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You're a woman and you want to become a mother? Yet you don't want to get married or you don't have any partner yet? Finding a genitor is the best solution to achieve your goal. With a natural sperm donor, you can easily get pregnant. Are you a man? Become a genitor and help a woman become a mother.

Having a child with a genitor

Nowadays, thanks not only to the advancement of technology, but also to the development of society, starting a family is no longer rooted in the traditional model of the couple, husband, wife and children. There are many ways to become a parent without necessarily being married or having a partner.

Apart from the concept of being a single mother or adoption, there is also the possibility of using a sperm donor. In this case, you have two choices. Either you decide to go to a private clinic to be inseminated with donor sperm, or you resort to a genitor or a natural sperm donor. The first choice is regulated by the law and by the sperm banks. The semen is preserved in an artisanal way, in hermetically sealed containers and according to a set of storage conditions. It will then be inseminated into the woman. The second choice is rather natural since you will meet the donor you have chosen and the procreation is done in a natural way, by means of sexual intercourse.

What is a genitor?

A genitor is a man who decides to donate his sperm in order to allow a woman to become pregnant. However, unlike the method of sperm donation in a clinic, the method employed is natural. That is to say, the genitor donates his sperm through intimate relations with the woman who requests it. Intercourse is therefore the essential condition for a successful sperm donation by the donor.

The genitor or the man who donates his sperm in the natural way is considered to be the biological father of the child. At the birth of the child, there is often no need for the genitor to be mentioned in the record or documents concerning the child.

Sperm donation from a genitor

When the sperm is donated by a genitor, the donor is not anonymous. The man and the woman both know each other and may establish a friendly relationship before deciding to proceed with the sperm donation.

There are two types of sperm donation that you can consider using.

Natural sperm donation, that is, through sexual intercourse between the two parties. The woman and the man decide to arrange an appointment to perform the act. It should be noted that the woman is not required to have intercourse with the genitor beyond the scope of the sperm donation arrangement.

Semi-natural sperm donation: there is still contact, but it is only at the very moment of ejaculation that the sexual contact occurs. The man resorts to masturbation to induce ejaculation. This process is called " depository donation « .

Legislation on the use of a genitor

The use of sperm donated by a genitor is not regulated by any legislation. It is a very simple procedure. There is also no need to manipulate the sperm, as is done with sperm donations in clinics.

As long as the two people who have engaged in this particular form of procreation are consenting, no legal provisions are required.

At birth, absolutely no commitment or rights are expected on the part of the genitor. The genitor can remain anonymous for the child, if the mother so wishes. There are no laws requiring him to take part in parental responsibilities. Depending on the relationship or contract between the mother and the genitor, the genitor may refrain from any contact with the child.

Who can resort to a genitor?

There may be different reasons why a woman may want to resort to a genitor. In fact, anyone can use a genitor. It is possible for single women as well as couples with fertility problems or lesbian couples to do it.

Single women who want to have a baby, but do not necessarily want to be involved in a relationship, can use a genitor and become single mothers.

Couples, husband and wife, who are facing problems of male infertility, can also resort to the use of a genitor. Artificial reproduction such as MAP is often time-consuming and expensive.

Lesbian couples can also use a genitor to conceive their child. Since they are not yet eligible for MAP, using a biological father is the easiest way for them to become parents.

The advantages of using a genitor

If you decide to use a genitor to become a mother, you should know that this practice is very simple and has no commitments. First of all, you will avoid all the administrative and legal procedures which are both long and expensive.

You are not required to establish a relationship with the genitor. Once the natural sperm donation has been carried out, you can cut off all communication-relationship with the genitor. However, you can keep in touch if you prefer.

This is cheaper than the other options available for becoming a parent. Adoption, MAP, insemination, to name a few, are relatively expensive procedures.

Finding a genitor is an easy process. Most of the time, you just need to register on a matchmaking site and get to know the genitors.

The advantages of becoming a genitor.

For a man, becoming a genitor is an act of generosity. You are helping a woman fulfill her dreams of giving birth. Isn't that a heroic act?

By becoming a genitor, you will not have to assume any responsibility for the conceived child. No law requires you to acknowledge or recognize the child. You are free of any obligation. On the other hand, if you are interested in getting in touch with the child and continuing the relationship with the mother, you must mention this in the initial sperm donation contract.

How do I find or become a genitor?

Finding a genitor is not like buying shoes. It is a search that must be carried out with the utmost care. You should not choose the first person you find, you must do at least some research, especially regarding his personality, temperament and, ideally, his genes. Don't forget that your child will inherit certain aspects of his genitor.

As for women who are interested in conceiving one, the best way to find a genitor is to register on a matchmaking site that specializes in this type of approach. Personal ads are also possible, but are not very reliable. Therefore, you must first make sure you are choosing a reliable site. It is best to choose a site that already has an established reputation in order to avoid the risk of finding false profiles or scams.

If you are a man and you want to become a genitor, simply register and get in touch with people who might be interested in your profile., the website that will help you find the right genitor

Finding the "right genitor" is not an easy task. The matchmaking site will help you make things easier. It is a site being used by thousands of people. You will be able to find honest and reliable profiles. Here you will find generous men, genitors who can help you in your project to become a parent. You have a wide choice of quality genitor profiles. Become a member on in order to gain access. Are you interested in becoming a genitor and helping a woman to become a mother? Want to do something generous? Donate your sperm and become a genitor by registering on

Find a genitor on Coparentalys

If you have decided to use a genitor to become a mother, you can rely on Coparentalys. The reliability and efficiency of a site can be judged by the information and testimonials available on it.

The research stage

The first thing to do is determining your requirements. What kind of men are you looking for? You need to determine their age, height, general physical appearance, hair color if you so desire, personality (a few profiles on the site can give you an idea), their interests. All this is important as the traits and personality as well as the looks of the genitor will be passed on to the child.

The second stage

Once you've found a few matches, all you have to do is choose a genitor and get in touch with him. During this initial contact, you will let him know about your desire to become a parent and about your project. Together, you will arrange a meeting to get to know each other and draft the contract.

During that first meeting, make sure you know a little more about the physical and mental health of the genitor. Some illnesses can be hereditary and can you imagine if your child inherits them? The quality of the sperm is also influenced by the overall health of the genitor. This may or may not favor the outcome of procreation.

If the first appointment is conclusive. You can proceed directly to the drawing up of the contract. Make sure you understand all the terms of the contract. They must be clear and precise to avoid any confusion. The terms must be agreed upon by both parties. If the first appointment is not sufficient, you may consider having a second meeting to find out more about the genitor.

The conception stage

Once the contract has been determined, there is only the last step left. Together, you choose the date and place of meeting. All you have to do now is proceed with the sexual intercourse to achieve your project. It is important to remember that the action must take place during the woman's fertile period to ensure the success of the conception.

After conception

After conception, the genitor and the requester can keep in touch if they so desire. This is not mandatory, it will depend on how they feel about each other. They can also refrain from keeping in touch, in which case they will continue with their respective lives on their own.

Is it possible to fall in love with one's genitor or requester?

These are hypotheses that we cannot rule out. It is possible that the chemistry between the progenitor and the applicant will develop as the dates go by. There are no rules, either on Coparentalys, or in life in general, that forbid the two parties to keep in touch after conception. However, this usually depends on the contract they have established from the very first meeting.

In case the two individuals fall in love, they can decide about what will happen next. They may even consider getting married, or looking after the child together. The most important thing is to get to know each other first and figure out what you really want. Because it would be a shame for both you and the child later on if, as the relationship develops, you find that it's not what you really want after all.

A few precautions before choosing a genitor on a matchmaking site

It is very possible to come across deceiving profiles as you are looking for a genitor. It can take time to find the "right genitor". However, don't be discouraged. The advantage of registering on Coparentalys is that you have plenty of choices. It is also a reliable site. It will spare you from scrutinizing all the profiles so you can find the best genitor. Keep in mind that if you use a good website, you will have the confidence that all of the genitors are truly reliable. Bad experiences or unpleasant surprises are very unlikely to occur.

Register now to find a genitor or become a genitor yourself!

Just looking to be a natural sperm donor for people that are looking to help them start there familys
East Asian sperm donor in Toronto University Educated Top 1% IQ 135 Unvaxed Healthy Recent successful pregnancies and births
Faithful honest trustworthy one woman man old fashioned for a family-oriented
Divorced with no children and wanting to be a dad
Natural Sperm Donor. Born and raised in NC. Healthy, no family history of disease. Family has history of producing large people, at least 6 feet tall.
36 yo, asian, phd holder, consulting engineer, bisexual, looking for the chance of co-parenting ideally of just a sperm dornor
Hola soy Hugo tengo 34 años gozo de buen estado de salud buen carácter y personalidad.
I have been tested and I have normal male fertility. I am looking to become a sperm donor or a father with some involment. I speak fluent English, Estonian, Russian and modest Finnish
I am a freelance journalist and I would like to get to know some people from this field.
I have a four year old daughter that I worship and I'd like to have a little brother or sister for her. Finding love would be ideal, but not required.
College student of good fitness, strong intelligence, and decent interpersonal skills
Creation of life is beautiful thing. Looking to help others experience the love of parenthood
Genitor looking for women/couples in need of sperm donor. Willing to travel.
I am a lesbian women like i stated below, & i am look to start a family. I’m new to this.
Im young Blonde and blue eyes Active Always look after myself And i work
Well educated gentleman seeks to welcome others into parenthood as a donor.
I think the site bugged out cuz this is just a blank box with nothing to tell me what to put in here
Genuine intelligent man looking for a nice genuine intelligent woman to co-parent
Looking to help with that biological clock some women have. And at the same time spread my family genes.
Let’s meet and see how pretty the result will be
I will get acquainted for a serious relationship with a woman age does not matter
Would like to help women start families. Would like to help women start families
Nice guy looking to help someone start a family naturally
My name is Mrs.June Rafael I am 69years oldMy name is Mrs.June Rafael I am 69years oldMy name is Mrs.June Rafael I am 69years old
I am intelligent, well-travelled extrovert. I like to socialise. I am willing to have a baby with a co-parent, donor or if I find love.
Happy to help anyone please write me and we can work out everything!
I would like to have a co-parent for out future child. Rather it be straight or anything else.
Looking to have my own kids. Its been busy with life due to the work. Its high time to start family
Sou limpinho pronto para fazer filho Espero poder ajudar as mulheres que procuram um homem bom para fazer filhos
My research is to become a sperm donor, by whatever means necessary, thank you
Looking to help people grow their families. Willing to travel within New Brunswick. I hope to chat with you soon.
Busco donante de esperma para cumplir mi sueño de ser madre soltera.
26 years old 5’11 230 pounds wants to start family feel free to ask questions
Father of 3 beautiful healthy kids. Would love to assist a woman in fulfilling her dream of motherhood.
Hola, buenas noches. Estoy en este sitio para ofrecer mi servicio como donante/donador de esperma por vía natural, tal como dice mi categoría ("genitor"). Soy muy aseado, limpio y respetuoso. Soy alto, de buen aspecto, de piel blanca, y cabello y barba negros (tipo moreno español o árabe). Escojo la vía natural porque encuentro muy engorrosa la donación en envase; no sólo es más costoso en varios sentidos para la futura madre, sino que tener un "hijo del plástico" me parece demasiado artificial y riesgoso para la salud del crío. Estoy a tu orden, escríbeme para saber más de mí y mi oferta, feliz día.
i caant figurre it out yet but waaht us it asking gi be
Open to meeting new people and helping out however I can!
I'm looking for a mother where I know my child will be loved and nurture not just anybody.
Hello How are you? I'm looking to become a donor and help some women get pregnant I have a clean bill of health if your interested let me know looking forward to hearing from you
this is my profile bio and i'd like people to contact me
No contact personal data on your ads. See GCU. na
I love very much the children and I am looking to have child.
Готов выступить в роли со-родителя, готов участвовать в воспитании ребенка. Город/страна не принципиальны.
Hello I would ideally like to co parent or donate to a single woman or couple
Ich suche einen Mann der ein guter Papa sein möchte. LG Zuzi
The best thing we can do is to help, I hope help you ☺️
want to help a woman or couple experience the joy of being a parent.
Tall, young-middle aged, blond or light hair, colored eyes, athletic
Hi. I want to search all the good possibilities about this site and... Let's see. That's it, nothing else to say
I have no idea what I'm supposed to put here, I'll update if I figure it out.
I am from South Korea I am 29 years old. I used to be a model and an actor in my younger days, and I still do time to time. I live in Panama and I do my business from here. I have multiple permanent residencies in different countries. I am a serious person, and I would like to have multiple children in the future. I would like to be able to help women become mothers and donate sperm. I am proud of my heritage and achievements. I want to share the blessing of my DNA given to me by my ancestors. I am very confident that my children will be beautiful and intelligent humans that will survive and succeed in life. If the mother wants, I would always be there for the child to give moral support and give love so that the child will grow up to be a proper human being. If you want to have beautiful, intelligent, and talented Korean babies that will have good heart make you proud, contact me. A child that will do wonderful things, be responsible, help others and society, and make you proud would be the best investment that you will ever have in life. Being single and child-free is great, but remember, nobody will be young forever. It will be lonely in the future alone, so you will want to have a family of your own...
I am 40, healthy in body and mind, balanced in all aspects and very active. I am empathic, decent, do a lot of sport and spending time in nature. I am very much interested in sciences. I have already done a DNA profile. I am socially connected, lots of friends. Educationally, I always graduated in the top 5% or higher. I am ok to travel and would try for AI or IVF if necessary. My health is excellent. I try to keep a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. If you are interested I am waiting for a message from you. I want to know that I helped conceive and that I am a biological father, you choose the contact frequency if any. Helping brings me satisfaction.
Greetings, I speak six languages. I have two professions. I am a radio and television producer and a surgeon.Greetings, I speak six languages. I have two professions. I am a radio and television producer and a Dr. surgeon.I would like to help make mothers in an altruistic way, also to be able to be a father by co-parenting of the person I want in the same way, just be donate as well, I am here to help
Sperm donor looking to help ladies achieve their dreams in starting a family
Same as title pretty much. Let me know if you have any questions
I am interested to donate my sperm to someone who wants to be single parent, or can not have kids with her partner.
HEllo It a pleasure to meet you. No drinks, drugs or smoke
I would like to be father! I am a responsible man
Would like to find a partner to father a child.
Crear una familia y poder conocer el amor y la persona indicada
just looking to help someone out,to make a baby for someone that wants.
I wish to have a child and find love, if possible.
I like to help people, I like to help people,
Nairobi guy
I'd like to assist a couple become a larger family
Looking for a NI donor or co parent. I am ready to be mom.
I'm looking for a genital to have my first baby
Eastern Mt donor. I have kids and have had 4 successful donations.
6' tall, 300lbs, 22 years old, fertile, takes needed feedback
Quiero tener un hijo pronto. Busco donante tal vez copadre.
I want to help those in need. From Alberta Canada
I'm vibrant, energetic, caring, generous, kind, compassionate, positive and optimistic. I don't adhere to negative thoughts, unworthiness, infidelity and unethical conduct. I am seeking a serious and long term relationship across the globe.
Hombre guapo fuerte . Con superdotación intelectual c.i de 150. Buena persona.
Drake Adams
I have produced 4 beautiful children and would like to help any woman or couple to have beautiful children
I would like to help make dreams come true. I have kids and co parent with both mothers. I would like to be in the the life of a child. However I'm negotiable and you would have full day to day care of child make decisions
Just want to give my sperm to someone in need
I have researched a lot into this topic for around a year.
Hello, looking forward to making a family for you. x
Just an IT engineer who works, is great at what I do, but never found the right person to have a child with. Looking to pass on my knowledge
I’m a honest laid back guy willing to help
Highly educated donor with no health issues who wants to help someone with this for the first time. Not likely to do this frequently.
Hello I want to be a genitor or natural donor
I did research on this and it seems like the best option.
I am a single man hoping to father multiple children with a woman who want to have childern. I am open to helping couples but that would need discussion and
Doner for the right recipients. Prefer meeting in person to discuss.
Sperm Donor I am interested in co-parenting if you are comfortable with it.
no contact, co-parent, recognize, recognition, fatherhood, sexual intercourse, geniteur, genitor, sex, co-parentalitie, reconnâitre l'enfant(s), genitéur,
Hi, my partner and I are hoping to find a speed donor
NI,PI Donor. 5'10. Went to college for Engineering and Mathematics, and am an Air Force Vet
I have always wanted to have a family of my own, and I'm willing to help others with there families
i am 42 yrs old and i want to be a mother.
I am fit, healthy, never smoked and do not drink. I've had one experience with natural sperm donation with a couple that was so happy when they got pregnant. The experience was so positive I decided it would be wonderful to help others as well.
I am looking for a genitor to have a baby as a single woman
I am looking for a sperm donor close to Victoria.
Lesbian married couple looking to start our own family. My wife wants to get pregnant and I'm going to adopt as my own
want a second chance at having a child asap please help me?
Hey I’m looking for a sperm donor to start my family .
I am just getting started. I would like to help those in need.
am looking for a very nice man,am looking for a very nice man,am looking for a very nice man,am looking for a very nice man,
I want someone who is ready to be a family
Couple seeking casual fun in exchange for insemination. Once or ongoing is fine, must travel to us if possible.
I’m looking for a father partner, a life partner
My wife no longer wants to have children… however I am very keen on fathering a child.
I am a athletic, intelligent, well educated man that wants to pass my genetics on to a woman.
I just wanna help by donating my sperm to any woman in South Africa
Coparenting would be my dream because then it would be team work. Finding love would also be a bonus but also happy to go it alone. I have a fantastic supportive family and my Mum would love to be a Grandma!
I am natural sperm donor. There so many infertile couple in the World today. I want help them to have
I am looking for someone who is willing to raise a kid with me. I am very flexible in my approach and open to ideas depending on your unique circumstances.
Educated, healthy, donor, strong genetic example of male. Based in IrelandEU
i buy my sperm to help women who want to be a Mother
natural sperm donor in seattle. natural sperm donor in seattle. natural sperm donor in seattle. natural sperm donor in seattle.
Trying this out and looking into it. I'm 25
Looking to see what’s out there and possibly helping others
I’m on here to start a family or be a genitor.
Just want to help someone start a family. Send me a message and I’ll help you out
Hard working driven young man wanting nothing more than to give and make others well.
Wanting to help that lady who want to be a mother but naturally.
I am a sperm donor (black man) from North Carolina, USA. I do not smoke. I am well educated. I never used drugs.
Donación sin coito. 181 cm, contextura atlética, en Barcelona hasta el 25 de julio. Busco donar mi esperma a cualquier mujer que desee ser madre.
Nice to meet you
Don't know what is this about, what research?ten words is now okay?
I am seeking to meet with a nice and honest man, to share the love of my heart and despite your nationality, Race, job or color are irrelevant, just your love is enough to drive us further thanks.
Laid back, dedicated, hard working man here to help you.
I'm looking to see if this is an option myself and the one looking for a child.
Couple de lesbiennes mariée et nous voulons agrandir la famille avec un geniteur.
Caseworker in voluntary sector can travel London/Southeast. Interested in donation or Co parenting.
salam yeni ümidlər, yeni həyat, yeni xoşbəxtlik yeni ümidlər, yeni həyat, yeni xoşbəxtlik
I already have a daughter and I want to help others to have their own children who haven’t had the opportunity or resources to do so.
I am 34 years old . English speaker Looking for kind woman for common baby
This account has been made with research propose, thank you.
Must have money for the sperm, I'm Out going , Hard working , kind, respectful, Free minded
My biggest wish in life is to have a child
Seeking to help those who would like to have a baby. Donor helper in good shape by exercise, walking, jogging. I have a yearly medical physical with positive results. No major health issues in family history, I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, have clean STD test, DNA test, good sperm volume test result. Graduated from college with a Marketing degree. I have not been vaccinated for COVID-19 I have good traits, long lives in the family, eat and live healthy, and would like a small part of me to continue past me even if someone else gets the benefits of raising him or her. All pictures are of me from baby, child, college, and adult. Jason in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, USA
I am new to the site and was told about how to help someone needing to get pregnant in a less costly way
looking for open minded, kind, and resourceful partner to co-parent
Love is amazing if I find it but I am also happy to become coparent.
Hoping to help make someone’s dreams come true. Open to any method and have had success with NI on the first try.
Looking for a man, who wants to be a father.
Désireux d aider une femme ou un couple n ayant pas la chance de pouvoir procréeer
I'm happy and agree to donate my sperms to anyone without any restrictions / formalities
Ready to help people in need. University education and a healthy lifestyle.
I did my research for different methods and options to choose what type of situation I want with a partner and this is what I choose.
Although I have been lucky with love, starting a family has eluded me.
I'm a donor looking to help couples and single moms by choice.
Helping those who want to build families, expand existing families or couples/ individuals who want a child of their own. 5'11" with brown hair and eyes; and a degree from a local college. I work full time and have no family history of diseases. Willing to discuss involvement with the child and I will sign a parent contract if you so desire it..
My name is Zak. I’m good with kids and better with respecting peoples boundaries. I’m laid back and love life
From Dublin, 34, teacher, very active, home and dog owner
White healthy and intelligent male offering sperm through Natural Insemination. Happy to help any lady
I’m a genuine sperm donor who intends to help women and couples conceive and enjoy the joy of parenthood.
Hi! I’m open to anything. My dream is to be a mother and I’m looking to fulfill that in any way possible!
I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be saying here I will fill out later
I am happy and curious person who loves life and willing to help others who are in need. Educated and Respectful.
Procurando uma mulher para criar filhos juntos em co-parentalidade sem necessariamente enlace afetivo
Natural Sperm Donor looking to help any woman out whose looking to get pregnant.
I can help make a baby with you, i would also like one for myself. I have a current std test and sperm count analysis, Both fine.
I’m available to help straight women, bi sexual women & lesbians become mothers. My only way is the natural way. We can have it in a romantic or intense moment. We can have it one on one. We can have it your with your female partner together. We can also have it with other important women in your lives as well. As a midwife once told me “ The most effective way to get pregnant is on the night before she ovulates. A minimum of three sessions per day is recommended but more would be better.”
Seeking young, healthy male with no STDs that could impair the likelihood of conception.
Lol omg is this real. I had to check this out. This is very interesting times.
Laid back, healthy and d&d free. Hardly ever get sick
Hii I am Johnny, ready to donate sperms for the needy
I am a military veteran, I’m intelligent and athletic. I have 1 child.
New here, but will add more indormation in due course
I'm looking for who wants to have a baby the natural way and I want to help you make a miracle.
Hello there, let's see if we can help each other and make the world a most gracious place! I consider myself a Patient, since I cannot truly fulfill my Intention as a Human Being, due to a severe form of Tinnitus and Hyperacusis I've developed since my youth. My Spirit has always been connected to and through Music and I can happily say I found a way to manage my conditions and feel I experience life as an amazing journey to consciousness. Importance of Food and Nutrition in my life. My Mom couldn't breastfeed me. During my childhood I developed a bad relationship with Food. I felt hungry, but didn't have the right guidance to understand the mechanism of the Mind and the Body. I have never been obese, but due to my true Gynecomastia and posture I felt a big wave of energy inside of me, but at the same time I was limited in my expression, due to the relationship with the outer side. In my thirties through Food, Nutrition and the up-regulation of my Endocannabinoid system I found a new state of healthy Homeostasis on a Physical, Mental and Spiritual layer. Now I can honestly say I feel my whole-self and I'm ready to share. My journey to the inner balance I do know what personal challenges are. I feel the power of Creation myself. I'm straight, but was born with a very strong feminine side. I had True Gynecomastia since I was a kid and had a surgery 15 yrs ago. Since then I have been feeling complete in what's my expression as a Human Being within myself and with the outside conscious world :-) I can easily put myself in anybody's pants (no pun intended here LOL) due to my life path and I do know the value of helping a powerful and strong Woman fulfilling her life path through Motherhood. From agnostic to Spiritual I once considered an agnostic. Life experiences made me understand, that there is a Great Designer out there. We all are here on earth for an exciting journey. Health Notes and testing I feel it's important to clarify a detail about myself already in the description, in order to have a smooth communication. Since my health journey led me to a very strong immune system (I had my last flu in 2017) I found no needed reason to join the vaccination campaign of my country of residence. I open to any kind of testing we find suitable to create a stress-free connection between us. Take care my Dear Friend
I am looking to help someone start their family.
My name is Tyheira i have brown eyes and brown hair and is currently looking for a donor.
I’m interested in coparenting. I’m a black lady with a a full time job, highly educated and desire to have a lovely child. I would want someone who has same qualities and may want to build a relationship
Looking to be a sperm donor. blue eye blond hair 5’9. I’m easy going guy. College education.
I'm here looking for women to start family / coparent . This's my main goal . I can also help heterosexual /homosexual couples and single women to have a babe . In general i'm curious about this website and if it's possible to find my match here . Best regards to everyone and good luck in your search.
Seriedad y seguridad ante nada de todo lo demas nos ponemos de acuerdo por privado
A free sperm donor is a man who is willing to donate his sperm for no cost at all. Free sperm is one of the means by which to have a baby. Dubbed in the press as ‘donor sexuals’ these are men that are willing to help women become pregnant for altruistic reasons.
I’m a 6ft African American male who is actually married for the last 6 years. However my wife had to have a hysterectomy when she was only 21 after the birth of her daughter. I truly would love the joy and blessing of having my own child one day. She is completely open and excited for me to have such a blessing as well and is completely onboard with me co-parenting with another woman for us to have part in such a beautiful life being created. I’m hard working, did well in school, musically inclined for all of my school years. I have a heart of gold and with nothing but the best for everyone. I’m known to be quite humorous and usually the life of the party to get everyone laughing and having a great time!
Educated, healthy and attractive mature male seems to assist females desiring childbirth
Healthy, strong, independent man. Been tested and have strong swimmers
It is so amazing to give the gift of life. Let's do it together
Oxford Grad - Recently had a close-friend whom achieved conception, and was encouraged by her to help others in need of completing their family.
Hye I am a natural inseminator if u r looking for a donor u can contact me
Hey ladies so I'm a first time donor, am STD free, fun and bubbly kind of guy. Looking for anyone looking to add to their family or those getting started. Open to talking more in detail about myself so please feel free to contact me.
Not exactly sure what this is asking so I'll come back.
Hiya, nice to meet you. I'm a single father, five year old child, hoping to give love to another.
Hi All, I am Highly educated (double honors) and having successful career in technology. I am looking forward to help single, couples to start family by donating my sperm naturally or artificially.
Thought about it for a while and all I want in life is a baby.
Donor 4 You
Looking to find women and couples to help start a family the natural way. In general I'm happy with no contact but I am considering contact and possible co-parenting. I would love to have more than one child with a recipient.
We are a couple wanting a wife. We want a good man to impregnate my wife. She is slim and beautiful housewife.
Finally ready to start a family with my girlfriend ! serious inquiries only !
No personal data on your ads. see gcu. result for this search.
i am nice looking girl who is here seeking for love and baby, please if you can help me with one
Simply looking to help a person have a child that can be loved and cared for.
I would like to find a manly man, reasonably intelligent, kind, considerate and attentive who is not aggressive, clear-eyed and tall.
Intelligent, strong immune system, clear skin, attractive, true gentleman willing to share my gift of life.
Here to see what’s going on! Feel free to contact me
Looking for open sperm donor that's easy going and relax.
Halloh, I am interested to meet, a, professional, kind, positice , nature loving person looking to have baby for co parenting
Want to be a sperm donor. Have a good spermogram and one health child.
Hola, queriendo probar de esta manera. Soy un profesional que se encuentra sin pareja, pero con ganas de criar una niño/a. Si quieres conocerme. un gusto.
Creative, smart, college degree, quiet with a very strong work ethic.
We are a young married couple looking for a sperm donor as my husband does not have potent sperm. We had us medically checked and out best option is to use the help of a donor. Only serious replies please. We are not limited by ethnicity or age or else, as long as you have healthy and potent sperm.
I just want to help families in need, who have struggled to get pregnant.
Looking to help build families. Can travel if needed. Would have to negotiate fees for travel.
Athletic, well-educated, blond/blue. Natural Insemination only. No fee. DDF. Very fertile.
I am 38 y.o, of ukrainian origin, live and work in Montreal. Looking for a donor or co-parenting with a mentally healthy, established, responsible and kind-hearted partner
Tall Intelligent Creative Visionary Curious Loving Passionate Artistic Chemistry Intelligence
Обеспеченный ищу себе даму с которой интересует завести ребенка. не против завязать отношения или даже создать семью, при согласии. Адекватность гарантируется. Харьков
healthy, educated woman ♀️ is looking for opportunities to have more children, 3 or 4 is the best
Me and my fiance are wanting to expand our family. Looking for a healthy donor with no strings attached.
Looking for male to impregnate me. clean and drug free. Race not important.
I'm a Nation wide consultant, non smoker, and social butterfly. Athletics, academics, and Friends/Network have always been easy for me. I'm never sick, nor do i have any medical or physiological condition's. I know the genitcs I got are a blessing! I Believe I'm a strong choice if when compared to most others.
I am an artist by profession, working in the entertainment industry. I value empathy, and was raised in a loving LGBT friendly family, and want to give back. I am open to any level of contact and discussion you would like, ranging from natural intercourse to more standard donation. It is most important for me to provide you with empathy on your pursuit to build a family.
Nous sommes un couple lesbien a la recherche d'un homme, gay de préférence, pour notre projet d'enfant.
Ready to help start families for the less fortunate couples.
I am available for women seeking natural insemination as I am firm believer in natural ways.
I am looking for an opportunity to bring a child/children to this world
Have not been lucky finding a partner and looking for NI in a year or less due to now known history of complications in family.
looking to have a child of my own blood either in a coparent situation or a sperm donation and sign rights away
Very honest trustworthy faithful was cheated on 8 years ago everybody with couldnt have kids or didnt want would give anything to be a father or make somebodys dreams come true
Gay Men Looking to have a child and co. parent with other queer couples.
Looking to be a donor i have three boys want to try for a girl
Mexican girl looking for donor or comparenting. Financially stable, easy-going, caring & kind person. Like win to win deals. Bachelor degree. Working on logistics. 1.60, slim, good health, brown eyes.
I'm married but we have no kids together. I want to do coparenting and be a great father
Am searching for some one interested in raising and sperm of a strong human. I love spreading love.
Im a single man looking to help others or possibly find something a little more permanent.
Looking for sperm donor (artificial insemination) but would be open to discussing a co-parent relationship.
Family man
Want to have kids and enjoy them and play with them while i have strenght and energy
I have not done any research as of this time
Hola soy Joel de peru me gustaría ayudar a alguna dama en su sueño de ser madre o en todo caso poder charlar del tema si alguna bella dama estas interesada no dudes en contactarme a mi
No information ask me if you want to know more
Looking for a man that is good looking, kind , intelligent and not a narcissist. Follows authoratative parenting. I can travel in the EU.
Looking for a healthy , educated and professional donor.Prefer no contacts with me or child afterwards
I have 3 kids. All healthy. One boy and 2 girls.
I really want to help a female concieve by natural insemination. Willing to drive if neeeded. You want to cuddle afterwards? We can cuddle till you decide you don't want to anymore. I personally know that I ejaculate alot more sperm if i cuddle with you before and after we Try putting a baby in ur belly.
genitor natural sperm donor genitor natural sperm donor genitor natural sperm donor genitor natural sperm donor genitor natural sperm donor genitor natural sperm donor
I am looking for a natural sperm donor soon. Excited
We are a married couple looking for a potential donor
Just want to help someone to start a family. Snap is s6xinch
6 ft County boy that loves the outdoors and working out.
Willing to donate sperms to someone who is desperately in need to have her own kids
I'd like to help give some joy in sharing my donation, to help bring my off spring to reality for you and beautiful blue eyes. My ethnicity is obviously white but my genetic heritage are both Slavic and German. I am not interested in co-parenting. I have very great health and no illnesses, no diseases, no obesity on both sides of the family. This will be the first time to be a donor and would like to at least make it memorable, when you conceive. This will be my first off spring when you conceive. The planets haven't aligned in the right way for myself in past relationships, to even embark on that decision, while being cognizant in not making a mistake that I'd regret, to be frank. The method for success that I'd prefer would be with an open mind and discussion if I have a choice, with that said I will be open for your preferred method. Fundamentally I want a respectful, considerate and stable, soon to be parents or parent. To bring my offspring to the world and make them flourish with nothing but love. Please have pictures or if matched share them after.
Respectful looking to help where needed hope to hear from interested individuals
I am a law student who is willing to provide sperm to those who need it. Am a very well-mannered kind person thats alot of fun
Babe Mama
AI ONLY , not interested in NI , I’m looking for a sperm Donor
Available for you natural insemination healthy 20 year sperms donor searching contact me
Donor in Gainesville Florida available to travel dna and ancestry testing completed.
Natural holistic want to be mother looking for a spiritual happy healthy man
Single woman ,doctor by profession loves to be a mom
A gentle man who works as a doctor and lives in Kerala. Loves to help peoples
I am looking for some genuine female individual to coparent
Hi I am looking to be a donor and would like to help out
Jéssica celeste
Sorte paz amor saúde honestidade intelectual beleza virtude educação paciência e carinho
Hi there, I'm a sperm donor who is able to donate with any method I'm in California I'm hispanic
I am a cute black man looking to naturally help a good looking woman with a nice body, to have a baby naturally.
Quiero ver como funciona esta página y conocer gustos de cada persona
I did some research on this and everything looks pretty good I hope this works out for me
If you’re looking to have a baby to grow up to be big and tall, you may have a good chance with me! I’m 6’6” and all relatively tall people in the family.
I would want to become a sperm donor , how can i become?
Hi I am a successful natural inseminator. I would like to help couple or single ladies to feel the greatest joy of motherhood. I have successfully given motherhood to 7 women.
Attractive singer musician LA San Diego California looking to help make babies with attractive women. I had a child once and it was aborted when I was 17 and I want to make up for this by giving you a beautiful baby.
Hi, I'm Jesse and a sperm donor who enjoys helping others who sincerely are ready to be mothers and parents. I'm respectful, understanding and down to earth. Please contact me if you are interested and feel free to ask me any questions. I look forward to meeting you soon.
I search a man, who can be a genitor. I’m lesbian. He may want to be part of the baby’s life but it is not mandatory. (Je recherche un homme pour être un geniteur. Je suis lesbienne. L’homme pourra, s’il le souhaite, faire partie de la vie du bébé, mais ce ne sera pas obligé).
Looking to carry on my genes as I have had no children yet.
Soy mexicano y estoy dispuesto a ayudar a concebir un bebe
6ft mixed race donor African American/Hispanic donor.I’m naturally creative so I think I would be appealing to artistic types.very down to earth and respectful.I believe I can help others history of genetic illness,no stds (never had one) quick wit and many have told me that I’m attractive which is another reason I felt like trying this haha very big head of hair.I’m open to discussing things further with you and I look forward to meeting :) message me anytime
i want to donate my sperm in a natural way
I want baby this is my dream i must please i have no hope
I'm looking to help in any way I can including initial support to start things off right.
I am a tall beautiful black decent lady. Responsible, educated and desiring to have a baby
Looking to help women fulfill their dreams of becoming mothers.
I am looking for a woman to have a child with.
Here to help you start your family of your own
i want to get away, i want to fly away yeah yeah
I’m a philosopher and critical thinking expert. I’ll be honest in that my body type is fairly average. I spend most of my time learning, exploring, trying new things, and just enjoying life. I’m very driven and result oriented, but can settle in to a good book of movie. Feel free to reach out.
Y’all blue eyes no genetic defects. No family, want to help others out.
I'm wanting to donate sperm so someone can have a child. I'm open to co-parenting but it isn't a requirement.
I'm new to this. I am here to help with what I can, and if you have a goal that i can help you reach then we are going to reach it.
Hi! I'm Dave from NJ. I'm 42, with a beautiful boy of my own. I'm the publisher of a major art book publishing company and am successful, honest, and sincere. I realize there are a lot of other women looking for help visa vis NI and I'm really looking to start a family. If nothing else, let me help someone who needs help and I can contribute whatever is needed.
Looking forward to meeting some people to start a family with. if sounds like you let meknow
Hello if any woman are looking to start a family i am willing to make that happen and will comply with what ever you would have in mind on your terms and time
I am fairly large so I like to go slow and make sure the women is pleasured to succeed in insemination.
I have one child that was the result of the only time i ever had unprotected sex and i find i enjoy the thought of helping women become mothers. I am a half black half white guy who is disease and drug free.
39-year old female, single wants to conceive and raise a child.
Any couple and single woman who want a healthy child can contact me.
I will get you a baby But I won't help u in parenting
Buscando quién me ayude con el deseo de ser madre, alguien simpático.
in the united states, on a state level, most states consider child support to belong to the child and thus an NI donor is technically responsible. I question if there's some paperwork to potentially circumvent this, or maybe just say that it was IUI or ICI? Either way, I want to be 100% certain before doing this that the person I'm donating to is dedicated to the child and that I'm not liable. So providing sperm for couples, not singles. Although if I was introduced to a single woman and fell in love, it would be a completely different situation.
I’m here to be a natural sperm donor for those who are potentially considering one.
I'm looking to help someone looking to start a family.
Hey, I want to see every women always happy. Happiest woman are always moms after having a baby. I would love to help by doing my part in making women happy of any age !
Hello I am interested in making a family of three to four kids
Young man with great desire to father children. Want to have a loving wife and as many children as possible with her. But still this is not enough for me. So until I find a wife, I consider naturally helping others with their desire for children. Looking for caring homes :)
Outgoing Hispanic that likes the thrill of an adventure and who is quite athletic and well prepared.
I’m a man with a good track record of getting women pregnant. Making babies is my lifestyle. Sex is to be embraced and enjoyed….it’s natures way
Strictly he must be White, blue eyes, well built and willing to meet a black woman.
i want to inseminate by normal NI(sexual method), because chances of pregnecy is very high
Ready to donate my sperm to a wanting lady. If your there and need to produce an intelligent child that's is free of any disease, then try me.
Busco un donante para concebir un hijo o una hija en Madrid
I'm just looking to help any lady wanting to or struggling to have a child. I have two kids of mine
INTP who is of average build and high metabolism maintains a steady BMI
Looking how expensive and difficult a friend had to go threw , I decided to help out , healthy , sporty .
I'm a natural sperm donor willing to help women who wants to get pregnant naturally.
Looking for a white male to be a natural sperm donor
I'd love to help you procreate and bring a new life into this world. I am a nonsmoker, nondrinker, and do not partake in recreations drugs of any sort. No STI's either. I have a high sex drive, which will help in conceiving. Do not have children of my own and i figured this would be a way for me to have them at this stage in my life. Not interested in a co-parenting situation, will gladly sign all rights to the child to you. I'm only comfortable with NI sperm delivery and willing to meet discreetly as many times during your fertile period to accomplish your goal. You will be treated with respect throughout this process, you have my promise.
I have had my 6 wonderful children and would now live to help you have same joy.
I'm just a young guy looking to help and do the right thing. I want to see other people have success in their dreams and this is my way of making those dreams come true. I'll always be open and honest about everything and I'll even go on some dates with you if you'd be down for that. above all, I just want to make people happy and give them the best gift in the world.
Just updates will be fine . Pictures .. ultrasound ect. No financial responsibility's
Young African American mixed women well established and ready to love on my kid
It has always been my aspiration to become a mother.
I'm responsible, respectful, caring, honest and have 2 years of baby experience.
This is a way for me to make people happy and me happy as well. I've always had the urge to breed
Nick 45
Women Between 28-45 Brunette. "Blonde" or Dark Brown Hair.from London "Tottenham-Wood Green,Liverpool Street...
We will reinvent ourselves through each other. Creating new Lives with our combined energy, hearts, and efforts. I like the Arts, nature walks, most outdoors activities and cuddling in playing board games. I travel the East Americas and Explore regions.
Hey there I'm an Indian Male. I wants to help those who cannot conceive a baby. My age is perfect for donation. I've always wanted to help others. I'll do it in case of mutual agreement. If you have anything in your mind, ask me without hesitation. Feel free to contact me.
looking for sperm donor to help lesbian couple to concieve a baby
I'll be ovulating soon and I'll be yearning for impregnation. I need breeding. I'm single and lonely, not meeting many fellas due to the pandemic so I've decided on this site. I prefer to be impregnated naturally and I'm looking for multiple sperm donors to simultaneously donate to me multiple times throughout each ovulation until I conceive. I look froward to hearing from you fellas x
Dear ladies, My name is Alejandro, I am a University Teacher in Mexico, I studied at the best university of Mexico and one of the top 100 in the world, National Autonomous University of Mexico, I have a Bachelor, Master and Doctorate and also an IQ of 156. I don't have any chronical deseases nor genetic transmitted. I am 40 and I have fully dedicate to work and study, but now I want to experiment the joy of being a parent. It will be your choise if you allow me to co-parent with you or if you only want me to donate my sperm. I don't care about how you look, tall, short, slim, a few extra pounds. I don't care about your age 18, 30, 60. I just want to have the opportunity to be a parent. I would prefer co-parenting but if it is not possible I will be happy to be a sperm donor. Please feel free to contact me if.
Ask and I’ll tell you what every you ask me
Hi my name is Te Aroha and I have been looking at having a baby for a long time now. I believe natural insemination would be the best way to go about this so if your interested hit me up
i just want to help women get pregnant anything else is a bonus
Your typical all American guy looking to be a dad.
Just looking to help others become moms. Looking foreword to helping others.
I am a tall, highly intelligent man, with mixed phenotype parents (blonde/blue eyed mother, brown haired father)
Natural insemination, i am good looking can travel anywhere, privacy is maintained
Seeking to help women and family's, and single moms have kids if we are agreeable.
Male in Northern NJ looking to donate sperm. Looking for female or couple in northeast
I have successfully fathered multiple children all healthy and single interaction success.
Looking to naturally inseminate women. I’m 18 years old, healthy and have no history of illnesses in my family. I have no STDs.
Single professional female looking to solo parent a child. Would like to start a family, and not necessarily find love. Open to ongoing contact, and happy to draw up legal if requested.
Read my ad title and a lot of other stuff on bere
After years of bring together me and my partner think that is the time to grow our family and we are looking for someone who can help us have a baby.
Young and Healthy Sperm Donor. 25 years young, based in Canada
I am looking to help someone or a couple become parents. Please feel free to contact me if you want to use my services. I am blue eyed and a bit overweight not looking to have any contact after you fall pregnant.
I’m looking for a intelligent and kind white-skinned person. I’m ready and capable to take all financial matters connected with the child on my own
Looking to help somebody conceive but also love the idea of my legacy continuing Happy not to be involved
I would like to help out anyone that needs it
I am looking forward to helping someone experience the blessing of motherhood
I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol or anything drug
Hi everyone shree here handsome well qualified (postgraduate)25yr belongs to decent family backgrounds like to help an needy couple or people to help them
We can talk shoot me a message Looking forward to helping you out with multiple and continued donations
Looking forward to becoming a father. Would like to meet a woman who wants to share in the experience of having a baby.
30 year old male with high success rate prone to having boys have 3 sons of my own want to help women enjoy the gift of motherhood
I am a young enthusiastic man looking to help infertile recipients and single or couples with co-parenting with the best I can bring to the table.
I am here to help women get pregnant and have the chance to start a family or make siblings. I am a 29 year old male and I am willing to donate pi, and ni. I am also willing to co-parent. message me if your interested.
Just looking to help out! Would prefer ni or pi. Very open and respectful
I am Looking for healthy sperm donor to start family
Married woman seeks young natural donor for ongoing encounters, maybe more. The main thing is your desire to impregnate a woman and truly feel a connection that no one else gets to feel. Would be wonderful to keep in touch, and you could have as much involvement as you'd like. I feel like this is a rare opportunity for us, and I'd want to make the most of it. Xoxo, Jenn
Toni Le
Court order by the judge in grand traverse court
Looking to help you complete your family. I am a scientist living in Pittsburgh PA with a PhD. I am 6' tall, 165 lbs, with brown eyes and black hair and am healthy.
I want to help anyone who need assistance starting a family.
I chose to become a sperm donor because I liked the idea that I could help some people achieve their dream. And I believe it’s a brilliant and beautiful thought, to think that I can provide the basis for a new life. There are many people who can’t have children. I feel privileged that I’m healthy and well enough to help them. It’s a big deal for me, and I know it means a lot to those people that I can help
Research, that's funny. Expecting to see a lot of PhD's here.
I'm a Sigma Male who loves to be creative as part of being creative is the reason I've chosen to donate my sperm to make other families happy or help another woman to have a dream come true into motherhood.
Im intrested to be a donor in natural inseminator. Intrested can contanct me
I am very interested in becoming a father for the first time
6 ft or over and willing to meet child if desire when they turn 18 yrs old.
I would like to be a parent without an attachment. If in time it became more than what it is or was then I would be open to change that for the right person and the child.
I am a 28 (about to be 29) year old single white man, finishing his bachelor's degree in financial accounting. I am working part-time as a bookkeeper online, and as a pharmacy technician until I graduate. Extremely hard worker. Traits - I.Q 125 - Above average intelligence, great hand-eye coordination, and extremely curious about learning about anything and everything! -Red Hair and Green Eyes -Fair Skin but not super light. Freckles - Slim and Fast Metabolism - Fast Runner, Play Sports.
I want to help you and work with you in any way possible because you deserve it. I will be available whenever you need. I am active and ready to communicate.
Natural free insemination for any married women only in anywhere
We are south Indian couple looking for donor at affordable fees
Natural insemination sex who need help to make baby I will help for it
Hi, I am 40 years old, athletic, musical with two graduate degrees (business/social science. I get the comment that I look like Clark Kent/ Superman often. I have one son. Last year, I had my fertility checked and my sperm count is very healthy. Would be happy to trade pictures.
I really want to help woman by donating my genes I’m 5ft 10 White make great body no drug or alcohol use
This will be filled out at a later time ten
I have fathered 4 healthy babies in the past with no medical issues,
I am a scientist from Norway. I am however mobile and therefore open to travel, as my work allow me the freedom to work while being away from my home. Distance and travel can be discussed if there's an interest - I am not deterred by potential economic or temporal costs. Both money and time are something that can be sacrificed for the joy of helping you bring life into this world! I'm 177 cm tall and around 72 kilos. I've always avoided unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or excessive eating of sugar and processed foods. I exercise regularly and lead a healthy life. Remaining fit is both a passion and an obligation for me. I have previously donated, both in-person and at a clinic. Hence, my sperm quality is unquestionable. I wish to help couples/singles bring life into this world. However, I do not want to co-parent, and I want to serve you only as a donor. Nonetheless, I am open for being an 'open donor'. I do not mind that children know about me; and I'd love to answer any questions a child might have about his/her biological roots. My work is partly my life; I am a scientist, and I spend a lot of my free time writing and reading, or watching documentaries, about things as different as psychology, sociology and biology. Beyond this, I love sports, culture and arts, as well as nature. I spend a lot of time in nature, and I exercise regularly - mostly by myself, as I prefer sports which are flexible, and therefore doable when one has a busy schedule. Get in touch with me for pictures or more info
Just looking to past on my family genes though co parenting, love or helping someone have children
Very well educated but for professional reasons will not elaborate. Looking to have some kids without commitment.
Just checking to see how authentic this is. It is interesting for sure.
I have read several blogs, asked people in the medical community (including psychological community) about the results and consequences of opting for natural sperm donation, and have spoken to theological experts on the matter. Taking everything into consideration, I feel this is the best move for myself and the right donor.
Not really sure what they want me to put here in this field
Single health care professional looking to co parent or more
Looking forward to finding a lady we can co-parent and raise kids together.
Willing to be just a sperm donor, but also looking to Co-parent.
Tall, white, athletic, male natural sperm donor. Family has a history of long life and good health.
Looking to help achieve your dream in a natural, loving way
I would like to have kids as soon as possible and if love comes, fine
Danny is the name. Looking to help fulfill the dreams and goals of a single woman or couple.
Looking to be a donor for a woman that is serious about her wish to raise a child.
I want to get pregnant through natural insemination by a donor who will be educated and good manners. People Who Are Healthy, Clean Habits, Disease Free Can Contact. We don’t want money minded people. We are married 9+ years but are not able to have a baby due to medical complications and have tried almost all AI processes. Therefore we will go for and try the NI process to resolve it. Also the donor has to send us his picture. He should be Hindu, good looking,tall guy, no medical problems, educated and well established between the age of 25-40 years old. its urgent ....
I know many can’t find someone they can trust I want to help
Looking to help women get pregnant via natural insemination. Trying to give what my body has for a greater good & help ladies who can’t start a family without a man to help her give her what she needs to do so.
Let me help you as you wish. Laid back and high IQ.
I'm looking to get someone pregnant. if you are wanting a baby I can help
I am 29 years old from Preston (Lancashire). Looking for women that would like or needs a sperm donor. Can be done naturally or given for self insertion
I'll do it 4 you
I love kids , easy going , happy to make you happy open to what you may want Donor , friends or forever , I'd love to be involved somehow and be around to help you through pregnancy if that's something you are open to
Hi there, just testing this. Will update once I see how it works.
Looking into exploring coparenting options. Open to a number of scenarios
Looking to coparent , love children with a lady from anywhere in the whole universe .
Hello, looking forward to helping someone start their family. Feel free to ask any questions.
David 14
6'0" tall, 200 lbs, medium brown hair, green eyes, considered quite handsome, very stable, intelligent with a tested IQ of 145. Married with two healthy sons, now adult. Feel great compassion for women who have a normal instinct to become mothers and have been unable to find suitable husbands and may now be facing the "biological clock" situation. My wife feels the same and is supportive of this effort. Very willing to get to know a perspective mother and willing to disclose any other personal information if it seems we are a good match.
Father of two healthy beautiful kids, looking to help others start a family.
Healthy male business owner and bilingual. Want to be the best dad possible!
Court made me contact mother this way, just wanting to have something to do with my daughter
I've helped as a donor and I'm happy to be available for couples or singles. Write me here and we can agree
United States ,looking for a sperm donor ,no strings attached doesn’t matter how, must have no contact after and no access to the baby, Thank you. :)
Kinda want to be a father maybe we can talk about it more.
I am a normal white male, Irish, English and norwegian ancestry. No history of genetic issues, diseases, conditins or mental problems, I have a history of identical twins both girls and boys.
Hispanic looking for south asian to have a child with.
Would like to help start a family for someone
Looking to give my sperm to help i m clean and fertile
This is the first site for genitors I have found.
I hope to help others see their dreams come true.
I’m attracted to having children and possibly a relationship with someone that has very very fair hair and skin with blue eyes. Prefer mentally and financially stable but able to support child on my own if we choose to have a relationship.
Its good that this platform is here to help many people.
Taking classes for my children because they are in foster care
Hey im new here, looking for natural insemination with the right guy, no strings attached.
I am interested in helping others have kids. Would be glad to help you out.
If you are a lady here looking for love a baby and a relationship I believe Im here for you.
single white male looking for white, asian, hispanic female to donate sperm possibly co parent
Hyggelig grei som ønsker finne noen og lage barn med. Siden det har alltid vært min store drøm. Håper noen ønsker og hjelpe meg med min drøm.
Zell Servin
Whats up I'm Zell would love to bless someone with a beautiful baby I do help out if u don't want me present that's cool to I literally just want to donate and make someone happy
Ni Blackmale TAll Healthy 23 young fast pleasure high sperm count
I became a donor at a sperm bank, originally. I learned about the need for donors at uni and thought it was a good thing to do. I've been tested thoroughly and have up-to-date STD results all clear that I can show you.
Fit athletic man, degree level education, hoping to help women get pregnant.
Natural sperm process in best in all the artificial.process of babies birth..
I'd like a donor if possible and I'm a co psrent by choice after leaving a toxic relationship 3 years ago. I have a 16 yr old daughter who looks a lot like drew barrymore looked in the 90's n she looks A LOT like me apparently I'm told. I just want another chance to be a mom once more. I took to pregnancy and motherhood immediately n breastfed for a year after my daughter was born and I just liked being a mommy and
The father to two amazing boys and want to be able to give the same gift I’ve been given to people who need help.
Christian, wish to help family's have children Prefure natural insemination for best effect Will do artificial per request
Hi there :) I’m unsure what to write and willing to revise later
Male in his mid-40s looking for a platonic co-parent to raise a kid. I am 5'11" (180cm), always been thin and fit and have no chronic illness. DNA test and family history shows no big medical problems. I have a master’s degree and studied MBA. Very strong SAT and IQ scores. I am a financially secure and stable person and have been my entire life. Politics is a left centrist. My mother is Christian, and I'm agnostic.
Athlete with no significant medical history. College degree, uncommon familial pathologies, active professional life and fulfilling career.
We disease to reproduce, so let's do it there is nothing better from being a parent.....
I am a healthy and attractive White male, only 5’9” but my brothers were much taller. Always naturally very smart and athletic.Sorry if that’s arrogant but I was top of my class. No known hereditary issues.
We're looking to build a co-parenting "village", in some form. :-)
Kik glasshlful Hey I'm a well endowed, high volume sperm producer. I have great genetics and an urge to impregnate. Willing to meet more than once if needed to ensure impregnation.
Pretty Kitty
I've always wanted to be a mom. I've had such bad luck with mating I've truthfully given up on love. I still want children, so I've decided for myself that I want to be in a co parenting arrangement. I want to have my baby the natural way by my donor and have a co parenting arrangement to raise the child (s). We don't have to be in love or any we're not ready for. Just doing as the agreement says.
Im open to being a donor any method located in Indianapolis. Unable to travel far
I want to help those that want to get pregnant.
I am mostly Caucasian but a quarter Korean. Myself and my family are all healthy. Definitely no genius, but I do value intelligence and creativity.
Sperm donor from Ottawa Ontario Canada looking to donate! I do not wish to coparent.
Looking for coparenting and maybe love. I would love to meet someone to share, coparent and love a child
I'm STRAIGHT 39. Unfortunately, I have not met the man of my dreams, but I'm eager to start a family. I've been single for a while and want to start trying to have a baby. I would ideally like to have three children mini, hoping to find someone i could help facilitate my heart's desire in having a family of my own. To begin with, i will like to talk via zoom and see if we are a good fit (align with values etc.). Additional, I enquire about SDI status or and a willingness to have your sperm test. I have done a lot of research on sperm quality. I will be asking direct questions about medical health and exercise and eating habits etc. FYI I'm come across as very serious become this matters a lot to me. I just don't want to waste anyone time or deal with people with negative tensions towards MY DREAM of being a mother and possibly a new chapter of my life and family.
I am looking to help a single or a couple begin a family of their own.
Iam a Professional Sperm Donor Working with Clients Full Secrecy and Satisfaction by Dating on Multiple occasions Until Clients Satisfaction
I'm looking for an Italian sperm donor, not co-parenting. I'm Italian and want my child to be Italian also. I have a daughter, I own a home, and am financially stable.
Asian. Looking to donate sperm to anyone wanting to have a baby. Not interested in co parenting.
I’m a hard working, non stop creator and pursue my goals with rigorous self discipline
Just want to help Women become mothers that’s can’t don’t
Natural insemination is good process for successful pregency with no more medical process and it completes without spending money
I am looking for a natural donor to have a baby.
Hello, Im from Sweden, I like training traveling and cooking,
Looking to sponsor a child and to help a future mom.
We are looking for dedicated clean bill of health and sincere.
Looking for a person who is interested in having a biological kid and co-parenting.
Looking to be a sperm donor just meassge me for anything you want to know
Wanting to connect with a life/ soulmate to create a family and memories with.
Ive been wanting love for the past 2 years and I have my own place
Hi, I can be your friend and want to help you get your own child. I am Indian, Highly qualified Engineer and MBA . I work for a Multinational.
Natural donor. Not looking for involvement after birth of child.
I will only agree if it’s don’t natural I don’t really like the idea or releasing into a cup
I am a nice, caring, loving and very attractive young girl in search of true love.
hi I am a strong healthy african American man looking to donate
hi there, lesbian couple looking for a clean sperm donor to help us conceive
I don't know what to put here this is a bad translation
I am very kind in nature, very fair in color, black hair honest and romantic, with the stand about 5. 7ft height and 72 kg weight.
Hi I’m here to help anyone that wants to start a family. I can do any method even delivery
To find options and to find connection if any from outside world to get my gift
Not sure what this is or what you are looking to get out of this question. Please rephrase this and Ill answer
I am looking to inseminate and help those in need. I am young and extremely fertile and want to help.
This is the first time trying this. I have been a one woman man through my life. Hard working, college educated, and atletic. The first girl I was with, the second time having sex she got pregnant, and the second girl I was with (My wife) got pregnant the first time having unprotected sex.
I am a 21 year old college student looking to help prospective mothers achieve motherhood. I am currently a full-time student at the University of Connecticut, studying in animation and illustration. I maintain a variety of hobbies and activities, such as amateur music and video production, martial arts training, and language learning. I am also on KDR.
Thought to help who need of their future generations to help tyem to make kids
Beautiful middle age woman wanting to get pregnant after a gap of 22 years!
I am looking for a sperm donor/long distance co-parent. My ideal situation would be someone who is at least willing to be in their lives a moderate amount (more the better but that is dependent on how comfortable you are with it.)
Hi, I am single lady and I want to have a baby with someone, who is also willing to do that.
Healthy, fit, Intelligent man seeking to donate to those willing to chat first
Family is fairly healthy, only minor non hereditary medicals. Currently, I'm finishing up my masters and searching for a better paying job.
I've had experience in this field and seen that its challenging for women to start a family later in life. I know personally people who have been affected by complications with Artificial insemination and egg freezing procedures. It is a very personal matter and difficult to consider the natural option. I see N.I. as a healthy natural way to help create healthy families without unnecessary costs and invasive medical options.
Interested in helping someone out Im asexual so I don’t like to have sex but I would like to start a life I personally don’t want children so I’m willing to help
Just looking to help out in any way I can. I would love to bring a life into the world.
Looking to be a simple donor. check out what my physical description is and see if its right for you :) Pursuing a masters degree and regularly exercising. I have no medical issues and normal sperm count. I do wear glasses.
Highly educated (Doctorate) , successful business owner, 6 language speaker ready for sperm donation and helping couples
Im here to find somebody, with who i could make a family or co parenting, or make somebody happy with my material. I dont have a premium account here, So cant see who visits me.. Snp,,, :Pavo Im working in transportation, So im visiting s half of Europe.. Germany, spain, Portugal, france, belgium, holland, danmark etc
I am ready for a Chile now that I am retired and economically stable.
Looking to donate to someone who would love to have a baby
Natural Sperm Donation Looking to help all people who aren’t able to have kids everyone deserves the chance to have kids!
I'm a very healthy, stable, educated and very attractive man that has a dream of becoming a father. I am on this Website for all the right reasons, and want to live out my dream and help some achieve theirs as well. I'm recently STD Tested for all diseases which are all negative, and would gladly provide the proper documents from my Doctor. I'm willing to travel at my expense, and am comfortable with Co-Parenting or no contact with the child if preferred.
Enby moon
Looking for a donor for myself and my wife to start a family
Looking to help with NI donations, personal and educational history available.
Hi everyone. Am new here. I will like to meet my donor for 42 years old. Nice to meet you all nice people
Just wanting to help start a family, to help someone's dream become a reality.
Looking for responsible coparents to bring a child to this world together
Looking to donate or co-parent with a wonderful and sweet lady preferably one that lives in the U.S ( Va, DC, MD).
Help someone needy with my healthy sperm to fullfil my financial needs. Can visit Bangalore.
Looking for a man to get me pregnant because I’m desperate
I search on Google how to become coparent and now this website
I really want to help a family build up and be happy too . I know you struggle
Looking for a financial stable woman that wishes to be a mom but hasnt found her price yet
I would like to help others achieve their dreams, give me a chance to get to know each other
I’m looking to provide NI to single or couples of any sexuality without any other involvement other than updates of health/happiness.
Looking for a sperm donor ill take it the natural way or a.i
I am really want to have a baby as a single woman. Any question you can ask me.
Looking for someone or couple who are willing to co patent
Looking to meet someone who wants to see their child grow to be the best human.
Seeking a donor that is serious about donating and understands what is to be expected.
I am a successful donor of five women, all through natural insemination.
Natural sperm donor... Just want to help someone out there.. Putting smiles on their face
Willing to help a couple and/or single person wanting to become pregnant.
I am ambitious sport guy who is willing to help women or couples to have children
I am a man who is interested in helping to make someone dreams come true
Looking to simply help make the world a better place
I'm 21 looking to help others start a family just ask for updates on child
I’ve always known I wanted to be a Mom. I’m just looking for a little help to make it happen:)