Start a family AND meet love

Start a family AND meet love

Your priority is to have a child but you will be delighted to meet love by chance? Meet a man or a woman who will make you a father or a mother and who will conquer your heart.

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Have you been dreaming of becoming a mother or a father? Would you rather have a child than anything else? But before that, would you also like to meet the love of your life? The future father or mother of your children? Find the person of your dreams, the one who will make your heart beat, and the one with whom you will be able to start a family on Coparentalys.

Family: what is it?

The family is first and foremost a united group consisting of parents and their children. A child cannot become a child without parents, a parent cannot become a parent without children. Even if the notion of family is universal, its composition differs greatly between families. There may be one or more children. It could have one or two parents.

Starting a family is usually the consequence of procreation. However, the concept is becoming increasingly broad. It is also possible to start a family by adopting a child or through co-parenting. Whatever the case, starting a family constitutes a major step in life.

Starting a family: a life project

At some point in your life, you may aspire to become a parent. There's nothing wrong with that. If you think you've already enjoyed life and it's time to settle down and start a family, you have every right to do so. Starting a family can be a dream, a project, a desire itself or a need for fulfillment.

But more importantly, it is a great achievement in life. It is something that can' t be learned at school, or from texts on the Internet. It is first and foremost a project that must be built with a lot of passion and patience. Because yes, you have to admit that starting a family is not something small, and it's not something that can be achieved overnight.

Are you ready to start a family?

Before considering starting a family, ask yourself first, are you truly ready to make a commitment? Many women, without admitting it, believe that starting a family is a purpose in life, a very important one. Others experience family pressure: the younger sister who already has two children, the mother who always asks, "when are you going to get married" or "when are you going to have children? Although the project of starting a family is an answer to these problems, it is better to first take stock of your motivation before going through with it.

Starting a family must be a well-thought-out solution to a well-considered problem. You can't simply decide to start a family after watching a movie on TV, or because your friends already have children. Nor can you consider starting a family just because you think you are getting older. It is a project that you must shape with the greatest care, with the greatest desire. And when the time comes, that desire will come naturally to you.

Starting a family: the importance of love

Most of the time, the desire to start a family comes from the love that two people have for each other, or from the encounter between two people who have common goals: to have offspring or to build a life together. Without love, there can be no family. For it is with love that everything is built in a family. It is important to know that two people in love have a better chance of procreating together, since the pleasures experienced during intercourse stimulate conception.

Moreover, a family' s foundations are rooted in love: the family unit, the upbringing of children, learning, relationships, communication and everything that happens under the family roof. It is also important to remember that a family is something that goes away in the long run. While families sometimes split up along the way, they all begin with love and passion. So, if you want to start a family, it is essential to find love and the person with whom to start it.

The main problem

The main problem that sometimes overshadows the desire to start a family is single life. It is important to find a partner when considering starting a family, unless you decide to adopt on your own. The fact that you have not found the ideal person with whom to commit and start a family remains an issue that needs to be addressed.

How to meet people and how to find the love of your life when the circumstances don't allow it. Sure, when your life is a constant subway-work-sleep routine, it's very difficult to meet new people or go out just for fun. Being overwhelmed by your work and your career, you simply don't have the time or the room for a family.

On the other hand, there is the fear of commitment, the fear of being hurt or disappointed, which prevents relationships from becoming serious. You're just moving on from previous relationships that were doomed to failure and you don't have time to get back on track yet. For others, there are also plenty of criteria they expect to satisfy, and they are struggling to find the perfect person. In such cases, it is important to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect person. You just have to find some common ground that can satisfy each other.

Is finding love easy?

Finding love isn't complicated. But it doesn't just fall from the sky either. Usually, it depends on the person. For women, finding love requires a lot of criteria. Women have this habit of making a list of what kinds of partner they would like to have and especially the ideal father they want for their children. A woman wants above all a person who can support her, help her, accompany her in every aspect of parenthood. It is therefore on these criteria that they often base their search for love or a father for their children.

On the other hand, most men are looking for a woman with whom they can share their lives. A man wants a woman who can take care of him, look after the house, and the children. Even if the criteria are different, it can be easy for two people to find each other or to find a soul mate. This is not a lost cause. It is easier to find the one who will make your heart beat faster if you look in the right direction. Hopefully, you will find your soul mate and start a family.

Sign up on a matchmaking site to find love

It is possible to start a family by using a matchmaking website. It's not something out of the ordinary. When you don't have time to go out and meet people, you can always use the time of your lunch break, an evening alone at home, to browse the Internet and find a person you might be interested in. If you don't believe in love at first sight, try believing in the power of life-changing encounters.

However, before you start your search, make sure you find a reliable matchmaking site. Most of them offer dating between singles, one-night stands, or meaningless relationships. Your project is primarily to start a family, so you need to rely on a trustworthy site that will recommend serious people who share your desires and plans.

The advantages of signing up on a matchmaking site to start a family

The advantages of signing up on a dating site to start a family are many. Above all, it means having a better chance of finding someone who has the same desire or project as you. Since we are talking about a specialized site, it will bring together thousands of members who share a common goal. It will therefore not be difficult for you to find the ideal person.

It also means having the time to meet new people and having a wide choice. You won't be rushing to the first profile you visit even if you're eager to start your family. It is important that you take the time to study the profile (age, interests, personality, etc.) before you get started. You should also take the time to learn about the potential candidate by exchanging messages, emails, dates and activities with the person. This allows you to get to know the person better and to start sharing things in common with them. You need to be able to determine the person's personality and traits. Genetically, your child is very likely to inherit the same traits as his parents.

What are the chances of falling in love?

Of course, you can' t start a family by simply matching someone on a matchmaking site. However, the chances of falling in love do exist if you take the time to get to know the person well. By sharing activities, dates, moments, you will gradually start to feel something for this person.

Depending on your exchanges and the consistency of your relationship, you have a much better chance of falling in love with this person and starting a family with them. It's just like falling in love at first sight at the supermarket, or flirting with your co-worker at work.

What if it doesn't work?

Your concerns are well founded. You're afraid you're wasting your time and you won't find the right person? Don't worry, there are many other solutions that can help you start a family. You can opt for co-parenting, which is also an easier way to have a child. Single parents or a single-parent family who might want to find a second parent? As you talk with each other, it is very likely that some feelings emerge between the two of you. Eventually, you will fall in love and start a blended family. This kind of scenario cannot be ruled out since the possibilities are endless.

In addition, you may also get in touch with genitors, who will not only conceive a child with you, but perhaps, as the interactions develop, you may also fall in love with that person. Meeting people is the first step in building a project, and in bringing feelings forward. Eventually, all this will give birth to beautiful children.

Take your time

Are you excited about having a baby and starting a family? Don't rush it. Take it one step at a time. Meeting the right people and finding a future life partner will come at the right time. You will not be able to determine this on your first date. It's not by listening to the other person's qualities that you'll realize that he is the right person for you. Take the time to get to know the person well. Is he gentle? Is he temperamental? How does he behave when he is angry? Is he a depressive person? These are important factors for the household. To avoid false promises and disappointments, take the time to meet new people to start a family. Trust a reliable matchmaking site that is already well-known in its field.

Try, your partner in your matchmaking projects is your ideal partner for meeting people and becoming a parent. It is used by more than 25,000 members, thus increasing your chances to find the love of your life and start your family by 25,000. You will find reliable men and women, who also have within them a strong desire to start a family, to live in a warm and loving home, and to see children running around the house.

You will also find potential candidates who also could become the love of your life, the one who will make your heart beat faster. To fulfill your dreams, there is only one simple thing to do: join

Wants baby now, looking for coparent8ng and live in situationship
i want to get away, i want to fly away yeah yeah
Find a lady looking to be a mom and wouldn't mind co-parent the child if the lady was ok with it
Seeking single dad with young children mattiage minded wants co parent
I'm wanting to donate sperm so someone can have a child. I'm open to co-parenting but it isn't a requirement.
I am looking for a beautiful woman to inseminate naturally.
Looking forward to meeting some people to start a family with. if sounds like you let meknow
I have one child that was the result of the only time i ever had unprotected sex and i find i enjoy the thought of helping women become mothers. I am a half black half white guy who is disease free.
39-year old female, single wants to conceive and raise a child.
French woman, recently arrived in London. Looking to settle, to be a mother with someone ready too. I like painting, drawing but also business. Looking for an honnest and fatiful man. I am not vaccinated and will prefer the same, thanks
I would like to find a gay male couple to receive sperm from and whom to co-parent with, ideally... or a lesbian couple to co-parent with
in the united states, on a state level, most states consider child support to belong to the child and thus an NI donor is technically responsible. I question if there's some paperwork to potentially circumvent this, or maybe just say that it was IUI or ICI? Either way, I want to be 100% certain before doing this that the person I'm donating to is dedicated to the child and that I'm not liable. So providing sperm for couples, not singles. Although if I was introduced to a single woman and fell in love, it would be a completely different situation.
Looking to create a family filled with love. Co-parenting is more ideal than being a single mother so if any men or women are interested we can see how we fit :)
Hey, I want to see every women always happy. Happiest woman are always moms after having a baby. I would love to help by doing my part in making women happy of any age !
I have thought about it often, and my experience from my own life, while also talking about it with others I have a pretty good understanding of what I am looking for in building my own future family.
Hello I am interested in making a family of three to four kids
Young man with great desire to father children. Want to have a loving wife and as many children as possible with her. But still this is not enough for me. So until I find a wife, I consider naturally helping others with their desire for children. Looking for caring homes :)
Outgoing Hispanic that likes the thrill of an adventure and who is quite athletic and well prepared.
I want to become a father and look for coparenting
INTP who is of average build and high metabolism maintains a steady BMI
Busco un hombre amable y sincero, que me amará y apreciará todos los días. Quiero que sea razonable, pero de mente abierta y siempre dispuesto a ayudar. Busco una pareja generosa y cariñosa con quien pueda compartir todos mis pensamientos y sentimientos; ser solidario es definitivamente una ventaja.
I'm spanish young man , with a healthy way of life. I'm looking for donate my sperm
I would like to meet someone and start a family. If that's you shoot me a message let's connect.
Want to be a dad. I am a funny, smart and curious to see if this could be a something.
I'm just a young guy looking to help and do the right thing. I want to see other people have success in their dreams and this is my way of making those dreams come true. I'll always be open and honest about everything and I'll even go on some dates with you if you'd be down for that. above all, I just want to make people happy and give them the best gift in the world.
Young African American mixed women well established and ready to love on my kid
Sinatra way
Having a kid & open to a relationship, living life
I'm responsible, respectful, caring, honest and have 2 years of baby experience.
We will reinvent ourselves through each other. Creating new Lives with our combined energy, hearts, and efforts. I like the Arts, nature walks, most outdoors activities and cuddling in playing board games. I travel the East Americas and Explore regions.
Hey there I'm an Indian Male. I wants to help those who cannot conceive a baby. My age is perfect for donation. I've always wanted to help others. I'll do it in case of mutual agreement. If you have anything in your mind, ask me without hesitation. Feel free to contact me.
Hello I'm josh looking to start a family or co parenting and looking for Christian women . I'm on Facebook Joshua barber north east, Maryland. And I'm twitter Joshua barber
I am here to co parent with someone who's loving and wants to have a baby, will consider having more so the baby can have siblings.
I'm looking to co parent or find love. I'm OK with whichever. I'm flexible with location. I'm a physician, I enjoy travelling and reading.
i just want to help women get pregnant anything else is a bonus
Single looking to step into fatherhood. Really to bring to the world and my eyes a bright light. To love and protect.
I am a tall, highly intelligent man, with mixed phenotype parents (blonde/blue eyed mother, brown haired father)
I'm joe and I'm tired of wasting my time with dating apps that go nowhere
Seeking to help women and family's, and single moms have kids if we are agreeable.
suche nach einer Co Elternschaft. Für weitere Fragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung
Single professional female looking to solo parent a child. Would like to start a family, and not necessarily find love. Open to ongoing contact, and happy to draw up legal if requested.
As I am an older donor (52) I would like to meet a young recipient for A.I. only conception and to be a known donor in as much as feedback on the birth and occasional updates.
Co parenting by choice, start a family and find love
I’m looking for a intelligent and kind white-skinned person. I’m ready and capable to take all financial matters connected with the child on my own
I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol or anything drug
I m Joseph. I m seeking urgently for a family to call mine. I m very respectful and easy going young man, who needs a man or woman to trust.
Looking forward to becoming a father. Would like to meet a woman who wants to share in the experience of having a baby.
I am a young enthusiastic man looking to help infertile recipients and single or couples with co-parenting with the best I can bring to the table.
Looking to help women get pregnant and have the chance to start a family or make siblings.
I am looking for a straight man who would like to start a family
I am ideally looking for a co-parent, somebody who lives relatively close-by, wanting to share responsibilities (in a negotiable measure). I work in the field of contemporary arts and cultural heritage, but perhaps the most important for you is that I am a stable, caring, humorous, sharp-minded, open and adaptable person (hate to write a list like this though). Interested? Let's talk in person!
I chose to become a sperm donor because I liked the idea that I could help some people achieve their dream. And I believe it’s a brilliant and beautiful thought, to think that I can provide the basis for a new life. There are many people who can’t have children. I feel privileged that I’m healthy and well enough to help them. It’s a big deal for me, and I know it means a lot to those people that I can help
I am well educated, drug and disease free, and open-minded. I just want to help other people have children (okay with all sexualities). I love giving back to others. I am considered kind and generous and loving. I hope that I can make your dream of having a child to come true.
Hi. Healthy man here looking to pass down excellent genes.
Looking for a good fit to possibly start a family
I want to help you and work with you in any way possible because you deserve it. I will be available whenever you need. I am active and ready to communicate.
I really want to help woman by donating my genes I’m 5ft 10 White make great body no drug or alcohol use
Just looking to past on my family genes though co parenting, love or helping someone have children
I have read several blogs, asked people in the medical community (including psychological community) about the results and consequences of opting for natural sperm donation, and have spoken to theological experts on the matter. Taking everything into consideration, I feel this is the best move for myself and the right donor.
Single health care professional looking to co parent or more
Looking to co-parent with like minded individual. Interested in raising a child with an international awareness and strong sense of helping others.
I would like to have kids as soon as possible and if love comes, fine
Red heads are beautiful. I'm part Irish German.
Ok Open to all and also understanding. Open to all and also understanding.
Looking into exploring coparenting options. Open to a number of scenarios
I've helped as a donor and I'm happy to be available for couples or singles. Write me here and we can agree
I hope to help others see their dreams come true.
I’m attracted to having children and possibly a relationship with someone that has very very fair hair and skin with blue eyes. Prefer mentally and financially stable but able to support child on my own if we choose to have a relationship.
I am interested in helping others have kids. Would be glad to help you out.
Hi I am a 37 year old Indian woman who is looking at the possibility of a baby. I like to travel and am happy to co parent and raise a child in a happy, loving environment while teaching the child to be strong, independent and caring.
Hyggelig grei som ønsker finne noen og lage barn med. Siden det har alltid vært min store drøm. Håper noen ønsker og hjelpe meg med min drøm.
Hi there :) I’m unsure what to write and willing to revise later
I am a healthy and attractive White male, only 5’9” but my brothers were much taller. Always naturally very smart and athletic.Sorry if that’s arrogant but I was top of my class. No known hereditary issues.
Looking for someone who can help with NI I’m 19. F
Pretty Kitty
I've always wanted to be a mom. I've had such bad luck with mating I've truthfully given up on love. I still want children, so I've decided for myself that I want to be in a co parenting arrangement. I want to have my baby the natural way by my donor and have a co parenting arrangement to raise the child (s). We don't have to be in love or any we're not ready for. Just doing as the agreement says.
Im open to being a donor any method located in Indianapolis. Unable to travel far
Looking for someone who wants to start a family with :)
I am mostly Caucasian but a quarter Korean. Myself and my family are all healthy. Definitely no genius, but I do value intelligence and creativity.
Looking for coparenting and maybe love. I would love to meet someone to share, coparent and love a child
I’m a hard working, non stop creator and pursue my goals with rigorous self discipline
Already have a 7 year old child would like another
Natural insemination is good process for successful pregency with no more medical process and it completes without spending money
I am looking for a natural donor to have a baby.
I hope to meet someone with great understanding of life.
I’m a 19 year old newly graduate, ready for a new beginning. I might be young but I’m ready to be a mother...maybe a wife. I’m looking for a co-parent who wants to be involved in their child’s life, and my pregnancy..maybe more. If you’re seeking women who need donors solely for the purpose of raising a child on their own as a single mother or with a significant other, please look elsewhere. I believe natural insemination is the best method. I don’t mind moving in or traveling to you if it’s necessary. I HAVE NO INTEREST IN CREATING OR ENTERTAINING BATTLES IN COURT SUCH AS CUSTODY OR CHILD SUPPORT!!!!
Looking for a person who is interested in having a biological kid and co-parenting.
Wanting to connect with a life/ soulmate to create a family and memories with.
I am a nice, caring, loving and very attractive young girl in search of true love.
I don't know what to put here this is a bad translation
I am very kind in nature, very fair in color, black hair honest and romantic, with the stand about 5. 7ft height and 72 kg weight.
Looking for someone caring and family orientated to connect with who would like to have a family.
Micaela Ailín villafañe
Quería ser madre, y conocer a alguien que quiera y desee lo mismo.
im a very relaxed person, hard to anger. Im non-judgmental, so be yourself. I love to cook for others, I like anime and video games. I love to make others laugh. As I dont like seeing others sad.
Hi, I am single lady and I want to have a baby with someone, who is also willing to do that.
Hi, I am Spanish and I am looking for someone to coparent with
Looking to be a simple donor. check out what my physical description is and see if its right for you :) Pursuing a masters degree and regularly exercising. I have no medical issues and normal sperm count. I do wear glasses.
Im here to find somebody, who i could make family or co parenting, or make somebody happy with my material.
hi, Normal guy here trying to be a father i guess is time, sane guy.
My name is Erick Abreu I preferably want to find love and make a family but I don’t mind just co parenting as well, i feel like at this point in life there’s nothing more i want than to be a father.
I want to meet the love of my life to start a family with.
Hi, looking to meet a similar minded woman to co-parent. Will fully support the rearing of a child. I will be open to different types of arrangements with the childs welfare always taking priority. I can support the rearing of a child. I work in construction and run a farm also but still have plenty of free time to devote to family.
I search on Google how to become coparent and now this website
Looking for a financial stable woman that wishes to be a mom but hasnt found her price yet
I have been looking for several years to meet some body to have a child with. Not interested in marriage.
Looking to meet someone who wants to see their child grow to be the best human.
I’ve done no research I’m just try different things and exploring options
Single black female looking to co parent with a ready partner and maybe find love
Looking for the opportunity to be a parent and hoping for find someone to make this happen
I'm 21 looking to help others start a family just ask for updates on child
I’ve always known I wanted to be a Mom. I’m just looking for a little help to make it happen:)
Looking for a women who wants to give birth to a child through natural insemination
Looking for male co-parent. Preferably no Covid vax since we don’t know what it does and hearing bad things about the effect on fertility. Not sure how much I have to write here.
I am an easy going Girl with a sense of humor,I am caring, understanding,honest and sincere. I am looking for a Man that I can trust as my soul mate who will be sincere to share happiness with me.
Hi, I have just heard about this and would like to try it out.
Hi I am white male, doctorate degree, active, outdoorsy
I am very open and looking for someone I can really build a family with. Would love to see what interests and things we have in common
I'm searching for someone who want yo share a family project, I am a health care profesional and soon will start an speciality in rehabilitation, first of three brothers I'm owner of a cardiac fetal monitor and used it regularly, I'm single, and have no kids, I can take free std exams when I need it due to my carrer
Hey everyone! I am a 30-year old, female, based in Long Island. I'm a professional, an aspiring physician (a few months from graduating) -- I'm looking for a genuine, committed guy in New York or a few miles away, who is looking to start a family. If that's you, feel free to reach out!
Hi I’m looking for a natural sperm donor. I’m Hispanic BBW.
I would lile to find the right coparent to raise a child with serious inquiries only please
Looking to help out a woman wanting to become a mother and support with a co parenting arrangement
N/A. N/A. I do not understand on what I need type in this box. Can you please give me an explanation on what to type? Thank you.
I’m looking for a man who genuine wants to be a father whos never had children .
Soy una persona humilde y confiada. Creo en la realidad y en hacer las cosas correctas como ser humano. Busco a alguien humilde y comprensivo, con quien pasaré el resto de mi vida. Espero conocer a alguien con una gran comprensión de la vida.
Kind, adventurous, intelligent, loving, tough, family, exciting, emotional, compassionate, fun. Your happiness is my focus. Open to both co and non.
Hi! I'm looking to have a child in the near term. If there is more to the relationship than that, I welcome it. At a minimum, though, it would be beneficial to the child to have two parents.
I'm looking to help someone by being a donor, I'm also open to the possibility of co-parenting or meeting someone.
Hello everyone, my name is susanw I am a beautiful young girl, calm and easy going. I want to meet a nice man for love and long-term relationship. I hope to meet someone very nice. Greetings.
I would like to setup my own family. I am looking for partner.
Hi there I’m looking to coparent with or even start a family i just don’t want my children growing up without a dad like i have
I am single and have been researching for over a year.
I have a strong desire to meet a woman that can love herself
I’m a 20 year old woman who is wanting to start a family
Looking for love and to start a family full of love anf joy
Verma g
Who like Ni method in India ..then connect with me
Married for 15 years but unfortunately we did not have any children. I now want to move on and have realised that being a father was something I always wanted.
hello nice to meet you i hope that you can find what you are looking for.
As for illnesses, there are none like cystic fibrosis nor hemophilia or muscular dystrophy. I am near-sighted, as are my mom and brother. I have good health insurance through my job. Both sides of my family have had children well into their mid-40s. Family is very important to me and both parents came from large families. I also have been to 48 states and half a dozen countries. I have a cat and she is my best friend. I currently work seconds, but am willing to transfer to first shift before giving birth.
Want to find someone to coparent with. I really want a child just haven't met anyone it's worked out to do so with yet.
I am searching for someone in my proximity for coparenting. I'm not too picky.
Estoy buscando un donor o un padre para mi futuro hijo. I am looking for a sperm donor or a co-parenting father for my future child.
I would like to meet a lovely woman with whom i can create a fsmily
Female seeking male for co-parenting in Bristol and South West.
Athletic build, black woman, average height, introverted, third child out of five, financially stable.
I am looking for genuine persons who can take out my valuable time in baby production .I am very Spiritual in Shiva .I do provide in Natural Insemination method .I am not in to money I provide free service
I am a healthy young Man. I am looking to have a baby with a willing partner either by co-parenting, in a partnership but also open to becoming a donor. My Physical description is as already stated. I am actively involved in sports. I work in IT support and as a Web developer in Berlin.
Looking to find someone I connect with. I am open-minded to lots of possibilities.
I'm seeking for humble and understanding someone, whom i will spend the rest of my life with. I hope to meet someone with great understanding of life.
I am an energetic, enthusiastic, positive, and spiritual person. I always love to travel and cook different cuisines.
join me I an also simple man person in in Maharashtra to join it
I'm fit and healthy, educated and work in a professional role. I'm easy going and fun loving I love traveling, meeting new people, a variety of musical genres. I'm looking for a co-parent to have a child with. I'm single and have not met the right person yet. I would like to co-parent with someone who is kind, intelligent and values ​​family and friends.
I am a male looking for a female who wants to have a child. I'm single with a son who lives with me. I want to get married and settle with my spouse and children at the same house. Since finding a wife has been though, I feel I can move on to link up with any lady who shares the same ideas of wanting a child. If marriage becomes something we both want, certainly yes, but for now I want to have a child that biologically comes from my own sperms.
Outgoing and sociable with a good career and family friendly home. Looking for the next chapter
Looking to have a family and a present looking for opinions to do so
Looking for a responsible man to have a family with.
I need a good and wise man as a genitor.
I am looking to make singles or couples happy by helping them.
Let's see if this site works :) Looking for a person who wants to have children as much as I do.
A mom on one seeking to expand her family and find love
Natural insemination donor available to help you if you like
Busco una chica para poder formar una familia en Barcelona.
I want the other people to build them family
Smoke weed ear pizza fight gang bang west side all day James brown all day fool
Looking to have babies and possibly a relationship if not thats okay to. But 100% want to be involved in childs life.
Tal Tal
I am looking to start a family via co parenting of dating.
181 cm , no allergies or sickness, African origins, 145IQ
Meet lady that wants child meet soon a thin tall lady hope meeet hispantic white. Hope i become dad.
To meet someone and see how things go and maybe have kids
Let me help you to conceive the child you have always dreamed of.
I am looking for someone to help me and i also willing to help others
Soy una mujer de 33 años, profesional, trabajo en el sector humanitario, me gustaría formar una familia en el mediano plazo, también estoy abierta a la coparentalidad y a opciones como la adopción.
I'm a humble and confidence person. I believe in reality and doing the right things as a human being.
Bonjour, femme de 34 ans, hétéro. Sérieuse, cultivée, BAC +5, 1m75, situation stable. Je recherche un géniteur sans coparentalité dans le sud (Alpes Maritimes ou pas loin) . Grand, non-fumeur, bon niveau social, de type caucasien. Tests à jour. Je cherche quelqu'un qui voudrait rester en contact, pour le bien de l'enfant.
I am willing to donate sperm naturally. I am from Kerala
Hello I really would like to fine some one kind and easy going to raise a child with... I work full time never call sisck or stay out of job I easy going cool and fun but also serious, focus and dedicated when it come to work or putting effort in what I care! Thank you very much
I am a disabled Marine Vet just out here lookin
Happiness is not something to set back and wait on!! Go get it.
I'm an AA female living in the US....interested in starting a family.
An healthy 42 yr old African American woman looking to coparent with someone who wants to have a child and share the responsibilities.  I'm in the performance arts industry and I'm gainfully employed.  I never smoke, I don't drink or do drugs.  I'm disease free and looking for someone equally the same.  For the past decade I've been focused on my career, now I want to start a family and I'm looking for someone who feels the same way I do.  I'm open to sharing all the responsibilities and the love for our child.
Let me help you
I'm hear to help you start a family any way I can. And maybe meet some one nice
I simply love children and would love to have them or help!
Co parenting single or divorced parents start a family and make a Love
Im here to see what’s out there. MY name is Michael and I’m a engineer here in Sarasota Florida
Christian, graduate lady looking to find love and start a family asap OR a Coparent situation
Looking for a sperm donor (Co-parent if match in values and principles), living in Barcelona/Catalunya Area
I am a Telecommunications Engineer working as Software Engineer in R&D. I'm from Spain but living in Finland as a permanent basis and ready to start a family. I'm geeky, have a big sense of humor, I'm caring and passionate, and I value self awareness, communication, closeness and open minded people. I am looking for someone to start a family with and have at least 2 kids since I think having siblings is a very important experience in life. I am ready to carry the children but if my partner could and would like to, I think it's a great idea to carry one each. I would love to have a traditional way of co-parenting but I am open also to non traditional ways. I'm non-binary interested mostly on gay women or trans women/trans men
I am sincere and honest ready for all because we need each other to succeed in life I love smiling
Sarah Manda
I’d love to someone to speak then everyone to know about me. It makes this more important to know the individual other than
I'm looking for a nice, decent woman wanting to have a child as much as I want
Sincerely co patent partner needed , Sincerely co patent partner needed, Sincerely co patent partner needed
simple and understandable Looking to meet a special one who really wants to be with someone special too.
Hi, I am an open mind beautiful woman with a great sense of humour. I am very generous and altruistic. Looking for an "almost impossuble" thing, but, why not ? :)
I am a very simple and honest man with good sense of humor.
student willing to travel to the country for donations to help women conceive
Interested to donate sperm Interested to donate sperm Interested to donate sperm
I'm a humble and confidence person. I believe in reality and doing the right things as a human being. I'm seeking for humble and understanding someone, whom i will spend the rest of my life with. I hope to meet someone with great understanding of life.
Hello I'm Ryan, I would love to make you a mom
Being able to make a baby n coparent together is what I really want. Rather it’s just coparenting as best friends or falling in love along the ride I’m ready for anything as long as our baby is happy I couldn’t ask for anything more.
Hi, I’m looking for someone to start the co parenting model or a sperm donor. I lived in many different countries and like to explore new places and cultures. Hi, ich würde mich über jemanden zum Coparenting Modell freuen oder über einen Sperm Donor. Ich bin Akademikerin und habe in vielen verschiedenen Ländern gelebt.
Hi, I am looking for a man to co-parent with. I have a great job, my own house, and am set to have kids.
I want to have a baby, wether or not you co-parent is your decision. I don’t care either way.
Hi, I actually live in Fürstenwalde Spree and here serching withing Berlin & Brandenburg. I am mentally and financially ready to meet a willing woman.
I’d love the help other people have the joy of children and have spent extensive time researching this!
I am a Finance professional: adequate, self-sufficient, pretty and sporty. Would like to have a child with a healthy, preferably tall man (taller than 170 cm).
Hey ich suche eine Frau im Kölner Umland im Alter von 20-27 Liebe Grüße Fabian
I’m looking for an opportunity of a lifetime to become a father. I want to love, nurture and build a strong bond between my child, me and hopefully the woman that will give me such a blessing. if you’re looking for something with the possibility of more please inquire.
Searching English speaking co parenting partner who are serious .
Hi everyone I want to donate my sperm to infertile couples
I am a focus young man full of strength and in good health seeking to meet a healthy relationship and love and assist to donate sperm for aspiring mothers. Feel free to chat me up.
I am a young professional, with a very good health, looking to make a small family with a good reliable relationship.
A friendly dedicated and caring guy who is looking for someone to have a child with. I am gay so I am not looking for a romantic relationship. I am looking for co-parenting relationship. Thanks
I want a family with someone who wants one as badly as I do.
I am just looking for now and would love to see my options
How to see my family and friends and family and face pic and face
Those women who need sperm by natural insemination I can provide for your pregnanacy
A family-oriented homebody seeking someone to start a family with
Looking for a co-parent by choice either platonic or romantic. lets see how it goes
I am available for no donation to help a single or a couple
En búsqueda de un compañero de vida para crecer juntos y formar una familia
I’m 25 years old and graduated valedictorian of my HS class. I’m tall, dark, and handsome and have many talents. I’m clean, have a perfect bill of health, and an ideal donor candidate.
I’m a divorced man who is here genuinely seeking to have another child as I e always wanted. I do have one daughter now and she is 10.
I am a professional who wants to start a family. I am Cuban, white, from Santa Clara, in excellent shape. I am 6.2, 195 lbs, good looking, well educated. I am a professor at a respectable university. i am an arts professional as well as an educator and pedagogue. Starting a family is very important for me. It has taken me this long to start a family because of having dependent parents. It also took me longer to establish myself professionally. I am in love with life. I think every day is a new day to start again. I am excited to see so many women in this site with the enthusiasm, vision and courage to give it a try.
Single black professional female recently rendered childless by cancer. My 18 year old only child is now an angel. Missing being a mom. Running out of time biologically. Not opposed to love but not essential.
There are two reasons for me wanting to be a sperm donor - the first one being the desire to leave behind a legacy, a part of myself in another human being and the second being the desire to help a woman who wants to experience the pleasures of being a mother. I'm well-mannered, caring and physically & emotionally fit. I'm an engineer by profession. For me (and I believe the same to be true for a woman too), it is of utmost importance that the child that we bring into the world is taken care of so that it can grow into a well-functioning adult. So I expect that the person to whom I donate my sperm is financially secure, is reasonably physically fit, does not smoke and has a support system to take of the child. I cannot do co-parenting role or financially support the child. I wanna do it anonymously because our society doesn't accept this. It would be better for both of us and the child too. You can contact me multiple times in future if you want to conceive again.
I am easy going kindhearted loving carry honest and God fearing
Hi there, I am a donor who has helped before and after a break, I am wanting to help others again. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.
I'm seeking for humble and understanding someone, whom i will spend the rest of my life with. I hope to meet someone with great understanding of life.
I am a script writer , traveler by heart and a cook
Looking for someone to co parent a child with and start a family. Tired of waiting for me right whilst my biological clock is clicking
I’m 6’3 - 215 pounds athletic build, love children have 7 of my own, looking to meet someone and assist with NI.
I don't know what to write here happy to help someone conceive also interested in having more of my own children
i have successfully donated sperm twice before and would like to do so again.
Am searching for a good hearted man for a co-parent or to start a family with i already have one wonderful son hoping to become a mum again
I'm 38 I'm still hoping to marry I would love marry and/or coparent a girl with red hair. I'm also willing to help a female and/or couple have a child
I am looking for a baby daddy. From psychological standpoint, it is healthier to have a baby with someone, who might be open donor. (due to an innate need for kids to seek the parents or where they came from later in life.) I am very independent heterosexual single lady with a stable job as an Engineer (Electrical Engineer.) I am looking for an educated and handsome partner who has a need to create a family as well. If we become compatible and things work out between us, I am open to considering romantic relationship or platonic as life might lead to.
I would like to be a mum and raise my child with someone or a couple.
Sunny San Diego
I am considering the options here. Uncertain what this all entails.
I am looking for someone with sperm and doesn't suck. Co-parenting would great but I am open to sperm donation, as well.
Look to help, havent been test .love to know I have kid hav
Hello! I'm Eddie, I'm looking to start a family, I don't need any shit about how young I am, thank you. I'm 5'1 and a bit overweight but I'm conscious of my weight and won't stop losing weight until I'm healthy again!
Family coparent love common project teamwork open mind intelligence shared values
I would like to find a co-parent to build a family. Or being a sperm donor by IVF.
Hi, I am a young natural sperm donor who is willing to help women to get conceived. I am fit, have a healthy lifestyle and take no drugs.
What is the box for and how much does it matter and stuff at the moment regarding driving requirements
I am willing to help someone make a baby that wants one, no strings attached. I’m also willing to co-parent and/or start a family.
I am a gentleman with a class. A man of integrity. I want to be happy always.
Creative mind and artistic Well spoken and humble Can play piano and compose music
I am Danish and would like to coparent. I am 1,86m tall and athletic and have a university master degree in science. I can travel in Europe. The kids will mainly live with you and I will come and visit you from time to time as you wish. Otherwise I can also provide you and the kids a home here in Denmark.
I would like to donate sperm for childless mother expecting unique ones ..ican donate naturally by even intercourse if they wish
Loving dedicated man wants to help a women have her own baby so you can become a mother.
Looking for someone to coparent with, I am willing to go through the neccesary steps
Looking for a co parent looking to start a family or someone who wnats to start there own
IAM interested to donate my sperm if any female wants to need please try to contact me
I am looking to co parent or start a family and meet someone that I fall in love with. I am teacher that enjoys working with children. I know a lot about early childhood development.
Trained Electrical Engineer work in Finance. 1300 SAT. Single father 6 year old boy
Looking for a sperm donor and/or co-parent, and/or single looking for love.
35 year old nurse. Want to have a baby more than anything. Very busy with work, very hard to meet people.
I would like this to be legit but there is only one way to find out. Testing the waters
All peoples are suffer from many problems ,but it's have a chance to solve ur problems in making good decision
Open to a variety of arrangements, whether mere donation or co-parenting.
I am honest caring loving kindhearted and God fearing person
I would like to help people start their families. I only ask to be sent pictures and updates. The day to day parenting i will leave to the person I entrust with my DNA.
I looking for person to donate sperm. I want to help to everyone. Please contact me
I want to have a Baby and have a Mother to help the child grow in a family related environment.
Enterarme de esta página, me ha permitido, despertar y continuar mi deseo de paternidad multicultural, poder expandir mi genética en algunos lugares de este planeta, deseo dejar 7 hijos con un nivel de conciencia espiritual elevado y definido, seres genéticamente conscientes, humanos de bien para el bien de la humanidad
Looking for a sperm donor for NI, must be Caucasian, blonde and 6 foot, under 36 years old
Hola, Mujer con deseo de tener niños busco hombre con el mismo deseo ;)
Co-parent desired for child. Must live relatively close by. Would prefer kind, smart, educated, flexible and devoted parent.
Looking to become a donor to help those that would love a child.
I'm a 35 years old black woman who want to build a family
Its been difficult to meet people during Covid so I decided to give it a try on this platform. I am looking for a serious relationship as I would love to provide a loving family unit for any future child. I would like to choose someone with similar values, genuine, reliable as well as kind-hearted. Would love to meet and chat further.
New to this. Want to become a dad as soon as possible.
været med dem. Jeg tilgiver let mennesker, jeg bliver ikke vred unødvendigt. Jeg er altid glad i en given situation eller situation, jeg frygter Gud og jeg tager ting fra Gud meget alvorligt.
I am a Aryan race Sperm Donar. I will help with your pregnancy and starting a family
36/f on the east coast. Professional in education, obtaining masters degree.
I want to start a family asap with someone that feels the same way
I’m 26 years old looking for a nice lady to start a family with
Looking to co parent possibly meet love. I'm not interested in being part of a 3 sum so if you're married or have a woman you deal with regularly don't message me.
Good,smart,sexy ,full energy,looking beautiful,sperm are fully loaded,heavy sperm loss,good mind
I am interested in a smart, educated and lovely lady who will appreciate my support (financially) in having children soon. Preferably ready to live in Europe (Czech Republic, Austria or Germany). But I am also ready to spend time with you, being close to you, as I can work online for my property development projects. I am happy to connect and make our dreams come true :)
Co parenting
I am single woman who wants to have a child
Single wf looking for either a coparent or relationship to start a family.
I am loving caring kindhearted hardworking loving and God fearing type of person
I’m a mother already to a 4 year old boy who seeks another child before it’s too late :)
I do not understand this question. I guess it's what I'm looking for? Someone with whom to have a child. Possibly more.
I'm just beginning my search for a willing partner
I have been lonely for too long and i need a partner.
I want to help those women who are not happy in their married life for not conceiving naturally.
Just a guy looking for a family. Don't want to be alone anymore.
Looking to have a baby with a woman in my area CT usa
I would like to donate my sperm if any one want in andhra pradesh. And am ready to donate in any way
I am looking to have a child but I would like love aswell
I m a lovely woman that understand the need to love and beloved. I need a man that will love me for who I am.
I think if the terms of agreement are considered favorable, the outcome any process involved will become successful.
I would love to have my own family, with someone who also prioritize the family and accept eachother's family.
I want to breed for continuity of my gene line and meet the love. Want to help girls, women, lesbians fulfilling their desire to have babies.
Lavish chocolate
Looking for a loving and carry man to be a dad
I am to have all regards and application of the law of the land.
I’m Latin American. Sperm donor looking for make you happy. Sperm donor, I’m from Latin America I’m speak Spanish, I’m in Orlando serving waiting for you I can do NI or NI+ if needed. I’m single but I would like you got an angel.
Your research? I’m not sure what this field means either. Unless you’re talking about the type of woman I would like, somebody my height, tall beautiful intelligent, homemaker, somebody who is just full of love and laughter.
This section is incomplete due to no availability at this time.
Want to be a dad, and if possible to find someone to spend the rest of my life with.
I am joey I have a high I.Q. And have a very good job I feel I would make a good donner
I am a pretty intelligent and relaxed person. I am looking to help those out there that need some assistance.
Open to meeting someone looking for love and wanting to start a family.
Middle aged mother of one wanting to expand her family!
I'm looking for someone to help me bring up a child, and with financial support also. Someone easy to get along with
I would like to start a family or help someone to start a family
I am looking for a kind and sincere man, who will love and cherish me every single day. I want him to be reasonable, yet open-minded and always ready to help. I search for a generous and loving partner with who I could share all my thoughts and feelings - being supportive is definitely a plus    
Bin bereit eine Familie zu starten. Ich liebe Kinder. Mein Ziel: 2 Mädels und 1 Junge
Im trying to save my bloodline i'm the last of my line help
Algo bonito. Algo nuevo. Algo para todo la vida. Si.
Don't really know what to put here by the moment
I am Quiet and down to earth natured person. I am into a real and Meaningful relationship with both the parson I am donating to and the child we will make together.
I want to be a parent and find love.
Hello Charming stranger. My name Mila. I am Russian. I live in Spain, Santa Pola. I am looking for half of my soul. For a serious relationship
simple, down to earth, believe in relations, no diseases, no smoking, no drinking
Single, stable man looking to start a family. At that point in life where I would like to have a child to enjoy all the good moments that come with it.
I want to meet somebody to have a partnership and to raise a child together
Would really love to have a baby of my own. Never had a relationship that lasts.
Interested in a professional man who is direct with his communication. Man who enjoys being masculine and who is constantly building himself intellectually, can work with his hands and who desires a family to complement him.
I have already some experience in it and helped out feel free to reach out
I’m looking to start a family on my own in 2021, have strong family genes and no major. Father does not need to be around if not wanting to and will be relocating for work in 2021 as well
i am Shandi Cabrera from united states of America and i am supportive,caring and also i have a passionate of true love in my heart.
I am looking for a woman that co-parent with me
Atheist, left politics, good sense of humor, love the outdoors and languages, bilingual in Spanish. Looking for a coparent!
Looking for a responsible guy to co-parent or may find love? I have relatives in Switzerland, Brasil and US.. open to move ..I currently work for a non profit to end trafficking and in media..
Any single woman that is looking to have a child with me
Hey I’m looking to coparent. I’m open to multiple options.
I want to start a family. It is difficult to find an educated, reliable man who is single.
Funloving and silly likes fun time out doors mostly but indoors is cool too
I’m waiting to meet someone who is capable of co parenting, or maybe someone who would like more. Life is short.....
I’m looking for a nice guy for our baby.
I am very fit, intelligent, and accomplished. I wish to help women and couples have a healthy baby through natural donation.
Hi my name is rina and I'm 19 I have a stable job and am looking to become a mom
Want helping woman for getting mom and to be happy for life
Not sure what is this section for, but I will be offering more details later on.
I’m in New York City, able to relocate. USA only.
Would love to have a baby to give unconditional love to.
Not sure what to write actually but if you insist ....
Young, Tall, Caucasian and very attractive. Feel Free to ask if you have any questions
Looking for coparenting/starting a family and upbring kids. I am a responsible person who can take care of kids. Please do not waste my time if you are not up for having kids.
I’m a little older and now and concerned about not having at least one child for me and my parents to enjoy. I’ve been told I’m mother material and I have enjoyed taking care of kids and now I would like my own.
I am a college student. I am looking to start a family in the near future.
Single educated lady looking to have a baby. I would love to fall in love.
Im malual 24 from london living in hamburg i want to bring a child into this world i feel like now is the right time i have a good supportibe fsmily network amd i also have a good job
Having turned 40yrs with no children, life happened, I haven’t been fortunate enough to have met the right partner to start a family with. Happy to discover there are other options of parenting, it’s important to me to have an active father.
I am a 37yr old single female looking for a sperm donor or co-parent. I am British but have permanent residency in Australia where I have lived for the past 9 years. After splitting up with my long term partner at the beginning of the year I have decided to go it alone as I am desperate to start my own family.
Would like to discuss possibilities of co-parenting with a female in my area
I am looking to co-parent with someone or to start a family!
I'm a 26 yr old woman who's loving and caring I'm also an open book so ask me whatever your heart desires
I’m ready to be a mom and open to coparenting, or sperm donor, and if I find love along the way that’s fine with me.
Seeking a co-parent local or long distance open to also finding love
A couple with children recommended I sign up to be a donor as I would provide a genetically suitable array for someone.
looking for a co parenting gay (or not) man in Spain.
Looking for hiv positive undetectable women or positive friendly in the area of virginia
I would like to raise a child with 2 other parents, with or without a romantic relationship. (I'm also open to giving sperm if anyone is just looking for a sperm donor.)
looking to father a child open to it leading to a relationship prefer natural but with how things are in the world to day open to artificial prefer woman of Asian Mexican but i am open to all
Looking for woman African American to co parent with , I am transgender male looking to co parent I am single always wanted to be a father I do not smoke I do not drink. I would be a great dad. Just looking for a great mom.
I need to help those women who need sperm for child
Would like to coparent but am open to love and building again.
I'm Fred from Ghana searching for woman but not a girl
I'm just a donor looking to help single females or couple, achieve there dreams of being a mother.
I'd like to find love and start a loving family
I am a single Man, I would like to be a father. I am open for any kind of insemination for the baby. Ideally, I would be bring up the child alone (but off-course since this not surrogacy, i am open for co-parenting and staring a family if our attitudes match).
Looking for kind guy who would like to coparent with me
19 year old wanting to have a baby contact if interested
Sperm door available for sperm donation and or co-parenting. Contact me for any requirement.
Sperm donor needed. Hoping to find what am looking for on this page.
I have very good genetics.Hope meet noble men(European),i am Russian women why dreamed about child, i hope meet nice guy here!
Hello I am single and 39 year old . I am yet to find the love of my life. Ever since I know myself I want to be a mother .I am looking for someone who want to become a father with or without getting into serious relationship. By profession I am an Engineer .
I am a sperm donor through natural insemination. Those who interested can contact me. I am ready to travel. It must be always secret.
I’m looking for someone who’s interested in having and raising a child together.
Life is but a long journey. As easy as it seems, in fact, it is so difficult to understand why we have to meet many people on our and there is always a special one, I can love and sacrifice everything with.
Hey! I am a nice and caring woman. I like running, hiking, cooking, travelling....
Looking for a nice woman with whom to have babies
Professional thinker. Devoted pop culture trailblazer. Communicator. Unapologetic problem solver.
I’m very fit and active 33 yr old male looking to co parent !
I’m looking for a person who will be responsible for his actions,with whom I could build a loving family
Looking for a coparent. Would be more than blessed to start a family and meet love.
Have always wanted to be a father but I haven't got a like minded lady, any lady out there who is looking forward to have a child with a gentleman who is loving and caring, here is an opportunity to realize your life time dream.
Hope it works, looking forward to motherhood, hopefully my dream comes through!
I'm currently a single mother to an amazing toddler. I know that I would like another child.
just exploring possibilities for the moment and came across this site
Hi I like a family in cooperate with them for thier requirements..
I’m looking to help out with NI. Healthy 23 year old male college student. Entrepreneur.
Hello.. I am looking at possible future parenting options -- Thank you!
Wants to help woman getting pregnant and have a child from a woman
I’m interested in starting a family with a man who wants a traditional family.
i am villages boy AT Tribal. GOD SAY YOU HELP TO OTHER
Me gustaría ayudar a las personas que quieran tener una bebé , también en lo posible formar una familia y compartir la crianza.
I am hoping to start a family which has been a dream for a long while. I have a wonderful 5 year old daughter.
I have a ten year old daughter who is brilliant and I would like to have more children.
Looking to find someone who is looking for marriage and to start a family. I am open to someone anywhere in the world, I prefer someone who is older as I am attracted to older men.
Need healthy baby by natural who gives there sperm to my wife
I'm looking partner without bad habits ,living healthy life style ,looking to continue generation
i m ready for natural insemination to help others at their will free of cost.
30 year old mother to a 9 year old boy.looking into possibility of co parenting or a donor. living in Norwich, Norfolk with future plans to relocate to Scotland in the future.
I'm 40 years old, healthy, have an adopted 10 year old son, but would love to have biological kids with someone I love and trust
looking for mature and loyal partner, the one who wants to love and to be loved; who wants to have kids
I am a successful creative person wanting to contribute to life
Looking for sperm donor who willing to do home natural process or home invetro
Hey! Nice to meet you! For many years I thought that I wouldn't want kids. I focused on my career, my mission in life, to enable more people to feel empowered to be who they are and find their place in the world. Since I remember myself, I was everybody's mom. Now, I feel that what I am missing in life is being someone's mom but I don't want to do it alone. I am seeking a partner in crime. Someone that is up for exploring a future together, raising a wonderful human being.
Lots of love to give the right person and start family with
i'm physicist, looking for donating sperm in order to spread my genes, i'm open to co-parenting and financial aid for the mother and the babies
I am 44 and in a stable position in life. I’m pursuing fertility treatments as a single woman but would be open to starting a family or natural sperm donation. Having a family is my #1 priority.
Looking to donate sperm to those families and individuals wishing to start a family. Open and willing to be a co parent to a child I help create.
Random Dan
I am looking for those who want to have a baby. Also, who wants to have a family. I am looking for a new relationship. Lead a healthy lifestyle
Im interested to help couple who need children And I like to see them happy
I just trying this out to see if anyone wants natural insemination to have kids never done this before
Just having a look around.......I'm a great guy and am open to discussing all options.
Willing to restart a family with a divorced or single woman
Looking forward to be a mother, no pressure to be a wife or girlfriend!
Tall 6ft 1in, husky strong athletic build. Long black hair, dark Mediterranean skin, Hazel - green eyes, bearded and from Hellenic background. Intellectual - over 4 Diplomas, 3 Bachelor degrees, 2 Masters and current Phd student. Martial Arts Master. Philosopher, teacher and writer. Spiritually inclined and prefer NI. Genuinely motivated to help each other fulfil our lives. Happy to share photos and more.
looking for a donors anywhere around south africa who loves reading
Looking for women in need of a natural deposit
All my life wanted to have a family but no-one proposed herself.
Hey Christian girl looking for Christian guy to start a family.
Nautral semination is very good for peoples for creating new family with good memories
Hello. I am a sperm donor who has already undergone rigorous genetic testing and am certified through a international donation clinic. I am here to help individuals and couples enjoy what my children have brought me.
want to help out anyone who wants a baby with natrial insemination
I have 2 boys, family is very important. I'm helpful, kind and respectful
hi looking to help a female with having a baby into the world might consider a relationship if we get along
I you want to then i'll give yah, everything
Hi My Name Is Sebi I Am Open For Sharing My Amazing Seed With All Those Willing To Be Great Mothers And Who Are Capable Of Being Loving And Responsible To These Amazing Children.
I would like to have a small happy family to share everything with them
I just need someone in good health to help me have a baby. We can discuss options and details of the agreement.
Looking for woman that wants to get pregnant naturally and I can get you pregnant
I'm looking to have a child with someone who would like to coparent with myself. I'd like to raise a child and to be a good daddy for him
I'm a 32 years old psychologist from Colombia, interested in raising a child under the principles of mindful parenting, attentive and sensitive care and respect for the nature. I'm budhist, and want to meet someone who shares values similar to mine.
A lesbian looking to coparent with a single man or gay couple; 50/50 time and financial contribution.
Biologist, homeowner, attentive caretaker; still needing fulfillment. Open-minded and ready to raise a family.
hugh x
looking for baby being happy and continue the life, form a human being
Looking for someone who wants to co-parent. I am currently going through a divorce and so this is most likely my last chance to become a mother. The ideal situation would be a close relationship with the (biological) father, or to have some kind of distance/ international co-parenting relationship or maybe to only receice a sperm donation. I am healthy, naturally very slim and athletic. Just about to finish my post-grad and about to enter stable employment again. Quite a few people have said that I am attractive but that is always a matter of taste I guess. I am willing to do undergo any health tests or an IQ test. As I am the eldest of four, I have always been looking after younger kids and I have always felt the urge to built a family. As I am very new to this, I still need some time to evaluate many aspects and explore my options. I am open to your input.
Co parent wanted
I'm looking to have a child with someone who would like to coparent with myself
Just seeing what is on this site not sure what to expect
Looking to help anyone who wants to stary a family
I am central ohio man looking to help women and couples in the area.
I cannot find love but would love to raise a child and be a father
healthy guy looking to help. Green eyes, athletic build.
I am here to help those women who want to have kids but can't find a guy willing to give them that opportunity with or without strings attached.
I Want to be the best mom for my future babies preferably twins.
33 yr old looking for male wanting to coparent/build a family. I’m single, no children and a registered nurse.
I am looking for donate sperm for childless mother and enjoying her by natural intercourse.
i will like to meet new people all over the world that need a new baby and ready to be a mama in the future kindly reach mr out for more details
I am 36 years old and I want to have children
Search a wonen how wants to started a family
Finding out what & how this works. Just saw this today for the first time.
I’m looking to make a family/ extended family. Although I want to have a baby, I would love his/ her father to be involved and have a support network and family around us.
I am single and have a young son. I would like another child in the future and at the moment I am just looking at different options. Would ideally like to find love and a partner to raise a family but if this does not happen I am open to the idea of a co-parent or donor.
would love to meet someone to have and raise a child together
I am seeking a kind caring woman to have a child together. Hopefully to establish some kind of relationship but not necessarily so
everyone is good,let helps each other for the future and have some cute babies
Film writer , photographer , manager in architectural visualizing MNC
Looking to help single women start a family or to married women that want to start a family
Soy una chica guapa que está aquí buscando un hombre agradable para casarse gracias
I am a good looking man searching for a true love
Educated, considered attractive. Like animals, yoga and science. Responsible and caring
Previously successful donor. Travel frequently for work. Play 2 instruments and run my own business.
Single lady Lesbian couple natural insemination only. Will arrange to come meet you
I am a good Indian donor and I donate to all. Feel free to contact me if you need a donor.
I don’t have any other information to put down on here
I want to donate my sperm (natural insemination)for those who want to conceive,and want to have baby,with no relationship,after donation
Found this cite well looking online for something just like this.
Co parent required male 36 seeking to start a family or donate sperm
It’s my dream to father a child. I don’t need to be a part of the child’s life, but if that is an option I’d happily do so.
I am 30 years old single man from kerala any one looking for a natural insemination. Contact me.
Iam looking for a man who wants to share the upbringing of a two -year -old girl.
Create a family and meet love. Co parenting by choice.I am not looking for a sperm donor only I am looking for a responsible caring man who wants to be a good father.
I am a single, straight and educated man looking to start a family or be a donor. It would be nice to actually meet someone and fall in love, but I am open-minded to co-parenting. I have no kids and have never been married. I enjoy traveling, gardening, going to the beaching and anything adventurous.
I'm a 33 year old south african male, i want to donate my sperm to women that has a dream of having her own child. I'm here to make your dream a reality.
i am a simple girl with good manner and easy going
ni donor or single parent to rebuild home and family has proven success
Giving someone a chance to start a family or just to get pregnant and live a life with your kid
Hello, I’m looking for a Caucasian sperm donor in the USA or Canada
To give unconditional love ❤️ to my dream child is the most ultimate purpose in my existence.
Searching for the opportunity to share the experience of having and raising a baby together.
I am a father of three wonderful children Life is a gift Helping others achieve a family is a incredible gift
Hi I am here to help those people who unfortunately couldn't became parents.
Hoping to find male coparent local to central Ohio. Late 30s, early 40s; single, no other kids.
I am just trying this out and seeing where this goes.
Jasmine Edwards
Looking for a co-parent or sperm donor to be involved in our child’s life. If you’re intelligent, healthy let’s meet up and have a chat.
I am looking to help with NI or PI. Maybe even meet the one. Who knows. K I K
Rich Wave
Keep searching and be cautious cause the right one there
I would love to help someone who is looking to make a family. Could be a possibility of creating a family to.
Hello! I'd like to start my own family however i'm single, that's why i'm seeking for help. I'm looking for a very tall man (above 6'3" feet) with blue or green eyes and healthy. I'm only interested in Natural Insemination. ONLY if you fit the profile send me a pm but if not please don't.
Would Love to become a Mum. Would love more than one
ready to give a wonderful family, give a lot of love and affection and a comfortable environment, I have no problem with location, I can travel without any problem and I have enough money to support and help this new family that we will create. :)
I am looking for a matured man who would like to have a child and co-parent.
Just looking for someone who wants kids and raise a family
I would like to help unhappy women and couple. Anyone need please contact me
I'm just filling this out because I have to. Its sex not a space shuttle launch. Geez
Just the basic guy looking to help and who knows what may come of it.
Want a daughter looking for a Coparent very smart perfect parent
First off it takes two to communicate. Out of all of my friends I am always the one to check in with everyone if I didn't I probably wouldn't ever hear from them. It's frustrating at times. I don't have the best communication skills, but I do put in the effort to try. Starting conversations is a bit of a challenge for me. I'd like to find someone to actually connect with, if it stays as friends that's fine. But I'm wanting to start a family in the next four years at the latest. If I end up having to go it alone I will but I'm also open to co-parenting. So if I may have scared you off well my apologies but I'm looking for something more solid.
Just trying to help someone start a family, and maybe find love along the way.
Nuel 1
I want to meet the right lady to have a wonderful life with and co-parent with
Attractive white male with a good income looking for natural insemination Co parenting or donor depending on the match.
Just looking to see what’s out there and see what my options are
Hello, I'm a 41 year-old professional that wants nothing more than to have a baby. Obviously I'm running out of time to do so and I'm looking for a sperm donor/coparent that's ready to move forward right away to make a beautiful baby with me.