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CoparentaLys is for all those who wish to have a child, whatever their situation:
• Singles: men and women, of all ages, who have not found the right person to conceive a baby or wish to become a father / mother, without having a couple or wanting to start a family.
Homosexuals wishing to become parents in co-parenting
• Heterosexuals with infertility

Our site welcomes web surfers with very varied profiles, men and women who have in common a desire for children, become their priority.

Already several thousand members have trusted us.

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France Sabasse

A Man willing to share my vision and my values

France / Île-de-France

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I'm afro-french born in France. I'm looking for a Man share my vision of life and my values. With wh ... >> read more

Saudi Arabia Smitt

Es un placer tener el derecho de conversar con usted.

Saudi Arabia / Saudi Arabia / Jeddah

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Es un placer tener el derecho de conversar con usted. ... >> read more

Denmark Donald56

Looking for a companion

Denmark / Denmark / Copenhagen

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Es un placer tener el derecho de conversar con usted. ... >> read more

Brazil lucasbbs



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I am Lucas, looking for someone to have a baby ... >> read more

Canada Kao

series and responsible

Canada / Quebec

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a responsible and series man who is looking for some woman to have a child ... >> read more

Mexico Alexanderthegreat2

Looking Coparent and Wife


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I am looking for beutiful girl who wishes to have a baby and marry with me , i have travel to Europe ... >> read more

Israel Albert

Looking for cute girl to have baby thank you

Israel / Tel Aviv / Tel Aviv

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Looking for cute girl to have baby thank you ... >> read more

Syria Karima200

Loking for serious man

Syria / Syria / Aleppo

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I am Karima from Syria, gentle and lovely caring lady. I believe in my self and also have ability to ... >> read more

United States Luesc


United States / Maryland / Baltimore

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Im healthy donor, Latin clean for more info feel free to contact me ... >> read more

Senegal clarah2018


Senegal / Dakar / Dakar

Announcement under validation ... soon available
United Kingdom Consistent


United Kingdom

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Hi there. I have a clean heathy lifestyle honest open and respectful. Interested in Co parenting I re ... >> read more

Belgium tariqthoma

Surrogate Mother

Belgium / Limburg / Hasselt

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We are married couple for 11 years but we don't have a children. We are searching for surrogate Mothe ... >> read more

The history of co-parenting

Our society does not use the term "co-parenting". Yet this concept has existed for a long time. When homosexual couples claimed the right to love themselves and to found a family, they were the first to favor the conception of children outside the traditional family environment. Most often, the co-parent was a trusted friend, who could therefore support the homosexual couple and be present with the child.

Then, more and more heterosexual couples have themselves become co-parents, without necessarily realizing it: with an increasing divorce rate, stepfamilies or single-parent families are part of the co-parenting scheme. With only one of their biological parents.

Today, society is more open-minded, allowing men and women to become co-parents, in other contexts: single mother or father, homosexual couple, heterosexual couple. Is more stereotyped than at the end of the 20th century!

Co-parenting is ...

... two individuals who meet, with their history, more or less similar, and a common desire: to become a parent, without living together for all that.

The advantages are many :
• No anonymity: both biological parents know each other. The child can therefore know where it comes from, and thus know its true identity, unlike adoption, to the gift of sperm.
• No administrative, legal or financial constraints: the approach remains natural and human.
• No need to go abroad as do women wanting to become single mothers, homosexual couples wanting to adopt ...

How it works ?

Co-parenting is such a flexible way of becoming a parent, that the most important thing is to listen to you, before anything else. Why do you want to conceive a baby? In what conditions ? With whom ? What will be the role of the co-parent?

One of the strengths of this modern way of founding a family is to give the child two parents who wish to do so, who wish to assume their roles and responsibilities. Each of the co-parents will exist and act with the child throughout his / her life ... or not, according to the agreement of the two co-parents.

Do you want to start a co-parenting or homosexuality or be a single parent? You are in the right place. Good search to you

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