother and support with a co parenting arrangement
I’m looking for a man who genuine wants to be a father whos never had children .
Kind, adventurous, intelligent, loving, tough, family, exciting, emotional, compassionate, fun. Your happiness is my focus. Open to both co and non.
Hi! I'm looking to have a child in the near term. If there is more to the relationship than that, I welcome it. At a minimum, though, it would be beneficial to the child to have two parents.
I'm looking to help someone by being a donor, I'm also open to the possibility of co-parenting or meeting someone.
Hello everyone, my name is susanw I am a beautiful young girl, calm and easy going. I want to meet a nice man for love and long-term relationship. I hope to meet someone very nice. Greetings.
Hi there I’m looking to coparent with or even start a family i just don’t want my children growing up without a dad like i have
I am single and have been researching for over a year.
I wish to co-parent and raise a wonderful human being. I've enjoyed being an uncle and father-figure to my nephew. I'm okay with limited access if you wish so. I'm also ready for support. Let's talk.
Educated, Smart, lives near MD, DC or N. Virginia, Employed
I’m a 20 year old woman who is wanting to start a family
Looking for love and to start a family full of love anf joy
I don't have any research i dont even know what that means
Married for 15 years but unfortunately we did not have any children. I now want to move on and have realised that being a father was something I always wanted.
Hi I am a ayush doctor I you are looking for doner ping me Ai or Ni
hello nice to meet you i hope that you can find what you are looking for.
As for illnesses, there are none like cystic fibrosis nor hemophilia or muscular dystrophy. I am near-sighted, as are my mom and brother. I have good health insurance through my job. Both sides of my family have had children well into their mid-40s. Family is very important to me and both parents came from large families. I also have been to 48 states and half a dozen countries. I have a cat and she is my best friend. I currently work seconds, but am willing to transfer to first shift before giving birth.
No I’m just gonna wait for the kids and I’ll go to get a cat scan
Want to find someone to coparent with. I really want a child just haven't met anyone it's worked out to do so with yet.
I am searching for someone in my proximity for coparenting. I'm not too picky.
Responsable et stable, j'ai toujours rêvé d'être père. Je recherche une femme qui partage des objectifs communs et cherche un père actif pour son futur enfant.
Estoy buscando un donor o un padre para mi futuro hijo. I am looking for a sperm donor or a co-parenting father for my future child.
I would like to meet a lovely woman with whom i can create a fsmily
Female seeking male for co-parenting in Bristol and South West.
Athletic build, black woman, average height, introverted, third child out of five, financially stable.
I am looking for genuine persons who can take out my valuable time in baby production .I am very Spiritual in Shiva .I do provide in Natural Insemination method .I am not in to money I provide free service
Busco mujer o grupo de mujeres interesadas en co-parenting. Looking for a woman/group of women that want to co-parent.
Im looking forward to meet someone cool and reserved who would like to help
I am a healthy young Man. I am looking to have a baby with a willing partner either by co-parenting, in a partnership but also open to becoming a donor. My Physical description is as already stated. I am actively involved in sports. I work in IT support and as a Web developer in Berlin.
Looking to find someone I connect with. I am open-minded to lots of possibilities. I have a large house and property. Looking for someone interested in have a child. I have lots to offer the right person
I am an energetic, enthusiastic, positive, and spiritual person. I always love to travel and cook different cuisines.
join me I an also simple man person in in Maharashtra to join it
I'm fit and healthy, educated and work in a professional role. I'm easy going and fun loving I love traveling, meeting new people, a variety of musical genres. I'm looking for a co-parent to have a child with. I'm single and have not met the right person yet. I would like to co-parent with someone who is kind, intelligent and values ​​family and friends.
I am a male looking for a female who wants to have a child. I'm single with a son who lives with me. I want to get married and settle with my spouse and children at the same house. Since finding a wife has been though, I feel I can move on to link up with any lady who shares the same ideas of wanting a child. If marriage becomes something we both want, certainly yes, but for now I want to have a child that biologically comes from my own sperms.
Outgoing and sociable with a good career and family friendly home. Looking for the next chapter
Looking to have a family and a present looking for opinions to do so
Looking for a responsible man to have a family with.
I need a good and wise man as a genitor.
I am looking to make singles or couples happy by helping them.
Let's see if this site works :) Looking for a person who wants to have children as much as I do.
A mom on one seeking to expand her family and find love
Looking for a guy between 28-30 yrs willing to have a child and co parent
Looking to be a sperm donor, to help a woman become pregnant, would like to be in the child's life. Must live in pottstown, birdsboro, Douglasville, or limerick
Busco una chica para poder formar una familia en Barcelona.
I want the other people to build them family
Smoke weed ear pizza fight gang bang west side all day James brown all day fool
I'm a young man and looking forward to be donor
We are a lesbian couple seeking to have a child through a donor (donor may be anonymous or coparent, up to donor). We are located in West Tennessee.
I am Asif Rashid looking for sperm donor or coparent
Looking to have babies and possibly a relationship if not thats okay to. But 100% want to be involved in childs life.
Tal Tal
I am looking to start a family via co parenting of dating.
Located in Ontario, searching for genitor for single parent by choice
I am looking to co parent I am very well educated
181 cm , no allergies or sickness, African origins, 145IQ
From the USA. Single gay successful male looking to have a child and co-parent with the right female or lgbt couple.
Meet lady that wants child meet soon a thin tall lady hope meeet hispantic white. Hope i become dad.
To meet someone and see how things go and maybe have kids
Let me help you to conceive the child you have always dreamed of.
My name is Cliff Allen and i'm a fun loving guy in search for that special person who wants to co-parent. I've been told i would make a great father. If i'm anything like my father was i know i will. I believe in bonding with a child and always letting them know that they are loved. I also want to have a wonderful relationship with the person i'm co-parenting with. I'm a respectful person and fun-loving. I like to make people laugh.
Hello I am a 27 year old loving caring guy looking to find someone to co parent a child with. I am five foot eleven inches tall I weigh 220lbs. I am Mexican, native American and German. I don't smoke or drink. I am looking to have a kid sooner than later may someone help me. I have never had any sexual encounters so I am disease free but for your piece of mind am willing to do a test. The method of conception is what ever you wish. I am willing to help others. I am fun loving also have a great sense of humor. I love kids I just never found miss right.
I am exploring coparenting options. Not sure what to expect.
Soy una mujer de 33 años, profesional, trabajo en el sector humanitario, me gustaría formar una familia en el mediano plazo, también estoy abierta a la coparentalidad y a opciones como la adopción.
I am willing to donate sperm naturally. I am from Kerala
Looking for a male potential co-parent in the NYC area
Looking for a person who is willing to cooparent and raising the kids together when possible.
Hello I really would like to fine some one kind and easy going to raise a child with... I work full time never call sisck or stay out of job I easy going cool and fun but also serious, focus and dedicated when it come to work or putting effort in what I care! Thank you very much
I am a disabled Marine Vet just out here lookin
Happiness is not something to set back and wait on!! Go get it.
Looking for someone who wants to have a Child with me
I'm an AA female living in the US....interested in starting a family.
Looking for a donor that wants no contact with child.
An healthy 42 yr old African American woman looking to coparent with someone who wants to have a child and share the responsibilities.  I'm in the performance arts industry and I'm gainfully employed.  I never smoke, I don't drink or do drugs.  I'm disease free and looking for someone equally the same.  For the past decade I've been focused on my career, now I want to start a family and I'm looking for someone who feels the same way I do.  I'm open to sharing all the responsibilities and the love for our child.
I simply love children and would love to have them or help!
Want a kid but don’t want to get married yet
Co parenting single or divorced parents start a family and make a Love
Im here to see what’s out there. MY name is Michael and I’m a engineer here in Sarasota Florida
Christian, graduate lady looking to find love and start a family asap OR a Coparent situation
Looking for a sperm donor (Co-parent if match in values and principles), living in Barcelona/Catalunya Area
I am sincere and honest ready for all because we need each other to succeed in life I love smiling
I'm looking for a nice, decent woman wanting to have a child as much as I want
I am a very humble and nice simple person,looking for eal love.
Sincerely co patent partner needed , Sincerely co patent partner needed, Sincerely co patent partner needed
simple and understandable Looking to meet a special one who really wants to be with someone special too.
I love kids and I hope to raise one with the right person. I'm healthy, fun-loving, caring, responsible and I live life with purpose.
Hi, I am an open mind beautiful woman with a great sense of humour. I am very generous and altruistic. Looking for an "almost impossuble" thing, but, why not ? :)
I am a very simple and honest man with good sense of humor.
Interested to donate sperm Interested to donate sperm Interested to donate sperm
NO DONOR NEEDED - CO-PARENTING ONLY! please contact me ONLY if you’re in CALIFORNIA, preferably LA or OC Metro (SoCal) area. Unfortunately, I cannot respond to international or out of state messages. Thank you!
Looking for someone who would like to either co-parenting or sperm donation.
Dominican just moved to PNW don’t really know what to put here
I’m looking for a woman to co-parent with. Let’s talk and find out. Looking forward to talking to you
I am looking for a local female co parent. I work in San Francisco and live in the East Bay. I currently do not have children.
Being able to make a baby n coparent together is what I really want. Rather it’s just coparenting as best friends or falling in love along the ride I’m ready for anything as long as our baby is happy I couldn’t ask for anything more.
Looking for a mother that is willing to co-parent if you want to know anything else about me just ask me I'll tell you
Hi, I am looking for a man to co-parent with. I have a great job, my own house, and am set to have kids.
Single guy looking to co parent or start a family
Hi, I actually live in Fürstenwalde Spree and here serching withing Berlin & Brandenburg. I am mentally and financially ready to meet a willing woman.
I’d love the help other people have the joy of children and have spent extensive time researching this!
Single Black female seeking married Hispanic gay male couple.
Interested in finding a sperm donor and possibly co parent
Hey I’m in the LA area looking to have a baby as well. Don’t mind if the mom is around or not.
I am a Finance professional: adequate, self-sufficient, pretty and sporty. Would like to have a child with a healthy, preferably tall man (taller than 170 cm).
I would like to make a baby I m looking for co parenting
I’m looking for an opportunity of a lifetime to become a father. I want to love, nurture and build a strong bond between my child, me and hopefully the woman that will give me such a blessing. if you’re looking for something with the possibility of more please inquire.
I have a great paying career. Great support group, safe home environment on the best side of Rockford, I'm great with kids last thing I want is to be an old dad who can actively spend time with kids and not be too put of shape or up in age
looking for women who want to enter a co-parenting relationship with me
Searching English speaking co parenting partner who are serious for child .I'm looking for siblings .
Looking for a partner to co parent with. Looking for a king and smart man. I’m financially and mentally stable, looking forward similar
I am in a monogamous relationship with another woman & am Interested in finding a gay man or male couple to raise a loving child with me & my partner.
I am seeking someone to team up and become a co-parent with. I have a great career and I'm very responsible. I would make a great father and a good friend and would make sure the child has a strong male role model in his life allowing the mother to spend as much time as she desires.
I am a focus young man full of strength and in good health seeking to meet a healthy relationship and love and assist to donate sperm for aspiring mothers. Feel free to chat me up.
I am a young professional, with a very good health, looking to make a small family with a good reliable relationship.
I would like to talk and meet those involved, I am interested in meeting a good woman.
A friendly dedicated and caring guy who is looking for someone to have a child with. I am gay so I am not looking for a romantic relationship. I am looking for co-parenting relationship. Thanks
I want a family with someone who wants one as badly as I do.
Single mom of one looking to add one more to her family.
I am just looking for now and would love to see my options
How to see my family and friends and family and face pic and face
Those women who need sperm by natural insemination I can provide for your pregnanacy
Looking for a co-parent by choice either platonic or romantic. lets see how it goes
I am available for no donation to help a single or a couple
I am Greek, 47 years old and work as a Consultant in Critical Care at a Hospital in North London . I am healthy (have managed to avoid Covid somehow ...) and very fit, I have a steady income . I am fairly good looking. I am kind,polite, love children
Looking for someone with similar interests and morals to co-parent.
Open minded couple looking for interesting path and also ideally contact in future
I am looking for a women to have a child with
I’m a divorced man who is here genuinely seeking to have another child as I e always wanted. I do have one daughter now and she is 10.
I want to help whose need to build happy family.anyone contact me through this website
I am a professional who wants to start a family. I am Cuban, white, from Santa Clara, in excellent shape. I am 6.2, 195 lbs, good looking, well educated. I am a professor at a respectable university. i am an arts professional as well as an educator and pedagogue. Starting a family is very important for me. It has taken me this long to start a family because of having dependent parents. It also took me longer to establish myself professionally. I am in love with life. I think every day is a new day to start again. I am excited to see so many women in this site with the enthusiasm, vision and courage to give it a try.
Single black professional female recently rendered childless by cancer. My 18 year old only child is now an angel. Missing being a mom. Running out of time biologically. Not opposed to love but not essential.
There are two reasons for me wanting to be a sperm donor - the first one being the desire to leave behind a legacy, a part of myself in another human being and the second being the desire to help a woman who wants to experience the pleasures of being a mother. I'm well-mannered, caring and physically & emotionally fit. I'm an engineer by profession. For me (and I believe the same to be true for a woman too), it is of utmost importance that the child that we bring into the world is taken care of so that it can grow into a well-functioning adult. So I expect that the person to whom I donate my sperm is financially secure, is reasonably physically fit, does not smoke and has a support system to take of the child. I cannot do co-parenting role or financially support the child. I wanna do it anonymously because our society doesn't accept this. It would be better for both of us and the child too. You can contact me multiple times in future if you want to conceive again.
I search for sperm donor or co parent. I am down to earth person. I am family person and my kids means the world to me. I have three kids. I always wanted a big family. I looking to expand my family.
I am Kevin, an intelligent and well educated man from Asia.
Hola. Soy un hombre mexicano con residencia y profesión en Estados Unidos (Residencia legal y permanente). Estoy ya en mis 40s y deseo tener uno o dos bebés con una buena mujer Mexicana. Soy una persona de buenos valores, buen nivel de educación y buena reputación en todas las áreas de mi vida. Soy trabajador, bicultural, amigable, responsable, saludable, varonil y algo atractivo de acuerdo a las personas. Entenderse conmigo es fácil ya que creo en el diálogo; yo sé elegir mis palabras y darme a entender y también sé escuchar y entender a los demás (de hecho tengo mi profesión el campo de la psicología). Obviamente soy bilingue y mis ingresos son sólidos. Soy además un amigo y protector de los niños y los animales y uno de los mejores amigos que se pueden encontrar. Soy un hombre justo, imparcial y luchón que jamás le ha temido a seguir sus sueños. Tengo una buena habilidad para dejar huellas positivas en las vidas de las personas y creo fuertemente en Dios y en la inmensa bendición que es la familia. Esto es lo que busco: Una mujer cuyos valores sean similares a los mios. Alguien que le consagre su vida a Dios (sin implicar que sea una persona religiosa) y me pueda ayudar a darles un crecimiento saludable en un ambiente funcional a nuestros hijos. Yo respeto a las personas y de ninguna manera juzgo jamás la vida de nadie, pero la verdad es que tratándose de mis hijos yo preferiría que no crecieran en el ambiente de una persona gay (es un ambiente respetable, pero yo deseo algo más tradicional para mis hijos). Yo soy un guerrero y me gustaría que la madre de mis hijos también lo fuera; una mujer resolutiva, noble, capáz honrada y justa. También me gustaria que la mujer que busco tuviera bonitas facciones; yo no categorizo a las personas en base a sus apariencias físicas pero por desgracia, los niños a veces sufren bullying cuando son feitos (pero claro, yo los amaría exactamente igual fueran como fueran). Deseo encontrar una mujer que no busque solo a un donador de esperma; una mujer que entienda que sus hijos merecerán y necesitarán convivir con su padre. Una mujer que esté de acuerdo en que compartamos la paternidad de los niños aunque entre nosotros solo haya una sólida y entrañable amistad, y permitirme pasar tiempo con ellos y familiarizarlos con mi familia cuando me fuera posible (yo pertenezco a una familia cariñosa y unida que tiene mucho bueno qué ofrecerles a mis hijos y un cariño de mi familia en el que también su mamá tendría un lugar especial y sería siempre bien recibida). Mi mujer ideal y yo tendríamos qué pasar un tiempo conociéndonos y amigándonos en orden de determinar si seriamos compatibles en esta situación. Yo la verdad desearía encontrar a una mujer que deseara tener dos hijos, no nada más uno (pero yo igual aceptaría tener solo uno si esa fuera mi opción). Y claro, también tendría qué entenderse que yo no podría ver a mis hijos tan seguido debido a las distancias y a lo ocupado que suelo ser. Yo tendría mucho qué darles a mis hijos y sería en verdad un buen padre. Un detalle importante que debo mencionar y dejar claro: Lo que estoy buscando es una mujer que busque realizarse como madre por medio de una inseminación asistida (no natural), NO estoy buscando una pareja ni estoy abierto a encontrárla. Me divorcié reciéntemente y soy completamente sincero al decir que van a pasar muchos años ántes de que me quiera relacionar con alguien nuevo (y créanmelo, eso es algo que nadie va a cambiar). Pido por favor que ésto se tome en serio para que no se desperdicie el tiempo de nadie. La razón por la que he considerado necesario el hacer ésta aclaración está explicada abajo:  Ya conocí a dos damas en éste mismo sitio con quienes hasta llegué a reunirme y pasar días (y eso sin mencionar que pasé meses en contacto con cada una) y con ninguna de las dos se pudo consolidar una copaternidad por la simple razón de que no pudieron entender que yo solo quería hijos (y yo a la vez no puedo entender aún porqué hay mujeres en ésta página que preténden encontrar marido tomándo de carnada los sueños de paternidad de hombres como yo ...y sin ser claras respecto a que solo tendrán hijos con dichos hombres si ellos les ofrecen matrimonio). Así que respetuósamente lo digo; si usted no se puede conformar con un caballero que sea solo su copadre y amigo, le pido amablemente que pase de largo mi perfil y se contacte con otros usuarios y no conmigo. 
I hope to find a sperm donor in India, I'm trying to stat my family