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Are you a Woman and want a child alone? Find a man here for a natural or semi-natural sperm donation.
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I've known women who have desperately wanted to raise children on their own, but found it hard to find out how. I want to help someone fulfill their dream without judgment. I'm a fairly intelligent person with two degrees with no major medical conditions. I'm a kind, sensitive, and understanding person and I like to hope your child will be too. Looking for a closed donation with a legal agreement to make everything straightforward, simple, and positive.
Looking to start a family; interested in being a donor and/or coparenting.
Handsome and intelligent, looking to help women conceive children. You will enjoy the experience. Travel or host
Natural insemination sperm donor I wanna impregnate women ,no condom I wanna be father of family.
36/f on the east coast. Professional in education, obtaining masters degree.
I am honest caring loving kindhearted and God fearing person
I am searching for my heartbeat someone honest caring loving kindhearted and God fearing.
Interested is natural donation. I have three healthy children and interested in natural donation and possible co-parenting.
Good,smart,sexy ,full energy,looking beautiful,sperm are fully loaded,heavy sperm loss,good mind
I am interested in a smart, educated and lovely lady who will appreciate my support (financially) in having children soon. Preferably ready to live in Europe (Czech Republic, Austria or Germany). But I am also ready to spend time with you, being close to you, as I can work online for my property development projects. I am happy to connect and make our dreams come true :)
I am in good health, trim (can easily see my toes standing upright) with a sense of humor; Take no meds. Professional and clean-cut in appearance and demeanor. I am reasonably educated and sincere in connecting with a woman of shared values in her quest for motherhood. Am seeking a woman who is reasonably educated, nurturing, warm, loving and open-minded. One who is able to smile and laugh at life's small wonders. As one who has traveled abroad - distance is "relative" to me...
A kind and considerate single man looking to help woman in need. I believe NI is the way it was meant to occur hence this is what I’d prefer :)
A well settled man willing to donate sperm for needy.
Co parenting
I am single woman who wants to have a child
I am from India looking for those who wanna start a family. Willing to help.
Looking to provide a baby for any woman , will be clean , sign off legally and respectful .
I'd love to help you bring a beautiful child into this world. I have dark blond hair (some might call it brown), blue eyes and am 6'2" tall. Here are the genetic positives I can think of that I offer: - I have no genetic diseases in my family - I have no history of mental illness in my family - I am a little above average when it comes to intelligence - I have strong teeth/no cavities (I recently read that 92% of adults have cavities so I guess having stronger enamel on your teeth might not be super common) - I have no trouble saving money (who knows if this is genetic but my parents and both my brothers are also good with money and planning for the future) I have a laid-back personality, though I have a pretty strong independent streak. I go through periods of time when I am an extrovert but I think my natural tendency is to be an introvert. I have completed my Masters degree from ASU (an MBA) with a 4.0 GPA. I just started working on my PhD this year and I expect I will be done with that in about 5 years. I think I am about average in my athletic ability. My favorite comedians are Sarah Silverman, Maria Bamford, and Tim Minchin. Please ask me if you have any questions.
I need someone to Co-parenting with Must be working as well
I am currently looking for a sperm donor where I don’t have to co-parent with anyone. I would like to raise my child on my own. By myself..
Michael Delaney
I'm 6'1", grey hair, blue eyes, average build and a College graduate!
I want to be a mom more than anything. I know I'm older than what is potentially ideal, but I have been waiting for it to happen, and now its time to take hold of my circumstances and make my dream of motherhood come true. I have so much love to give and share with our child, I can't wait to meet you and create a plan to shepherd our new life into the world with love and acceptance. I'm a collaborator, a team player, the most liberal voter you've ever met, and I will make you and our child's life lots of fun. I can't wait. Let's get started!
I am a man of good health, I have had one partner, I am seeking to become a natural sperm donor.
Hi, I'm 36 years old indian guy, I livenin Chicagoland area
I am loving caring kindhearted hardworking loving and God fearing type of person
I would like to donate sperm in order to bring happiness in someone else lfe
I am a healthy man, non-smoking, no alcohol, no any alergies or other health disorders. My wife cannot get pregnant and has kids from your first merriage. I am happy to help you to have a healthy happy child so I know there is one born from me on the Earth. If needed can support your parenting.
Hey just looking to help people start a family
I’m a mother already to a 4 year old boy who seeks another child before it’s too late :)
Just looking to help ask questions and you will get answers
Looking to donate my sperm in order to help someone start a family of their own
Having a look due to curiousity. Wouldnt mind if anything were to occur
I'm just beginning my search for a willing partner
Fiancé and I are Looking for a NI doner who has a up to date medical record and also who’s ok with having no contact
I want to help those women who are not happy in their married life for not conceiving naturally.
I want to help those women who are longing for kids
Looking to breed with a stranger. I would love to help someone have a baby.
Hi. Looking for someone who wants to have a baby. If interested please contact.
Looking to have a baby with a woman in my area CT usa
I would like to donate my sperm if any one want in andhra pradesh. And am ready to donate in any way
I am looking for a Sperm donor or a man who is interested in co-parenting without a love relationship but with child responsibility. In case of co parenting, i would like to meet and know about some background and social ideas and intereses.
I'm a kind, athletic man who likes traveling and learning. I was a quiet, serious child who has grown into an outgoing adult. Message me if you want to know more :)
I am looking for a woman to have a baby together
Want to help someone have a kid and possibly be part of the child's life
Looking to help you become the Mom that you want to be.
Looking to become a genitor for either same sex or opposite sex couples. Single ladies is okay too.
I’m willing to give my sperm to someone in need I’m healthy and I don’t have any medical problems
I think if the terms of agreement are considered favorable, the outcome any process involved will become successful.
I want to breed for continuity of my gene line and meet the love. Want to help girls, women, lesbians fulfilling their desire to have babies.
I would love to help you become a parent, Please let me know if I can help you.
Hello am a Man from Ghana. Masculine, intelligent looking forward to donate healthy sperms
I am to have all regards and application of the law of the land.
I’m Latin American. Sperm donor looking for make you happy. Sperm donor, I’m from Latin America I’m speak Spanish, I’m in Orlando serving waiting for you I can do NI or NI+ if needed. I’m single but I would like you got an angel.
This section is incomplete due to no availability at this time.
Here to start a family and or be a natural doner
Single guy looking to help females have kid with natural intercourse sperm donation
Highly Intelligent Guy - Available For Natural Insemination - Everything Will be Kept Confidential ...
Want to be a dad, and if possible to find someone to spend life with.
We wish to have a natural insemination for getting pregnant. We long for baby. Can you please help ? We are in Chennai Tamilnadu
I am looking for a woman for co-parenting around my age.
Me llamo Juana y quiero tener un hijo/a mientras sea biologicamente capaz de hacerlo. Busco un donante de esperma natural.
I am a pretty intelligent and relaxed person. I am looking to help those out there that need some assistance.
I would like to make my self available to help singel women or couples to become pregnant. I do not intend to co parent and I do not want to be involved in the child's live in any way.
Looking to become a donor to help families looking to have a family.
Hetero Couple looking for women for natural insemination, no strings attached, good payment
I'm looking for someone to help me bring up a child, and with financial support also. Someone easy to get along with
Non alcoholic. Non smoker. Region: Pune. Organic. Ping for taking further. Natural sperm donor in Pune.
I would like to start a family or help someone to start a family
Sperm Donor. I love helping people start/grow their families. I got a perfect score on the SAT.
We need a good descent genuine sperm donor for NI
Natural sperm donor. I would like to help a nice lady experience the joy of being a mother.
Im trying to save my bloodline i'm the last of my line help?...:/
looking to procreate, and be a Genitor donor. African American male.
Hi . I would be really glad if I help someone to conceive and help them become a parent through natural insemination.
Unsure of the nature of this field. So I filled it with this.
Looking to have a kid before I can not anymore
i am looking for natural insemination process from a healthy donor
I am Quiet and down to earth natured person. I am into a real and Meaningful relationship with both the parson I am donating to and the child we will make together.
Looking to help women through NI only abd please don’t be rude
I am from a good family back ground would like to help someone to get pregnant
Race mixed with Mexican and Colombian. Light brown curly hair. Brown eyes. Skin color carmel.
Hey my name is Frank and hopefully I’ll be able to help you conceive :)
No interest in parenthood, but looking to help give others the chance to start.
I'm 19, white, 6ft with brown hair and blue eyes. I'm looking to help those who want to become mothers but are in need of a sperm donor or breeder to make that happen. I'm not here to start a family, I just want to help you start your own. I'm located in Belgium and willing to help those in neighboring countries as well. All I ask is for you to be at or over the legal age and ready for the responsibilities that come along with being a mother.
I want to be a parent and find love.
I am looking to start a family and want to find a good father, even if we are not going to be married.
simple, down to earth, believe in relations, no diseases, no smoking, no drinking
Hi just looking to help any single or couple straight and lesbian women
We're a recently married lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor. We'd prefer the donor to have no contact with the child and insemination via AI.
Interested in a professional man who is direct with his communication. Man who enjoys being masculine and who is constantly building himself intellectually, can work with his hands and who desires a family to complement him.
I want to help if there's anyone that needs help as I've had friends that couldn't find the right donor
I have already some experience in it and helped out feel free to reach out
I’m looking to start a family on my own in 2021, have strong family genes and no major. Father does not need to be around if not wanting to and will be relocating for work in 2021 as well
I am trying to help people in need it's nice to have a family if I can help someone have a family I will do so I'll give to you as many as kids as you want I am healthy my family is healthy if you have any questions feel free to ask me thanks
i am Shandi Cabrera from united states of America and i am supportive,caring and also i have a passionate of true love in my heart.
I really want to be a mother. I am looking for a sperm donor or someone very exceptional, intelligent and with good values ​​to be a father. without romance, without drama, and with a lot of commitment. I am not looking for someone to build a traditional family. but someone who wants to build a healthy family
Natural might might suit someone better than AI willing to help
Any single woman that is looking to have a child with me
Looking to donate to those looking to have a baby.
I am looking for any women who want to have kids. I am in need of women for meeting their measures physically
Scottish sperm donor available to help in Manchester region in england
Hey I’m mike and I’m mostly looking to help someone have a family
Funloving and silly likes fun time out doors mostly but indoors is cool too
Looking to be a donor to help you naturally have a family.
Hello, Looking to help anyone looking for some help in starting a family
Help a female couple Naturally start a family together. Good Athletic genes
I’m looking for a nice guy for our baby.
I am very fit, intelligent, and accomplished. I wish to help women and couples have a healthy baby through natural donation.
Seeking to assist a woman to have a baby by natural insemination. I never had children of my own due to my wife had uterine and cervical cancer. So I would like to find a woman wishing to become pregnant by whom I can father a child for her. She will have full custody and responsibility for the baby. I merely want just the knowledge I have a child I brought into the world. Please leave a offsite contact as I am not a paid member here.
Looking for NI for couple. Looking for donor for NI
Want helping woman for getting mom and to be happy for life
I want to help a woman fulfill her dream of conceiving a child.
Looking to help others start families, naturally donated, not sure what else to say.
Hi i am a mid 25s old boy and a very practical man well educated and genuine guy
Not sure what to write actually but if you insist ....
Young, Tall, Caucasian and very attractive. Feel Free to ask if you have any questions
Easy going, college educated, good health with multiple previous successes.
I have really high IQ 130+, I was always academically gifted, you can check my marks if you like... I am honest and safe, I will ready to go through tests required for things. I don't smoke, do regular exercises and never did drugs. I don't have any allergies and have really strong immunity.
I will be happy to be a Genitor or natural donor for someone either a couple or single parent who wants to have a baby. I look forward to the act of bringing smile on to the lips and happiness on to the life of people who are really worried about not having a kid and at the same time not in a position to spend too much money on it
Hi looking to help out so lets have a chat and see how i can help
Looking to make a baby the natural way. Can’t wait to help make a miracle happen
I haven't done a lot of research as I just left an 8-year relationship a year ago and this only now something I have been thinking about I've always wanted to be a mother
I am wanting to assist women who are looking to conceive.
Conocer personas para primero empezar una amistad y a futuro llegar a un mutuo acuerdo dependiendo como fluya todo
Single man from Sweden, currently traveling the UK. Intrested in helping single women and couples in conciving a child. I have a collage degree in politcal science and a degree in children pedagogy
I am a 37yr old single female looking for a sperm donor or co-parent. I am British but have permanent residency in Australia where I have lived for the past 9 years. After splitting up with my long term partner at the beginning of the year I have decided to go it alone as I am desperate to start my own family.
Searching for a healthy young successful natural sperm donor to fulfill my dream of being a mother.
Happy and healthy, mind and body, seeking a caring person who dreams to become a mom.
Hi, I’m a 32yr old Aussie guy that would love to help someone out to become a parent. I have a 3yr old gorgeous blue eyed blonde son who brings me complete happiness. I want to be able to help someone else achieve their own dream of becoming a parent.
Would like to discuss possibilities of co-parenting with a female in my area
I'm a 26 yr old woman who's loving and caring I'm also an open book so ask me whatever your heart desires
Hello, successful donor available to help single women become mothers. Drug free, disease free, non-smoker donor available for your use.
I’m ready to be a mom and open to coparenting, or sperm donor, and if I find love along the way that’s fine with me.
I would be happy to provide a baby for a woman
A couple with children recommended I sign up to be a donor as I would provide a genetically suitable array for someone.
Just turned 40yo and looking for pregnancy as soon as possible
6'4 man looking to inseminate the old-fashioned way. Will not consent to co-parenting and will not consent to any congress without legal protection.
AI Sperm donor from Belfast looking to help lesbian couples and anyone else who needs help:)
I would like to raise a child with 2 other parents, with or without a romantic relationship. (I'm also open to giving sperm if anyone is just looking for a sperm donor.)
looking to father a child open to it leading to a relationship prefer natural but with how things are in the world to day open to artificial prefer woman of Asian Mexican but i am open to all
Healthy, smart, successful guy. Has one kid, who is energetic, very bright and always happy. Curly brown hair, hazel eyes.
I’m Not sure the question your asking about no contact personal data?
Looking for a couple or a single lady willing to become parent(s).
I need to help those women who need sperm for child
I’m not sure what exactly to put in this box
I'm just a donor looking to help single females or couple, achieve there dreams of being a mother.
I have helped my friends who couldn't have children alone and it has been amazing both as a natural parent and as a co parent I love being a father even if it's part time as a co aren't
I want to build a new family, with a good person
Height 1.80m, slim, black hair and eyes, healthy, university student, under 30 years, good character
Fit Latino man here ready to donate my swimmers ;)
23 year old , University student willing to donated to a couple or single parent
located in brisbane and looking to help someone become pregnant and have all the joy children bring in life.
I am looking to be a single mother and the best one too
just looking right now for the future one day maybe.
Help a person or persons in need. Half Mexican half Italian German, healthy family work out regularly 39 years old father of one adult
I am a single Man, I would like to be a father. I am open for any kind of insemination for the baby. Ideally, I would be bring up the child alone (but off-course since this not surrogacy, i am open for co-parenting and staring a family if our attitudes match).
I’m single and open to co parenting with a like minded individual.
19 year old wanting to have a baby contact if interested
Sperm door available for sperm donation and or co-parenting. Contact me for any requirement.
Sperm donor needed. Hoping to find what am looking for on this page.
Hello to all men...hopefully we can bring a beautiful soul into my world
Hello I am single and 39 year old . I am yet to find the love of my life. Ever since I know myself I want to be a mother .I am looking for someone who want to become a father with or without getting into serious relationship. By profession I am an Engineer .
Looking to help someone become a mother and have some fun in the process
Looking for AI donors but open to alternative. Please smart, healthy and have recent STI test done. Overall be open. Not looking for any attachment at all. Please have a picture share and only serious replies. I am open to all races but mainly attracted to Caucasian men Happy Baby making!
I love children and I want to have more children
I am a sperm donor through natural insemination. Those who interested can contact me. I am ready to travel. It must be always secret.
Educated, high IQ, scientific career male looking to help female have a child.
Life is but a long journey. As easy as it seems, in fact, it is so difficult to understand why we have to meet many people on our and there is always a special one, I can love and sacrifice everything with.
Looking to help females that want to get pregnant but dont have anyone to do it with
Father of 3, Donor of 3, happy to help parents to be, start a new family.
I am either looking for a sperm donor or a co parent to help me become a mother and then have nothing to do with me or the child. Or you can be a coparent with the understanding that you will never try to take full custody for yourself and I wont either it will be 50/ 50. I want to homeschool the child when she or he gets old enough so I am going to be looking for a job where I can work from home. I want my child to be raised as a Christian. I want only one child so any person who wants more than one will need to find another person to co parent with. I don't want someone to pressure me into having more children.
Professional thinker. Devoted pop culture trailblazer. Communicator. Unapologetic problem solver.
I’m very fit and active 33 yr old male looking to co parent !
Natural insemination donors in Maryland No co-parenting needed No STDs or Diseases
I am a NI sperm donor looking to help conceive children.
Looking for a coparent. Would be more than blessed to start a family and meet love.
I'm offering to be a natural sperm donor only for a woman or family that can prove that they would be financially able to raise a child and give the child a good and moral upbringing. If so, you can contact me.
Currently an undergrad in computer science. I have an athletic build and do not have an birth defects. I do not have any allergies. I do not have any history of health issues. I am looking to help anyone looking to have a child with their preferred way of sperm donation.
Red headed man willing to do a NI of a woman.
Single professionally employed. Have always wanted a child. I have experienced fertility issues (miscarriage 3 years ago)
I am ready to give sperm, provided the girl is free from any diseases and I am healthy from any disease
White Male, Christian, Educated, Scandinavian, Multi Lingual, Blue Green Hazel Eyes
I like making women happy and you want a baby then by all means I'll give you one
Looking to be a natural donor or genitor. Well educated.
Tall, smart, successful man who is willing to help provide the child you seek.
Hey this is Nel and I’m in Toronto here to help some one who’s in need of a healthy sperm. I’m highly educated did MBA and currently working with a corporate firm at a mid senior level position
Hope it works, looking forward to motherhood, hopefully my dream comes through!
Looking to help anyone who wants children. I have two of my own and they bring me a lot of joy. Everyone should be able to experience having children. I have a bachelor's of science and work in technology.
I am from Chandigarh and want to help childless couples
I’m looking to help out with NI. Healthy 23 year old male college student. Entrepreneur.
Hello.. I am looking at possible future parenting options -- Thank you!
Wants to help woman getting pregnant and have a child from a woman
Wild sperm
Just a man wanting to give ladies the gift of parenthood
Widowed 40 yo male from ct looking to help people start the family’s they want
Hi, if you need help getting pregnant. I’m here for you ;)
i am i search of a kind and caring sperm donor willing to coparent
Hi looking to help couples, singles or lesbian to start their own family
I need a physically and mentally fit person for sperm donation
i am villages boy AT Tribal. GOD SAY YOU HELP TO OTHER
Me gustaría ayudar a las personas que quieran tener una bebé , también en lo posible formar una familia y compartir la crianza.
Its ur choice to select one of all if ur willing from heart it will get to u from its own it will nice to get u a happyness by my effort and a small amount of sperm of mine to u
Fit, slim, healthy, friendly, curious. Have helped two ladies have babies before and happy to help again. Very discrete and reliable.
Need healthy baby by natural who gives there sperm to my wife
Hello! I am a father of two hoping to help others start their own family. I figured I would be of use to some women looking to start families due to my unique "tall, dark and handsome" genetic make-up. If you have any questions please feel free to message!
I'm looking partner without bad habits ,living healthy life style ,looking to continue generation
i m ready for natural insemination to help others at their will free of cost.
I have 3 children of my own, all very tall and considered good looking and intelligent. Willing to help select women who want to conceive.
one of a kind
No disease and I rarely become ill.No conditions and no genetic faults such as cancer in the family or mental illnesses.
I want to donate my sperm to any one without any cost .Don't worry your privacy is my utmost priority.
I am a successful creative person wanting to contribute to life
Looking for sperm donor who willing to do home natural process or home invetro
I am a 24 year old male. In graduate engineer and researcher. Excellent academic record. Multi lingual knowing regional and foreign languages. No alcohol or drug use. Don't smoke. Good quality sperm. No STDs.
Medical professional open to coparenting or natural sperm donation. Asian-American male completing training to become a physician.
Looking for a natural sperm donor, someone open to co-parenting. Preferably a white Guy
High Iq individual. Hazle eyes, dark hair, Olive skin tone. No Health Issues.
Married male with permission looking to donate. I prefer to be a known donor but the level of participation in the child's up bringing can be discussed from 0 - 50%. No family history of any mental health issues or disease. My hair is all natural, no grey, naturally straight teeth. I am high IQ and self made. I am a compassionate and caring person. I may fill more of this later.
Just looking to help people who want families and donate sperm, artificially or naturally
Checking what this website is about, saw many different ones and I’m trying to figure out what is the best.
im looking to donate and potentially start a family with someone
Lesbian couple seeking sperm donor to build our family. We have one child who is our entire world. It’s our dream to have one more child. A sibling for our daughter to complete our family. We’ve been married ten years and together fifteen. We’re looking for a donor only to be donated for at home insemination or donation in a doctors office for IVI. We had previously issued at home insemination. However, if the donor is more comfortable donating in a doctors office setting we’re okay with that as well. Please, if you can find it in your heart to make our dreams come true. We would be forever grateful for your selfless gift of love to our family.
i'm physicist, looking for donating sperm in order to spread my genes, i'm open to co-parenting and financial aid for the mother and the babies
I am 44 and in a stable position in life. I’m pursuing fertility treatments as a single woman but would be open to starting a family or natural sperm donation. Having a family is my #1 priority.
Looking to donate sperm to those families and individuals wishing to start a family. Open and willing to be a co parent to a child I help create.
Oregon based white male with graduate degree and athletic build.
I have very high sperm levels and extremely fertile. I would like to help a family.
I'm a sperm donor helping people... Contact me and I will help in any way I can
Willing to help women out with Natural sperm donor or maybe AI
I would like to make a baby. I may want to help raise it.
Looking to provide natural insemination for someone. I am a 22 year old man working in technology.
I am currently exploring the idea of being a genitor.
Just want to see what is out there and decide
I am looking for someone to donate sperm for me and my partner of almost 4 years
Random Dan
I am looking for those who want to have a baby. Also, who wants to have a family. I am looking for a new relationship. Lead a healthy lifestyle
Im interested to help couple who need children And I like to see them happy
In need of becoming a mother. Hoping my dreams come true
I just trying this out to see if anyone wants natural insemination to have kids never done this before
Ask for more details and I will gladly fill you in
i help You to have a baby. If You want mixed race daughters i'm also open to co parenting.
Offering NI, PI, or AI donations. Whatever you feel most comfortable doing is what we'll do.
healthy younger male, very fertile with a healthy child of my own.
Just having a look around.......I'm a great guy and am open to discussing all options.
I just thought I could support and help, and I really wanna do this
Do you want dark babies with good genes? No conditions in the family, grandfather was 6'6" I'm 5'11" ex soldier, educated, keen mind, intelligent, hard worker
Looking to help people get pregnant I don’t want relation
Colin fett
I have no idea what to put here so I’ll put this
Seeking someone who is willing to be a donor. My fiance and I are ready to be parents.
Tall 6ft 1in, husky strong athletic build. Long black hair, dark Mediterranean skin, Hazel - green eyes, bearded and from Hellenic background. Intellectual - over 4 Diplomas, 3 Bachelor degrees, 2 Masters and current Phd student. Martial Arts Master. Philosopher, teacher and writer. Spiritually inclined and prefer NI. Genuinely motivated to help each other fulfil our lives. Happy to share photos and more.
Slender woman seeking donor. Financially stable. Looking to parent alone.
looking for a donors anywhere around south africa who loves reading
Looking for women in need of a natural deposit
55 year old man here in north carolina for women who would like me to give some of my sperm n i but this is not free anymore so if somone wants to give me a free pass otherwise im done here
i want a dark tall and handsome sperm donor, im a fertile woman
All my life wanted to have a family but no-one proposed herself.
Sperm donor
I'm a looking for ladies to give her my sperm as I'm really honest unique man. I want to have kids with my sperm
Nautral semination is very good for peoples for creating new family with good memories
I am currently single I'm ready to donate a little bit more about me I'm multiracial to get to know more about me just text
want to help out anyone who wants a baby with natrial insemination
I have 2 boys, family is very important. I'm helpful, kind and respectful
Willing to have a baby. Co-parenting is very much welcome. A blended family is fine by me too.
Looking to help ladies and couples in need of my help.
hi looking to help a female with having a baby into the world might consider a relationship if we get along
Since Im still young and havent completed my bachelors degree (Computer Science major), Im just trying to see how this works.
26 looking to help people in need in my roughly local area. I want to do ni but i can do ai if desired
I you want to then i'll give yah, everything
Looking for a sperm donor to expand my family with my wife
I have 5 children of my own, all healthy and happy, and believe everyone should have the joy of raising kiddos
Want to be a part of this noble cause for a woman to have a ray of hope in god in the form of child.
Hi My Name Is Sebi I Am Open For Sharing My Amazing Seed With All Those Willing To Be Great Mothers And Who Are Capable Of Being Loving And Responsible To These Amazing Children.
Looking to help someone fulfill their dreams of starting a family. Love being active and making the most of every moment
Not for research. I am not here for research. I am a natural insemination sperm donor in the Washington DC area.
Doing research to see if this is something to pursue
I just need someone in good health to help me have a baby. We can discuss options and details of the agreement.
Looking for woman that wants to get pregnant naturally and I can get you pregnant
I'm looking to have a child with someone who would like to coparent with myself. I'd like to raise a child and to be a good daddy for him
I'm a 32 years old psychologist from Colombia, interested in raising a child under the principles of mindful parenting, attentive and sensitive care and respect for the nature. I'm budhist, and want to meet someone who shares values similar to mine.
lavernakuz et na koju sta bil karen da zigu normal
Distant donor
No strings attached or contact sperm donor. Healthy, degree eduacated professional and father of 4 beautiful children.
Looking for someone who wants to co-parent. I am currently going through a divorce and so this is most likely my last chance to become a mother. The ideal situation would be a close relationship with the (biological) father, or to have some kind of distance/ international co-parenting relationship or maybe to only receice a sperm donation. I am healthy, naturally very slim and athletic. Just about to finish my post-grad and about to enter stable employment again. Quite a few people have said that I am attractive but that is always a matter of taste I guess. I am willing to do undergo any health tests or an IQ test. As I am the eldest of four, I have always been looking after younger kids and I have always felt the urge to built a family. As I am very new to this, I still need some time to evaluate many aspects and explore my options. I am open to your input.
Just seeing what is on this site not sure what to expect
Looking to help anyone who wants to stary a family
I travel to Bengaluru for work very often and I would like to take it as an opportunity to be a donor because I really want to replicate my genetics. only in the natural way , can be in my hotel room and the husband can be present during the act so he can stay with her in such an important celebration moment and also makes sure it will only be for the donation purpose and not for sex. After the act I will not be get in touch Before the act I would be willing to avoid ejaculation for some days to keep a big amount of sperm load in my testicles for the session, and of course I will also be willing to repeat the sessions until the fertilization is completed. Since my main satisfaction will be make families happy and contribute with my sperm, I will not care about the physical appearance of the woman I will not care about the race age height or social level. So feel free to write me from every background.
I am now at a stage where I want to start a family but I haven't found the ideal partner for it so far. I have a few aquaintances who have started coparenting families and I really like the idea of raising a child with someone else who is not necessarily a lover. I'm not opposed to a sperm donor but would definitely prefer to find a co-parent.
Idk what research means, but I just want to help families or single women live the dream of being a parent. NI because that is the way nature intended as well as the most easiest way of conception. Hope everyone on here gets a chance raise a family!
I am central ohio man looking to help women and couples in the area.
I Want to help someone in need meet there needs
A young male looking to help a family or single female wanting a baby
healthy guy looking to help. Green eyes, athletic build.
Located in Upstate NY I am looking for a female that wants to co-parent with me. I own a couple businesses so can more then support a baby, so if you want to have a baby and stay home I would have no problem supporting you to raise our baby. I have been trying to find a co-parent for a while with no luck so please only respond if your serious.
I Want to help someone in need meet there needs
Just searching to be a donor and need words here
I am here to help those women who want to have kids but can't find a guy willing to give them that opportunity with or without strings attached.
I Want to be the best mom for my future babies preferably twins.
33 yr old looking for male wanting to coparent/build a family. I’m single, no children and a registered nurse.
I am looking for a man who would be willing to do Natural Insemination..
Söker kvinna att dela föräldraskap med i Stockholmsområdet. Är en lugn och stabil kille med god ekonomi.
Looking to help, everyone deserves a child. Easy going and very good semen.
I am looking for donate sperm for childless mother and enjoying her by natural intercourse.
Hi I’m Courtney and live in Northern Ireland with my partner and we would love to start a family together
No results, first time trying this site. Looking forward to meetong someone
I am looking to help those in need and want a child of their own.
i will like to meet new people all over the world that need a new baby and ready to be a mama in the future kindly reach mr out for more details
I am 36 years old and I want to have children
willing to donate to help couples or single. Have helped other before
French/British guy, gay, 38 years old. Nomad for 10 years. Curently living in Malaysia. I am a genealogist therefore I guess it pushes me in my biological need to reproduce. I would like to be a donor with some links with the kids (from just receiving news to beeing in touch).
Looking to coparent I am single Bi independent man more than capable to support our quest to become parents, looking for a single independent lady looking to coparent.
Finding out what & how this works. Just saw this today for the first time.
I’m looking to make a family/ extended family. Although I want to have a baby, I would love his/ her father to be involved and have a support network and family around us.
Looking to help and open for natural insemination and supermarket donor
would love to meet someone to have and raise a child together
Looking to help out through NI method with no strings attached.
I am seeking a kind caring woman to have a child together. Hopefully to establish some kind of relationship but not necessarily so
everyone is good,let helps each other for the future and have some cute babies
Looking for single ladies/couples who want to start a loving family.
To help and share an incredible experience through natural bonds
Looking for a sperm donor who doesn’t want any contact with the child in Hampshire area
Happy go lucky
Looking to help create a wonderful gift of life for you.
Just exploring the possibilities out there because I've been thinking about alternative ways to become a father.
Willing to so natural insemination if you would like it that way
Film writer , photographer , manager in architectural visualizing MNC
Sperm Donor NI Houston
Sperm Donor by NI. Very down to earth, well educated business man.
Looking to help single women start a family or to married women that want to start a family
Hello, looking to help a nice family or woman conceive. Natural guy, healthy, good hearted. Hoping actually to meet someone and really click and like seeing each other. I also have no idea why not. So I think, "there's someone looking for help, click like". I have no idea why they would not like me back. I'm a member of other donor sites and I see the same profile for months and months and I think, "why haven't they just picked someone by now?" Had they picked me, they'd probably be half way to maternity. It's confusing to me that someone would impose on this arrangement the same restrictions as for dating. I'd love to discuss with someone. Food for thought. As for me, if you don't want to be married or date me, then I'm much more flexible on what type of person you are and your background. If we're not going to be married, why not find an out of state donor? Seems reasonable to me. Food for thought.
Here to help poeple to start a family. Feel free to ask me anything, NI only.
Educated, considered attractive. Like animals, yoga and science. Responsible and caring
Previously successful donor. Travel frequently for work. Play 2 instruments and run my own business.
Single lady Lesbian couple natural insemination only. Will arrange to come meet you
Highly Intelligent Guy - Available For Natural Insemination - Everything Will be Kept Confidential
who are looking for sperm donor through natural insemination to conceive
I am a good Indian donor and I donate to all. Feel free to contact me if you need a donor.
I don’t have any other information to put down on here
I want to donate my sperm (natural insemination)for those who want to conceive,and want to have baby,with no relationship,after donation
I'm young and healthy with no health problems and drug free. Feel free to text
Natural insemination sperm donor handsome intelligent donor is needed must be perfect
Co parent required male 36 seeking to start a family or donate sperm
Happy to help lesbian couple out or single women
It’s my dream to father a child. I don’t need to be a part of the child’s life, but if that is an option I’d happily do so.
cute white guy for NI in Seattle, successfully done this in the past
I am 36 year old. Puerto Rican. Will like to find someone for co-parenting, but I am also looking into insemination.
I am 30 years old single man from kerala any one looking for a natural insemination. Contact me.
Any single girls or couple from Kerala/India looking for some fun ?
Attractive engineer with a PhD may be able to help you create a family. I have had genetic testing, and am not a carrier for any of the conditions in the standard battery. In other words my genes are impeccable.
I am a single, straight and educated man looking to start a family or be a donor. It would be nice to actually meet someone and fall in love, but I am open-minded to co-parenting. I have no kids and have never been married. I enjoy traveling, gardening, going to the beaching and anything adventurous.
Open to natural insemination. Not interested in contact with child.
I'm a 33 year old south african male, i want to donate my sperm to women that has a dream of having her own child. I'm here to make your dream a reality.
I just want to help a female have a baby . I’m doing this because I’m already a dad and I make really beautiful smart and healthy baby’s
Hi I would love to be your Sperm donor giving you a beautiful healthy baby or babies. Let’s make you a mommy soon
Looking to help those in need. Reach out to me if you need it.
I'm willing to be a donor for someone looking to have a kid.
ni donor or single parent to rebuild home and family has proven success
Looking to start a family for infertile couples in a stable relationship.
Giving someone a chance to start a family or just to get pregnant and live a life with your kid
Father of 3 sons, healthy, educated, and a doctor by profession.
I'm looking to help out Women who are desperate to have a baby because becoming a Mother is an untold happiest moment for any woman. I'm open for Artificial or Natural Insemination as per the comfort of woman. My thoughts are a woman should get the natural insticts and get comfortable with me (A donor) and rest will automatically be ensured. I'm confident that I can make a woman comfortable, become her companion, share her feelings and gift her the most amazing thing in this world "Pregnancy"
Looking forward to helping you start a family. Successful previous donor, happy to answer questions.
I have a daughter that will be 18 this year. She is #1 in her state for the sport she has chosen. She also has a 4.0. I am presently working on a Masters Degree with really high grades.
To give unconditional love ❤️ to my dream child is the most ultimate purpose in my existence.
I’m a NI donor wanting to help. I’m 6’1”, blonde, blue eyes, 200lbs, no negative medical history in the family.
I am a father of three wonderful children Life is a gift Helping others achieve a family is a incredible gift
I will impregnate you so you can have your kid.
We will agree on terms of parenting and how to govern
Hi I am here to help those people who unfortunately couldn't became parents.
Iam happy to Give My sperm who are looking to become Mother but after understanding both of us and performing some tests.Iam a Good healthy man dont have any bad habbits
Hoping to find male coparent local to central Ohio. Late 30s, early 40s; single, no other kids.
Financially secure, fit, happy & healthy. Looking for help with AI or NI by mutual arrangement.
Need someone who is interested in having and raising a child
I am just trying this out and seeing where this goes.
I want to start a family with my girlfriend and work to give my Mini me a good life
Divorced and only have one child. Wishing to spread my genes to the needed ones and to create more offsprings
Jasmine Edwards
Looking for a co-parent or sperm donor to be involved in our child’s life. If you’re intelligent, healthy let’s meet up and have a chat.
I am looking to help with NI or PI. Maybe even meet the one. Who knows. K I K
I produce beautiful children! I’m no flake weirdo nor will I just ghost you. I’m the real deal! I won’t waste your time so please don’t waste mine as I’m looking for someone serious to help. Fertile and single 6’4” Caucasian guy with brown hair and eyes with a very outgoing spirit. With that said I’m very easy going with a great heart, I love helping others. I have a masters degree in education and ended up working my whole career for a large US automotive company and one of the executive zone managers. I was born and raised on a large family farm here in Texas and have an extensive agricultural background as well. I never have drank used any tobacco products or done drugs of any kind. I’m have no health or mental issues with none in my family background. I have three children of my own and not really wanting to coparent. I have always been std free and plan on keeping it that way. Not here for a hookup just to help someone that chooses me. Communication is key in this process for a quick healthy pregnancy. Not into AI or shipping as I never know where my DNA ends up. I did go take a STD full panel test to be ready to match with someone and you must have one as well. I’m no freak or weird dude but extremely trustworthy and very respectful of you and your wishes. I’m willing to take fertility test to prove I’m very fertile. The reason I’m here is just to help. Please ask any question you have as I’m an open book. I would never charge for helping and will cover my own expenses that includes traveling and distance is not a problem.
Spanish man looking to help women become pregnant via Natural Insemination.
I would like to help someone in need of a sperm donor.
Natural insemination / Sperm donor I'm just willing help women get pregnant as i think children are a good thing too many people think only of petty distractions
Seeking sperm donor to single parent a beautiful child.
I have blue eyes and I am looking for a blue eyed donor
I would love to help someone who is looking to make a family. Could be a possibility of creating a family to.
Hello! I'd like to start my own family however i'm single, that's why i'm seeking for help. I'm looking for a very tall man (above 6'3" feet but i would prefer someone with 6 feet 8 inches/ 203.20 cm) with blue or green eyes and healthy. I'm only interested in Natural Insemination because i believe the old fashion way is the best way to get pregnant (for me). I'm looking for a man committed to try it as many times as necessary until i get pregnant. ONLY if you fit the profile send me a pm but if not please don't.
Would Love to become a Mum. Would love more than one
Very healthy and educated white male willing to impregnate any fertile female. Extremely fertile here.
ready to give a wonderful family, give a lot of love and affection and a comfortable environment, I have no problem with location, I can travel without any problem and I have enough money to support and help this new family that we will create. :)
I am looking for a matured man who would like to have a child and co-parent.
30s indian/islander male 190lbs 5'10 ddf, looking to help with making babies. Have a 2 successful births.
Just looking for someone who wants kids and raise a family
Farther of 5 beautiful children. 2 girls 3 boys
I would like to help unhappy women and couple. Anyone need please contact me
I am in tamilnadu... i want interested to help woman who wanted child...
I'm just filling this out because I have to. Its sex not a space shuttle launch. Geez
I am very curious to learn more about this process.
I'm looking to help those with good intention and need and look forward to discussing about moving forward with your decision.
Cuckold couple where he is sterilized. Both submissive. Fan of nature and "survival of the fittest".
Just the basic guy looking to help and who knows what may come of it.
Want a daughter looking for a Coparent very smart perfect parent
Looking for a black male donor to help my husband and I add to our family
Fernando c
life is beautiful and you have to give it more life
I have not done any research on this just want to help.
Natural insemination, sperm donor, co-parenting, mentally and physically fit. Happy to help the needy.
Sperm donor happy to help woman having a baby ai or ni
First off it takes two to communicate. Out of all of my friends I am always the one to check in with everyone if I didn't I probably wouldn't ever hear from them. It's frustrating at times. I don't have the best communication skills, but I do put in the effort to try. Starting conversations is a bit of a challenge for me. I'd like to find someone to actually connect with, if it stays as friends that's fine. But I'm wanting to start a family in the next four years at the latest. If I end up having to go it alone I will but I'm also open to co-parenting. So if I may have scared you off well my apologies but I'm looking for something more solid.
Just trying to help someone start a family, and maybe find love along the way.
In search for an donor to help me And the love of my life conceive
Attractive white male with a good income looking for natural insemination Co parenting or donor depending on the match.
Just looking to see what’s out there and see what my options are
Hello, I'm a 41 year-old professional that wants nothing more than to have a baby. Obviously I'm running out of time to do so and I'm looking for a sperm donor/coparent that's ready to move forward right away to make a beautiful baby with me.
Looking for someone to naturally inseminate. Blue eyes and blonde hair preferable. Queensland Australia only
30yo father of a bright golden boy unable to imagine not being a father
Attractive,intelligent and very fertile male for a female. Looking to impregnate the natural way.
I recently graduated from college with a bachelors in political science. I wanted to be stable before starting a family and I am finally there. I don’t want to wait anymore.
I am looking to others and create a family of my own
I'm in hyderabad I'm a Indian and I'm a graduate
nice girl that looks for indian donor, preferable big penis
I'm a normal men and i'm looking a normal woman
Looking to help a someone who cannot bring a child into their lives without help.
I'm an artist and editor originally from California, living in Berlin for over 15 years. I'm looking for a sperm donor or a co-parent with "Uncle/Friend role" in the area and am open to discussing various possibilities. I'm 38, healthy, 175cm tall with green eyes and brown hair. I was raised fully bilingual (German and English). My interests include art, literature, film, psychology, picnics, potlucks, and gardening. I have a post-graduate degree, am a non-smoker, and live a very healthy lifestyle. Beyond this, I have lots of experience caring for children and love to do so. Forming a happy and healthy family is a top priority for me. Ich spreche auch Deutsch- feel free to get in touch!
Helping people want to support dreams, happy to discuss level of contact with child, if any
Contact by phone . It best get me by emailing me for a response. I single man that work alot.
My wife is done after three kids. But I want more kids. I cannot have another wife. So I am interested in this. I would love to see a caucasian or a woman of other race have my child.
I feel happy to donate the needy people who really need my good quality sperm
Currently living outside the Bay Area. Clean and healthy, looking to help wanting families. I am a twin if that means anything to you.
Willing to donate my sperm to any couple having difficulties and also on the look out to find a suitable female to carry my child (single parenting)
We are a family that are opening our hearts and home to a beautiful child. Looking to co-parent or have a surrogate. Open to natural insemination or sperm donor.
I haven’t done any research I just want to pass on my genes.
I am looking for a guy to have a baby. I wanna be a single mom. I am not looking for a relationship or any kind of maintenance. If you are interested to help me, please send photo in private. Thank you!!
Good man for sperm donation. I donate freely without asking any questions
Young women ready to have kids/ family. Just have not met the right guy.
I’m pretty outgoing and someone you’ll probably get along with, I would love to and have always wanted to give a baby, whether I would be there or not would be fine with me, I may need transportation to get to you, depending on how far you are I’m also very active exercising and pretty healthy
All men is good for me but responsible and serious man will be highly welcome.
Looking to co parent minimum one weekend a month, max 50/50.
I am a decent and kind man who wants to be a father thru a natural means with a single or partnered woman
New Jersey area donor available with a high rate of success . No family history of hereditary diseases or illnesses not even glasses asthma or allergies German Irish Norwegian and Cherokee Indian with blonde hair and blue eyes
About me I am 36 years old, 1.99 meters high, I have black hair, black eyes, I do regular sports and I am a college graduate. I am open to discuss and find the best way to fulfill this dream of becoming a parent.
I am a man from Denmark looking for a woman to start some kind of family
I would love to help women or couple get the gift of life.
I am looking for a coparent who is willing to be there throughout the pregnancy and birth. I did not want to be a single mom because, my dad died before I was born. No one in my past relationships wants to have children because they are afraid of responsibility and commitment.
Looking for an educated Caucasian male, educated and considered attractive female with a kind heart. Hard working
I’m single never been married I’m a US army veteran living in Southern California had yet to meet a love of my life to start a family with but would love to become a father or help those needing a man to help in making a child together
I would like to help unhappy women and couples who are longing for kids
I'm a 35 year old single and would like to have a baby
I want to have a friend that can accept me because i'm not handsome. Im willing to have a child with others but not to become father
I would like ro see the much desrved smile on the parents faces when the are pregnant.
6"1' Blue eyes. Sperm analysis completed. STD free with proof. I'm an open book.
I need of any lady who wants to co-parent with me willingly.
I am a healthy 28 year old guy who is willing to help out
Looking for a woman that prefers to conceive a beautiful child through discreet natural insemination.
I want to become a father, looking for adequate females wanting the same.
I am robin. I will be really happy to give u happiness . I am natural insemination person with high fertility rate . My sperm quality is very good. And sure make u conceiv
Would love a sperm donor... Me and my gf wanna expand our family
Willing to donate to any female, not interested in creating relationship
I am healthy, honest and financially stabilized, looking for co-parenting chances with someone in Ontario, or just donate my sperm to somebody in needs.
I am looking to help people in need. Hopefully I can do that.
Hi i am 35 years old single heterosexual woman , i am looking for sperm donor and co parenting by choice
Connect with a healthy heterosexual male to donate and possibly coparent by choice.
Married father looking to help the right woman experience parenthood.
I'm looking for a sperm donor that's willing tot get a DNA compatibility test, just to insure that the baby is less likely to inherit any life threatening congenital diseases.
I’m 37 and looking for a Sperm donor to fulfill my dream of having a child. Not looking for anything in return and not looking for the donor to provide any support.
I do not know what to write here, will update later.
Cowboy 31
Really nice guy looking to co parent with a really nice person and raise an awesome child together.
I'm looking for the future mother of my child(ren). I'm a single gay man who wishes to raise a child with someone without a sexual or romantic relationship. I'm from NY, but have lived in warmer areas and would consider moving to start a family. Please message me if you think I sound like a good fit for you.
Athletic slim build healthy not allergic to anything any question just ask
Natural insemination in order to help a childless couple and bring smile to their faces.
Looking for someone to have a large family with! Would love to help find an awesome companion.
Hi,I am international sperm donor.I am giving ejeculates to banks and clinics.I can help in every country about sperm donation.
I would like to have a child to raised with someone that is a match with me.
Thank you very much. I am interested to start a family.
If you want a baby I can try to give it to you;) let me know
Not sure what this refers to, will fill in later.
I am a sperm donor,looking for girl who want to be a mother but not want to marry
For use of other I know inferlity prob lem I know all ruls or heath tips of spurn dinner I am is good health I have no any bad habits
Happy to explore all the possibilities this website offers. Single mom by choice looking to have another child.
I am a medical professional running my own clinic i want to make people happy.
Hello , I am new here , I need to help someone who is desperate to become mother
I am a healthy professional who travels the world for work.
I want to get pregnant through natural insemination by a donor who will be educated and good manners and polite.
Can assist struggling or stressed individuals conceive their dream to start their own family
Hello, I'm searching for a sperm donor, willing to donate.
I'm a cute guy who are 21 years old and I'm a nurse and I'm completing my studies to be RN.
I am looking to start a family with a lady. I am willing to be on your terms
Anyone who looks forward to make a happy family n can't be completed anyhow, i m here to help those couple or single ones.
Just looking to help a single mom with getting pregnant or someone who doesn’t want a partner but wants a baby!
Hi i am single here for donation of sperm to any couple or women who needs to start family. I am ready to co parent with any women who is desperate to become a mom
Here to help anyone in need. I understand there could be some hardships out there and I can make this process as easy and simple as possible if needed.
Just looking to help people have children that they want
Looking to help other people and understand what they are looking for better.
I am looking for real love of woman for sperm donation.
Hi I like to help couples who need a sperm donor or even to co-parent.
I want children and ıf ıts suitable set a family we can speak details I look easygoing person ım from Turkey
Ready for natural insemination for single or divorced without any legal or any other bindings
Hi, I'm a 6'1 tall guy who would like to find someone to coparent in or around Notts or Derbyshire
Here to help the people who can't have their own
Single woman wanting to have a baby either alone or co-parenting.
Friendly, intelligent and open man interested in a woman who wants to get pregnant
I would like to have a child with a responsible lady
Je cherche à réaliser mon rêve d’être parent, et donner du bonheur
I'm a decent black Africa living in Bahrain. I'm ready to fullfil your dreams of being a mother by offering my sperm for free
I'm looking to donate worldwide to people who cannot have kids and I also am looking to have kids a lot of kids so many different circuits of different nationalities and don't understand yeah
my name is julia and i am looking for a sperm donor and a coparent i live in coeur d' Alene Idaho i have always wanted to be a mom i am 29 and its time i get started. I am fun loving and loves to travel and adventure
I am seeking a fertile and healthy female to help conceive naturally.
I am searching for a special man to have a child with. I would like an educated, rich, responsible man.
I just want to help creating a family and there by reliving them from stress
I am a highly educated with high scores, accomplished sportsman and a well versed musician with stage performances in classical and Western music both. My fertility test results are all within or better than the normal ranges. I understand the problems couples face and so want to help them have a chance to parent their own child by being a natural inseminator to the female. Being healthy and accomplished in various sectors I can pass on the same to the mother and her to be child. I respect privacy and integrity.