How to make or have a baby by yourself?

How to make or have a baby by yourself?


While in the past century having a child and not being married was a family tragedy, nowadays women have the right to be mothers, even if they are single. There are many contexts that can encourage women to have a baby on their own, but regardless of the reasons, the techniques remain the same. From donor selection to fetal conception, here’s how you can have a child on your own.


Choosing a sperm donor


Should the woman decide to undergo Medically Assisted Procreation (MAP), she will need, first and foremost, an anonymous sperm donor. In order to facilitate the process, specialized clinics have dedicated sperm banks specifically for this purpose. This option has the advantage of providing the necessary qualities for a successful conception.

In addition, you will also be provided with information about the potential donor such as hair and eye color, height and much more. This way, the mother-to-be can choose what is most suitable for her. Before you are allowed to have access to it, it is necessary to provide your complete files to the institution.

If the notion of resorting to a stranger is not suitable for you, you can always ask someone who would be willing to provide you with it and become a co-parent. Requesting the help of an acquaintance can also be helpful, but has both benefits and risks. When seeing the baby grow, this donor may be tempted to be involved in his life at any time. However, if your child asks for the identity of his or her biological father, it will be easier for you to share this information with him or her.

Besides the identity of the donor, there are also other details you need to take into consideration. Some countries refuse to grant a single person the right to conceive through a sperm donor. We recommend that you find out about the law in force in your country or travel to another country if necessary.


Having a baby through MAP


Medically assisted procreation offers different options for single women who want to have a baby. Used to increase the chance of getting pregnant, artificial insemination consists of injecting scientifically processed sperm into the vaginal cavity in order to trigger fertilization. The intra-cervical form refers to the introduction of the specific catheter into the cervix and the intrauterine option allows the deposit at the fundus of the uterus. Before proceeding with this method, the woman is subjected to hormonal treatments designed to encourage the ovary to produce the oocyte. The puncture is performed very quickly and does not cause any pain.

If the AI does not work, it is recommended to use other methods, with a maximum of 6 attempts allowed. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) refers to the fertilization of an oocyte outside the uterus. This technique has the advantage of having a fairly high success rate, but requires a series of medical examinations and close follow-up. Only after fertilization will the egg be introduced into the uterine cavity where it will be able to develop. The puncture requires a surgical procedure in the operating room, although no anesthesia is required. And then, all that remains is to wait for the normal development of the embryo and the end of the pregnancy so that you can hold the baby in your arms.


What to do if the MAP does not work?


If pregnancy is taking a long time to occur, after trying the two previous techniques, you still have other options you can explore. Easy to perform, home insemination consists of introducing the sperm into the vaginal cavity yourself. After having collected the sperm in a container intended for its preservation, it is necessary to introduce this liquid with the help of a specific tool. It is a tube that you can easily find in a pharmacy. For a better chance of success, it is advisable to try to determine the fertile period by making basal body temperature charts and waiting before seeing the result.

For some women, this process is a long journey that they do not want to go through. If you are among them, don’t despair, there is another option: adoption. Despite being impossible in some countries, taking care of a baby while being single can be allowed in others. Remember to inform yourself about the legislation in force in your country so that you can finally have your little one in your arms.

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