Natural or semi-natural insemination, definition and differences

Natural or semi-natural insemination, definition and differences


Many women, both single and lesbian, use sperm donation. Depending on the mother-to-be’s preference, she may choose to introduce the gametes directly into the vaginal cavity or choose an intimate relationship with the donor. These two techniques seem to be almost identical, but what exactly is natural insemination? And what exactly is semi-natural insemination? How to differentiate them?


Natural insemination


How to find your donor?


The procreation technique begins with the consultation of donor ads in specialized sites, then the selection of a potential candidate. The posts can come from a woman who is looking for help to conceive as well as a man who wants to see his dream of having a child come true.


In order to find the qualities she is looking for, the woman can set criteria and choose the most appropriate candidate. After having made her decision, she can arrange a meeting and discuss the procedure to be followed for a natural insemination. If both parties are able to reach an agreement, she will have the opportunity to make her dream come true.


In some cases, the woman prefers to rely on an acquaintance or a friend, but this choice is not always without risks. In order to avoid possible future problems, it is preferable to choose an unknown donor.


How does this work?


As its name suggests, natural insemination consists in procreating naturally with the help of a sperm donor. It means having sexual intercourse in order to conceive a child. Natural insemination occurs during an intimate encounter between the woman and her donor.


To ensure a successful outcome, participants must target the most favorable period: ovulation. After having detected the fertile date, they can agree on a time and place for the act. This is about having sex for the sole purpose of having a baby and without getting involved. After conception, the donor is not expected to inquire about or recognize the child.


Semi-natural insemination


Where to find the donor?


Finding a sperm donor is the first step towards semi-natural insemination. The approach remains the same, but when searching or posting an ad, there is a small nuance: it must be specified that the donation will be semi-natural. Once the post has been identified, contact between the two future parents can take place. Then they will discuss about the donation process and openly discuss the purpose of their encounter. If there is an agreement, there will no longer be a need to search, instead they can proceed to the next step: choosing a date and location.


Doing the search on a maternity forum or a classic dating site can sometimes be too long. To avoid this endless wait, you can always ask the help of a friend and make your dream of being a mother come true. It is nevertheless important to remember that this last option implies certain risks once your baby is born. The best alternative is to join Coparentalys, a matchmaking site for coparents.


How to carry out a semi-natural insemination?


Not all women who want to be mothers are thrilled with the idea of having sex with a stranger. While some people find this idea too daring, others find it contrary to their beliefs. So, they opt for a less intimate technique, the semi-natural method.


Semi-natural or depository insemination refers to the way in which a natural sperm donor is involved through a penetration at a specific moment. During this procedure, there is no real sexual relationship, instead, the donor introduces the gametes only at the time of ejaculation. No back-and-forth movement occurs during penetration.


Common characteristics of both natural and semi-natural insemination


Whether natural or semi-natural insemination, the use of these procreation techniques is not permitted for unmarried homosexual couples and unmarried women. The latter decided to take this step to overcome this first obstacle and have the chance to give birth. From the search for the natural sperm donor to the meeting between the two parties, the procedures are similar.


In the framework of UK law, sperm donation must be made through the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority. Any procedure taking place outside this institution will require a special permission from the HFEA. Still, married couples have the right to approach the HFEA.


How to differentiate natural insemination from semi-natural insemination?


The difference being minimal, natural and semi-natural insemination are difficult to compare. In order to better understand their difference, it is important to remember the procedure. While the natural method involves having full sexual intercourse, the semi-natural method involves only the deposition of sperm in the uterine cavity. Also called depository technique, the latter only requires penetration at the time of ejaculation.


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