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Co-parenting by choice

Co-parenting by choice coparentalys

You are single and want to have a child without being in a relationship? Co-parenting is for you. Meet the right Man or Woman and Make a child together.

Start a family AND meet love

Start a family
 AND meet love coparentalys

Your priority is to have a child but you will be delighted to meet love by chance? Meet a man or a woman who will make you a father or a mother and who will conquer your heart.

Genitor, Natural Sperm donor

Genitor, Natural Sperm donor coparentalys

Are you a Woman and want a child alone? Find a man here for a natural or semi-natural sperm donation.
You are a man? Become a sperm donor and help a woman to become mother.

Homosexual co-parenting

Homosexual co-parenting coparentalys

If you are a gay couple, do you want to have a child with a single person or another homosexual couple? Surround your child with love and become three or four parents together.

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Coparentalys: #1 in Coparenting Websites

Since there are now several ways to find your soulmate, start a family, or become parents, Coparentalys is a website that helps people become parents in a different way. It caters to the specific needs of individuals who, for various reasons, want to prioritize their parental desire above all else.

What Is Coparentalys?

A dating site for having a child, a reference in the world of coparenting. The site, which was launched in 2014, aims to make a difference by offering the opportunity to become a parent, a coparent, a same-sex parent, or start a family for categories of people who still struggle to access parenthood. Coparentalys was born to meet this specific need of building a family in an alternative and straightforward manner.

The Concept of "Coparenting by choice" at Coparentalys

A Dating Site for Having a Baby

The foundation of the site is based on life's most important aspiration: becoming parents. While adoption, in vitro fertilization, and sperm donation are lengthy and challenging processes, the Coparentalys concept simplifies all the necessary steps by connecting people who share a common goal.

To achieve this, Coparentalys offers various simple solutions to help these individuals become parents: coparenting, same-sex parenting, sperm donation by a donor, and finding a partner to start a household. What these solutions have in common is that everything happens on the website, and a simple exchange or connection is enough to achieve their goal.


Coparenting is at the heart of Coparentalys. It is the essence of coparenting websites. Although still relatively unknown in society, coparenting has been around for a long time. The partnership may seem complex at first glance, but it is the most practical and easiest solution to embrace parenthood.

What Is Coparenting?

Coparenting is a practice that involves connecting two individuals who share a common desire: becoming parents, without living together as a couple. Coparenting can also apply to a group of individuals who decide to raise a child together with one or more partners. This could be a single mother who wants to coparent with an individual, a couple, or even a heterosexual pair who wish to coparent with a homosexual couple. There are many possible scenarios.

How Does It Work?

The biological parents are the ones who gave birth to the child. They remain the legal guardians in the eyes of the law and have all the rights over the child. Non-biological parents are referred to as social parents. There is no notion of "step-parents." Together, the parents decide on how to raise the child, share custody, plan vacations, education, and more.

The Benefits of Coparenting are Numerous:

No Anonymity: Biological and social parents know each other. The child also knows their origin, history, and the role of their coparents in their life.
Simple Process: No legal, administrative, or financial procedures are associated with coparenting. The process is as natural as possible. Parents decide on an agreement or contract on how they will raise the child.
In case of conflicts, the involved parties can sever contact. However, such cases are very rare on the website.

Starting a Family on Coparentalys

Since meetings are often lacking for individuals, the daily grind of work and life doesn't provide opportunities to find partners, and the fear of committing to a serious relationship often holds singles back, Coparentalys opens up numerous chances to find the ideal person with whom to start a family. Are you looking for quality coparents that could lead to serious relationships? Are you looking to find the love of your life? Coparentalys is here to help.

Finding a Sperm Donor on Coparentalys

What Is a Sperm Donor?

A sperm donor is considered the biological father of the child. They provide a donation to help a mother or a couple have a child. However, unlike sperm donation at a fertility center (which is legalized and regulated), insemination by the donor occurs naturally. This means through sexual intercourse. The donor can either provide a natural donation or a depository donation. In the latter, the donor uses masturbation. Sexual intercourse only occurs at the time of ejaculation. For this approach to work, natural donation must take place during the woman's fertile period.

Same-Sex Parenting

Coparenting as the Best Alternative

Coparenting is the best way for same-sex couples to become parents. It involves becoming social parents for a child just like biological parents. They share roles and responsibilities and can also have parental authority. The concept is practical for both parents and the child. The child is surrounded by several people who love them and contribute to their well-being.

How Does It Work?

Same-sex parenting can take various forms. The child can have two parents, meaning one biological parent and one social parent, or even four parents, including biological and social parents. It is also possible for a gay pair to procreate with a lesbian pair. In this case, only the biological mother becomes the legal guardian of the child, while the other parents are regarded as social parents.

Sperm Donation by a Donor

This solution is only applicable to lesbian partners. One member of the couple can seek a sperm donor for natural sperm donation. The mother is the sole legal guardian, but her partner can consider adopting the child if the lesbian couple is married. As for the donor, they are not obliged to take action with the child or acknowledge them.

CoparentaLys, it really works!

Since the creation of our site, thousands of families have been created thanks to our site and hundreds of children have been born (maybe even thousands ...). You can visit the testimonial section of our site.

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