Woman looking for a man to conceive a child

Woman looking for a man to conceive a child

I wanted to share my story. I just reached my forties. Having had a busy life and a wonderful professional career, I found myself at the dawn of my 40th birthday alone and without children.

I am aware that I am beginning to regret a little deep inside me some of the choices I have made in my life. A higher education, a good job, a good career, lots of friends, a family that I have spoiled and cherished, a beautiful apartment, adventures, serious relationships that ended due to my busy schedule, trips and discoveries that I could not have made if I had been a mother at that time.

But I missed the most beautiful trip (the one to the hospital to give birth to my child) and now I’m starting to regret it bitterly. I’m not going to complain about these choices, it was me who made them.

Now I’m looking for a man with whom I can have a child.

I would like to be a mother and pamper a little baby, take a vacation with him, maybe even change jobs and move to the seaside with my baby. I’ve already been through the clothes and toys, it’s so cute, I can already imagine myself with this little kid in my arms and share everything with him.

It became my number one dream.

I read forums and books on the subject like a madwoman. I can imagine my parents’ joy at becoming grandparents, I can still hear my mother telling me that I should find a husband since she wants to know her grandchildren before she dies (I am an only child). It must be hard for them too. They would like their granddaughter to flourish on a family basis and for me to finally have offspring.

But if finding love is difficult, getting pregnant is not as simple as one might think. Does the choice of a partner’s physical and mental state matter? Not necessarily or at least a minimum, especially if you plan to make the baby in a natural way.

That’s why I decided to use a co-parenting matchmaking site like Coparentalys. I can calmly choose and discuss with men who may or may not want to be a father. 

So, my choice is to become a single mother, because I can’t allow myself to meet the man of my life. This search for love can be extremely long and complicated and can compromise my desire for a child.

My time is limited.

I wish you all to become aware, like me, that being a mother is beautiful and that time is running against us. Even if you have not found love, it’ s better to have a child alone. It is not something selfish, but natural, because of our condition as human beings, to want to give life. It’s our instinct.