Myths about the best sexual positions to have a girl or a boy

Are you planning to have a child and have a preference as to whether it should be a girl or a boy? Then you may be wondering about the myths around the best sexual positions for having a girl or a boy. To further explore these myths, we will explain what they actually consist of.

The best sexual positions to conceive according to the myths

There are popular beliefs that claim that the position in which you make love during conception can influence the sex of your child.

If you want to have a girl

If you are trying to have a daughter, some popular beliefs suggest that the missionary position is ideal. The advice goes even further by advising that the woman should stand up. However, the effectiveness or otherwise of this practice is not yet proven and some scientists even refute it. 

However, if you really want to try your luck, there is nothing to stop you from doing this; besides, you will have nothing to lose. Nevertheless, we advise you not to believe too much in this unless you combine it with other tricks that are actually based on scientific data.

If you want to have a boy

When it comes to having a boy, the position is much more physical. In fact, you have to be standing or choose the doggy style position. Some people also suggest that the woman should lie down after making love. They say this increases the chances of having a boy.

The explanation goes as follows: As you get tired, only the most tenacious gamete will be able to reach the uterus and become a boy. Although the sex of your first child depends on the chromosome of the sperm, there is nothing that suggests that it is influenced by your position during intercourse.

The ideal sexual positions for getting pregnant

No scientific study has proven yet that a sexual position is a factor in a successful conception, much less in determining the sex of your future child. In other words, even if there were a sexual position that promoted conception, no one is aware of it to date. 

However, there has been research on two specific positions: doggy style and missionary. It should be noted that these two positions allow for deep penetration. They allow the sperm to reach the entrance of the uterus in a quicker and more natural way. 

According to a scientific study, the missionary position allows the penis to reach an area near the front of the cervix. And holding a woman from behind allows the penis to get close to the back of the woman’s cervix.

When standing, sperm can be confronted with various obstacles, such as the law of gravity, for example. In fact, instead of going up through the cervix, they may go down.

However, it’s worth noting that, despite these findings, there are no scientific results that demonstrate that these positions have an influence on the conception or sex of your child.

Determine your child’s sex based on your cycle

We all know that, for a woman to become pregnant, an egg and a sperm must meet. However, the egg is only available during a brief part of a woman’s cycle. We also know that it is the chromosome provided by the sperm that will determine the sex of your child. If it happens to be Y, you will have a boy, and if it happens to be X, you will have a girl.

You can determine the sex of your child from the day of conception. A woman is fertile 4 days before the day of ovulation and 2 days after. A sperm has a life span of 4 to 5 days while an egg has a life span of 24 to 48 hours. 

If you were to have sex 4 or 5 days before the day of ovulation, you would have a better chance of having a girl. The reason for this is that while the sperm is waiting for the egg to arrive, it can lose some of its strength and become an X chromosome.

However, from the moment the egg is released from the ovary, you will have a better chance of having a boy if you have sex at that time. This is because the sperm that will reach the uterus is still very strong and can carry the Y chromosome.

Does your pre-conception diet influence the sex of your child?

As we have already seen, the sex of a child does not necessarily depend on the woman, but on the man. However, it is also well known that the quality of a man’s sperm can be improved through his diet and physical activity.

Nonetheless, the sex of your child remains uncertain. The diet you follow, however, increases your chances of a pregnancy. It is also popularly believed that in order to have a girl or a boy, you must follow a particular diet.

If you want to have a girl

You should follow a diet based on calcium and magnesium before conception. Foods containing potassium and sodium should be avoided. Dairy products, certain types of fresh vegetables, dried fruits, and some fatty fish are recommended. It is also worth noting that omega-3s are a good choice if you are trying to have a baby. On the other hand, you should avoid foods with too much salt and salt in general. Favor sweet foods in your diet if your goal is to have a daughter. 

Moreover, some researchers believe that sperm with the X chromosome are better able to survive in an acidic environment. So, to increase your chances of having a daughter, it may also be a good idea to eat acidic foods. Some people even suggest that a woman who wants to have a daughter should perform a vinegar vaginal douche before having sex.

If you want to have a boy

For people who want to have a boy, they should eat the foods that should be avoided when wanting to have a girl. You should favor salty foods and reduce the intake of foods containing calcium and magnesium. You can indulge in cold cuts, meat and coffee. But be careful, foods that are too fatty may also be harmful when it comes to conception.

As for acidity, sperm with a Y chromosome are more sensitive and may have difficulties surviving in acidic conditions. The use of sodium carbonate is even suggested in order to neutralize the pH in the woman’s vaginal area. However, this type of advice is completely discouraged by doctors.

The effectiveness of following a diet for the purpose of conception has already been studied. However, due to the small number of participants in the study, it is practically impossible to establish the existence of a miracle diet.

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