The baby’s coming, how do we get ready?

The arrival of a baby is a big event. Although it’s a real source of happiness, it may well turn the parents’ lives upside down. Therefore, good preparation is essential from the very beginning of the pregnancy. It is not limited to the material aspect. It is also necessary to be mentally prepared in order to be able to cope with the various changes that come with the arrival of a child into your life. Follow this guide!

The perfect time to start preparing

In fact, preparation begins way before the conception stage. In fact, from the moment you want to conceive a child, you need to prepare your body and mind. However, preparing for the baby’s arrival usually begins on the day the parents find out the baby’s sex. This is crucial piece of information and is available after the 5th month of pregnancy. Preparing before this period may not be such a good idea, as you risk buying things that may not be suitable for the baby. Likewise, delaying the preparation stage could be a huge risk. It should be noted that from the 7th month onwards, the mother-to-be becomes increasingly tired and is no longer able to take care of several tasks. 

If there are health concerns such as the risk of a premature birth, she may even have to lie in bed until the actual day of delivery. This will make it difficult for the father to make all arrangements on his own. Therefore, it will be necessary to start at the right time. 

Preparing the physical details

It is important to be properly equipped when waiting for a newborn baby. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things you need to do. 

Preparing your baby’s room

The first thing you have to do is to prepare the baby’s room since you have to give him a cozy place to sleep. Also, it is a huge job that takes quite a bit of time. You should start by installing a bed with bars or a cradle, a new mattress, a changing table, a chest of drawers to store the baby’s things and toys. Repainting the walls might also be a good idea and knowing the sex of the baby will certainly simplify the choice of color. 

The best choice is to opt for a light color that will help your baby to rest. In order to keep your baby healthy, it is also recommended to renovate the floors, giving preference to wooden flooring. Carpets and synthetic materials are perfect refuges for dust mites and all kinds of allergens. 

Buying childcare products   

You have to start with the baby clothes, the baby’s first outfit. Cotton garments are to be preferred, as they offer more comfort and protection to the little one. Moreover, they are easy to clean. Since babies grow up quickly, you should also keep all kinds of bodies, trousers, sweaters, pajamas, socks, booties, hats, sleeping bags and outfits in the chest of drawers. 

For the bathroom, you should buy a bathing chair or small bathtub, a bath thermometer, a cape to dry the baby and keep him from catching cold, and sterile compresses. Of course, it is also necessary to buy care products such as body and hair gel. These must be appropriate for children. To avoid the risk of allergies, it is best to use Marseille soap. 

For the kitchen, some utensils are also necessary since the baby’s meals have to be prepared. You must buy glass or plastic bottles, bottle brushes to clean teats and bibs. Also, for family outings, you will need to buy a changing bag, a stroller, a baby car seat and an umbrella bed.

The budget  

Keep in mind that preparing for the arrival of a baby requires a significant investment. Apart from the purchase of the aforementioned items, hospitalization costs must also be taken into account. It is thus essential to prepare yourself financially. The best thing to do is to draw up a list of all the things you need to buy and the expenses related to welcoming the newborn. This will simplify the assessment of the necessary budget and the identification of appropriate solutions.

Among other things, it is necessary to have some savings or to make loans if required. To reduce expenses, it is also a good idea to reuse any items that are no longer used by friends and family who have already had children. 

Preparing mentally and physically

Welcoming a baby also requires mental and physical preparation in order to prevent depression or frustration on the big day.

Preparing physically

For the mother-to-be, it is essential to follow the recommendations given by health professionals to the letter in order to avoid a miscarriage or a complication. It is equally important to take good care of your health so that you have all the energy you need during childbirth. It’s also advisable to find out how the event is going to unfold. Remember that there are two ways to give birth. 

There is vaginal delivery and delivery by caesarean section. It is up to the doctor to determine which option is the most appropriate. In the case of a vaginal delivery, the mother has the choice between giving birth to her child naturally or with an epidural injection. The epidural helps to relieve the pain caused by the contractions. In general, it has no harmful effects if it is done properly. 

It is also important to know that after the birth, the mother’s body will be a little sore and she will feel very tired. Recovery takes time and the father’s help is essential. Before the baby comes, it is also important to decide whether the mother wants to breastfeed or not. 

Preparing mentally

For both mother and father, the arrival of a baby is a magical moment. Yet it can also cause an upheaval in their lives. Short nights, changing diapers, worries about the baby’s little aches and pains… It must be said that being a parent is not a relaxing experience at all. In addition, when one of the parents has had a difficult childhood, he or she may have doubts about his or her ability to assume the role of being a parent. 

Many women are also prone to maternal burnout after childbirth. This is a state of excessive stress and fatigue and can do a great deal of damage to a person’s mental state. Maternal burnout syndrome usually manifests through stress, overwhelming feelings and nervous behavior. It needs to be treated quickly to prevent it from triggering other disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. 

A good preparation before the baby’s arrival is a way to prevent maternal burnout. It also requires some courage and boldness. Feeling guilty for a task that hasn’t yet been done is a bad idea. You also need to be willing to entrust the baby to other people and to give yourself a little rest. 

Asking for help from relatives and the father

In order to be able to welcome a child with complete peace of mind, you need to be able to count on someone’s help. Single mothers should therefore ask their relatives or friends to support them in this great adventure. However, the ideal situation is to have an actual companion, such as a husband, a partner or a co-parent. If you don’t like the idea of being part of a couple for the sole purpose of becoming parents, you should consider co-parenting. 

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