Maximilian wants to become a dad; be a father.

Maximilian wants to become a dad; be a father.

Hello, my name is Maximilian I am 38 years old, I am divorced without children. After a few years of joy, and with the help of the difficulties of life, my wife and I had to separate because the more the time passed, the more we ignored each other and the darker the picture became. Our professional lives were consuming a lot of time and energy, leaving no room for the love we had in the beginning.

I have been living alone since then, and it has been difficult to forget everything, so I have immersed myself, body and soul, in my work and a few friends with whom I have reconnected with.

I realized that this absolutely monotonous life should no longer last and that I had to get my act together. The need for descendants was becoming more and more present and the female presence in my entourage was scarce, so I thought that consulting dating sites, particularly with the aim of having a child and sharing this joy with a person who would have the same ambitions, was maybe the best solution. The CoparentaLys Website quickly seemed to me to be the one that best met my objective.

On this site, I had many, even too many exchanges with young women whose purpose seemed to correspond with mine, but not in all cases, because I was looking for a shared co-parenting arrangement and some young women did not really know what they wanted… a child, that’s for sure…

And then, the one I was waiting for came along, we immediately sympathized and felt that together we could conclude our search. Aurora, her very name made me feel there was a promising beginning, the beginning of something strong.

We met and our initial perceptions became reality. We liked each other and had sexual relations as we had agreed for the sole purpose of getting Aurora pregnant. After a few weeks of seeing each other often, it was over, the objective was achieved. 

We will soon be mom and dad and participate together in the evolution of our soon-to-be-born child….

And finally, there was light, what an excellent idea struck my brain at the crucial moment so I could embark on this adventure and it would end up in a trouble-free journey on this Site, which I consider to be unquestionably reliable.

That’s it, I wanted to share and express my gratitude both to life and to hope, which we must never lose. Even if we are advancing in the dark, one day the end of the tunnel will bring us the light we so badly need.

I would like to thank the site for my happiness today, thanks for allowing me to find the best, I’m sure, and the most beautiful future mom.