Woman desperately looking for a donor

Woman desperately looking for a donor

On specialized sites or forums dedicated to people encountering other people on all levels, it is not uncommon to see ads stating that they are looking for a sperm donor. The profile of the women who are looking for one is as variable as the choice of donors. Despite the diversity of supply and demand, the main objective of these future mothers remains the same: to be able to give birth and give love to their child. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about these women who are desperately looking for a donor.

Profile of these donor searchers

Single women

With age, the desire for a child arises and the call intensifies as the age of 30 or 40 approaches. This desire to give birth becomes irresistible to the point of pushing single women to find a solution. The search for a donor may not only concern single people, however, the latter are more and more inclined to choose this way of conceiving. Having a child, when you are on your own, can be particularly difficult. In order to realize their dream of becoming a mother, they are willing to seek the help of a donor interested in having a child without getting involved in a romantic relationship.

Lesbian couples

Driven by their desire to live as a family, lesbian couples try by all possible means to complete their families. In the case of an unmarried couple, it is more difficult to conceive by means of MAP. In order to circumvent the legal barrier that medically assisted procreation imposes, lesbian couples decide to request the help of a sperm donor. The latter may be an old acquaintance or a totally unknown man, for whom helping others to procreate is important. If there has already been a marriage, the couple has the opportunity to go through a legal donor and fulfill their dream of having a child. However, this last option sometimes requires patience.

A woman married to a man suffering from male impotence

Like so many other couples, an ordinary couple has the right and need to grow the family with the arrival of a child. Unfortunately, however, due to diseases or genetic problems, the husband may not be able to conceive. In this situation, the couple has only one solution to satisfy their desire to have a baby: find a donor who is willing to help them in this project. Depending on their preferences, they have the possibility of going through a specialized institution or resorting to a donor on a specialized site such as Coparentalys.

However, before embarking on this project, it is essential to agree with your husband on the techniques that will be used, as well as the expected results and the selection of the donor. By doing so, this wife will not be alone as she fulfils her desire and will avoid many problems when the baby is born.

Why are these women desperately looking for a sperm donor?

Whether it is a lesbian or a heterosexual couple with a fertility problem or a single woman, the only purpose of using a sperm donor is to procreate. Even if the purpose is the same, each woman has her reasons for choosing this procedure.

Fear of reduced fertility

First of all, it should be reminded that women’s fertility decreases with their age. The older we are, the less likely we are to have children. After the age of 40, oocyte production decreases considerably and may even stop in case of early infertility. As a result, as this age approaches, a single woman seriously questions herself about the possibility of having children. 

Powerless when faced with the biological clock, women may feel an irresistible desire to have children at some point in their lives. Since finding love is not an absolute necessity for some, and is a matter of mathematical probability for others, the woman decides to use a sperm donor.

Concerns about failure

When performed, this type of procreation may not work on the first attempt and may cause the woman to have to repeat all the steps. For a lesbian couple, the realization that sperm donation does not necessarily lead to success is a cause for concern. In fact, after an unsuccessful attempt, it often happens that a heterosexual couple despairs.

Fear of not finding the right profile

There is another reality in addition to the problems of biological clock and failure: donor selection. After an unanswered ad or an excessively long wait before getting a first answer, any woman eager to hold a baby in her arms would be desperate. This results in the proliferation of posts on different platforms. A heterosexual couple with a fertility problem will experience the same situation as a lesbian couple and a single woman if no profile matches their requirements.

In order to find a sperm donor that matches the profile you are looking for, consider registering on a specialized site. Coparentalys is one of these platforms dedicated to matching donors and women wishing to procreate. All you have to do is sign up.